Kid's School Shoes are Perfect From Prep to Senior Years!

Say hello to the new school year and goodbye to the old. So what better way to kick start the new season than investing in some new kid's school shoes? Your children will love wearing a new pair of kicks throughout the new term. 


To help with shopping for new kids' shoes, the team here at our brands shop, Spendless Shoes New Zealand, has gathered a selection of styles for you to choose from. We have styles for every child in New Zealand to choose from. This tip means that they will love the pair of kid's school shoes that they choose to wear. 


We can never get enough of these fun and supportive footwear styles. These kicks are sure to last from prep to senior years as well! So if you are ready to get your hands on a new pair of kicks for your child, all you have to do is keep reading! 


Style 1 – Mary-Jane


Get your hands on a pair of Mary-Jane kid's school shoes for the new education year. You will find that this style of footwear is super comfortable to wear from morning until night. We love nothing more than seeing girls wear these kicks from primary to secondary education. May-Jane kid's school shoes are reliable, versatile, and super stylish for a day in the classroom. 


These black school shoes feature a thin sole and breathable outer material. In addition, there are geometric cut-outs to ensure that your daughter has some breathability in her pair of kicks. 


If you have more than one daughter, you will find that they can share these kids' school shoes. These Mary-Jane kids' school shoes are timeless no matter what year they are in. Your children will love what a pair of these Mary-Jane kid's school shoes can do! 


Style 2 – Boots


Get ready for the winter season with our range of boots! You will find that these kids' school shoes are a must-have in every child's wardrobe. In addition, boots are the perfect kicks to wear throughout the year's cooler months. 


These kids' school shoes can suit girls and boys throughout their primary and secondary education years. 


Boots offer a thick and comfortable sole, which is super supportive for your child's feet. In addition, these kids' school shoes feature a high-cut finish and sturdy outer material. You will love how comfortable and stylish these kicks can look and feel on your child's feet. 


Boots are super protective throughout the winter season. Whether there is rain, mud, or dirt, you can trust that these kids' school shoes will never let these substances get into the footwear. No parent wants to come home to dirty kicks, so we love recommending that parents invest in boots for their children. You will never regret this purchase! 


Style 3 – Trainers


Do you have an active child? Do they love to play sports? If you are nodding your head yes, we have the perfect pair of kid's school shoes. There is nothing better than your child rocking a pair of trainers with their uniform throughout the day. 


We love what a set of these kicks can do for your child. These kids' school shoes feature a super comfortable and supportive sole. This tip is perfect for when your child plays a sport on the oval during recess and lunch. In addition, trainers feature a sturdy and breathable outer material. 


This tip ensures that your footwear does not smell bad throughout the day. We know that trainers are the perfect set of kid's school shoes that can get worn from morning until night. These kicks are the best style of footwear that every child needs in their life. If they play sports after a day full of learning, they will benefit highly from a pair of trainers. 


These kids' school shoes are too good to resist! So why not let your daughter try out CHELSEA for her next pair of kid's school shoes? We know she will love them! Find a store that will give you your needs in footwear and choose the top online shopping store, Spendless NZ.


Style 4 – Touch-fastening

Let your child feel comfortable from morning until night with a pair of touch-fastening kid's school shoes on their feet. These kicks can become your child's new favourite pair of kicks for their classroom adventures. 


If your child loves to sleep in or struggles to get ready in the mornings, these touch-fastening kids' school shoes will come in handy. The touch-fastening style of kid's school shoes is super easy to wear and can last an entire year. There is nothing better than investing in a pair of kid's school shoes that can slip on and off your child's feet with ease. 


You can say goodbye to morning tantrums and hello to quiet with these touch-fastening kids' school shoes in your child's life. All your child has to do is wake up in the mornings, jump out of bed, and slip right into their pair of touch-fastening kicks. We love this footwear style, and we know your child will too! 




Parents always forget to do when shopping for a new pair of kid's school shoes to invest in some footwear accessories. So there is nothing better than getting your hands on some accessories for your child's new school shoes. 


Accessories are a wardrobe must-have because they can assist with the longevity of footwear and can boost comfort levels. You will find that these accessories will become your child's new favourite items. 


In addition, we recommend getting your hands on some innersoles for your kid's school shoes. These sit on the inside of your child's footwear and can instantly add a level of comfort. We also recommend investing in some backup laces and socks. You will find these to be super helpful to have around the house. 


If your child comes home with dirty socks and torn up laces, you can instantly fix their pair of kid's school shoes. You can see them on our store listing page under the Accessories page. So don't forget to buy some accessories the next time you do online shopping! You will thank us later! 


Have you found the perfect set of kids' school shoes?


Yes, if you are nodding your head, now is the perfect time to invest. You will love what a pair of comfortable and wearable kid's school shoes can do for your child! In addition, you can enjoy amazing rewards and many benefits once you purchase our items.


So head to the Spendless Shoes New Zealand website today and get your hands on some kids' school shoes for your child! Continue shopping with us!