Kid's School Shoes That Will Last The Entire Year

Let's face it; shopping for school supplies can be difficult, even if you've already searched for the top online shopping sites. To find a store can be a little confusing somehow, and you don't want to waste your time looking in all the wrong places.


As you know, children can be careless when it comes to looking after their things, and unfortunately, this isn't limited to school uniforms. Unfortunately, this means you're left to replace your kid's school shoes more often than not!


When it comes to buying a kid's shoes, whether physically store hopping or through online shopping, there are a lot of factors to consider, from different top brands, new styles, and the quality of the products.

For example, some parents prefer to splurge when buying a new pair of them, whereas other parents may prefer to spend a quarter of the amount and rotate them throughout the year.


These shoes simply come down to personal preference, from black school shoes to comfortable rubber shoes. And we're not saying that one approach is better than the other.


However, we can assure you that it's not bad to hit the jackpot when replacing your little one's uniform.


Before you drag your little ones out of the house and find a store for the perfect pair, read on as we take you through some of our most popular kid's school shoes that will keep your shopping trips to a minimum throughout the year while keeping you secured that they all work correctly and well.


We understand that you have your preferred top brands shop to continue shopping at. What's great about our choice of kicks is that they will last the entire year.


Read on, as we'll help you find the perfect pair to keep your boy and girl's feet warm, dry, and pain-free all year long. Then, we'll lead you to the many benefits of choosing the right items for them.




Mary-Janes have been around for years, and there's a good reason for it, too. This footwear style is a must-have in every girl's wardrobe, and you might have already seen it from some of your favourite fusion brands.


These kids' shoes are a great choice; they are versatile, meaning little girls will be able to wear them all year round. They feature the 'Mary-Jane' traditional t-buckle and geometric cutouts. In addition, the fabric of our Mary-Janes is breathable and flexible, making them a top pick amongst girls.


In fact, we have a high volume of this style in our menu shop, and we suggest you go ahead and check them out! Have a quick view using our clear filters. You can search by colour, price, and size of your preferred kids' school shoes.


So, make this style one of your first purchases and enjoy amazing rewards from our brand's shop. To experience that, you must purchase subscriptions to stay updated on new shoe styles.



Winter is well, and truly here, so there is no better time than now to update your little one's uniform. So get your kids ready for rain, hail, and shine this season with a pair of Spendless Shoes boots.


We guarantee that these shoes will take your boys and girls through the day of learning and play with such ease. Our boots will become your child's new go-to pair of kid's school shoes.


Our boots are quick and easy footwear for your little ones to manage without your help in the mornings. The elastic side gussets make these kids' school shoes easy to slip into. There's no need to waste time fiddling with laces each morning!


Our boots are comfortable and wearable. They feature a thick sole that offers ultimate support and sturdy outer material, keeping your little one's feet warm and dry throughout the winter. So take this as a sign to invest in these kicks and put them in your shopping cart, and take them to the checkout area!


Although our boots may be great for jumping in puddles, they are still a breeze to clean. The smooth outer material means you only need to wipe away the dirt with a warm, damp sponge.


The high profile of these kids' school shoes means you can trust that their feet will remain dry and mud-free throughout the day. These kids' school shoes are a clear favourite in our books. Once you try them, we know they will be yours too!


Come join us and have your account registered today so you can easily and quickly receive updates on our new arrivals. In addition, subscribe fusion rewards from our brand's shop as your child can wear these shoes in everyday activities other than school.



Is your little one an active child?

Do they love to spend their time outdoors?

Does your little one prefer to play sports over reading books?


If you answered "yes" to these questions, then we guarantee that you are going to love these kids' school shoes! The footwear staple you need in your life is trainers; lucky for you, you've come to the right place. 


Here are Spendless Shoes. We have a range of trainers for every active child! Feel free to collect our shoe styles from the brand store. We have shoes on sale and offer free delivery or AU shipping on orders over $40, so don't lose this opportunity and grab yours now!


Our trainers come in either white or black, making them easy to pair with any uniform. In addition, they feature thick and comfortable soles with breathable outer material. Once your lively little one gives these kicks a try, we guarantee they will be jumping off the walls!


Trust that your child will be comfortable and stable throughout the day in a set of our trainers.


Another bonus to these kids' shoes is knowing that these kicks aren't just limited to school wear. Our trainers can be worn by everybody to after-school activities too.


You'll be shocked to see just how excited your little one will become when they put on their new trainers!




If your little one is still struggling with tying laces, there's no need to force them to learn if they're not ready.


So, lucky for you, we have a range of kid's school shoes that are the answer you've been looking for.


Touch-fastened kids' school shoes will be your saviour this year!


Again, these styles come in either a trainer white or a smart black, meaning you will have no trouble finding the right shoes for sports days.


The beauty of these kicks means you can trust that your little one will be able to manage to adjust straps with ease, rather than fussing about with laces.


Our touch-fastening styles feature leather and non-leather fabric options, and the touch-fastening option allows children to adjust their kicks for a quick, comfortable, and convenient fit.


Even sporty children will appreciate our touch-fastening kid's school shoes supportive and steadfast soles.




Our kids' school shoes are versatile, comfortable, and adaptable. We're sure you will have no trouble finding the perfect fit for your little ones. So head into your nearest Spendless Shoes store today to shop for the exact pair you're looking for.


Trust us, whatever your child's choice, we guarantee that they will keep it for the entire year. So continue shopping to a minimum this year, or better yet, skip the lines and shop online! Find our extensive range of kids' school shoes on our website.


What are you waiting for? Get shopping today and enjoy amazing rewards upon your first purchase!