Kids Boots Perfect For Those Cold Wellington Winters!

During wintertime, you need shoes that can bring the best coverage, comfort, and warmth!


While out adult styles have more variety, there’s no denying that our kids’ boots are worthy contenders for the best cold-weather footwear. So, kick back and relax while we take you through a tour of our collection. The best kids’ boots of 2019 are only a few clicks away!


Now, let’s talk about kids’ boots for boys!


These ankle-high styles come in a few different looks, and each can suit multiple settings. First, there are our pull-on kids’ boots. With their elastic side panels and stretchy fit and feel, these are excellent for a quick transition onto feet. There are also handy tabs included on the look, so children get extra help and something to hold onto when it’s time to wiggle in or out of them.


Our black leather-look kids’ boots from this section are the perfect formal option. We think these are excellent school shoes for the season. Brown pull-on styles have a modern feel and trendy look, so we’re recommending these for parties and smart-casual events.


Zip-up kids’ boots for boys are also an option. Padded ankle cuffs safeguard comfort during long days, and their laces or touch-fastening straps on the upper can change for a better fit. That means children with all different foot shapes will enjoy their ultimate match.


Now, how about kids’ boots for girls?


Like our options for women, the kids’ boots section for girls has more height variations than their male counterparts. Spendless Shoes may not have over-the-knee designs, but girls can get ankle-high or calf-high footwear. You might grab kids’ boots with a fluffy cuff or faux fur lining for added warmth. The majority of our footwear in this look features glittery décor, sequined sides, and seriously cool laser cutouts. Any of these glamorous kids’ boots could work as a casual or formal fashion statement. Besides— we have heaps of colours to choose from too! While black and brown are favourites, our pink, silver, and blue finishes are also fabulous.


Our waterproof styles are a perfect fit!


Since rain is an expected feature of Wellington winters, we thought waterproof kids’ boots were a nice place to start. These rain-resistant styles are perfect for trudging through mud or splashing in puddles. You’ll never find an easier set of shoes to clean— just rinse or wipe off your kids’ boots they’ll be ready for another round of play! Our styles come in sparkly rainbow shades, classic black finishes, and with fun patterns.


What about shoes to keep inside?


Slippers are a must-have item for any Wellington child. These cosy and snuggly kids’ boots are ideal afterschool, on weekends, and anytime the weather gets icy. We have slippers and kids’ boots to fit children of all ages, so all our customer can get the cosiest styles around.


What about sizes?


One advantage you have when it comes to buying shoes from Spendless is the fact that our extensive range can grow with your children. Instead of lamenting the loss of a favourite type when they get too big, you might be able to grab the same set of kids’ boots in the next size up. Some of our looks span the full age bracket from toddlers to teenagers. Each style has its spread of sizes detailed on the product description online, so New Zealand shoppers will have no issue finding that information.


Are you ready to get kids’ boots for your little ones?


Head online to the Spendless Shoes website for a closer look at our styles. We have kids’ boots that any child will love at prices the parents are sure to appreciate. Shop the look at Spendless today!