Kids’ School Shoes and How to Pick the Right Pair

Your child spends most of their days in school, learning in the classroom and playing on the playground. The right pair of kids’ school shoes is necessary to ensure they remain safe and comfy throughout the day. These are critical because their performance relies on how they feel. If they’re distracted by ill-fitting kids’ school shoes, they can’t concentrate and come home in pain.

Since we want to prevent that, they should wear the correct footwear. If this is your first time shopping for kids’ school shoes, learn the features you need to check. The team at Spendless New Zealand knows academic footwear like the back of their hand. We’re providing tips on picking the right pair of kids’ school shoes, the best time to do it, and where to get them. Once you’ve done it, you’ll improve and become an expert by the third or fourth time. You can save this and refer to the tips if you need help. Let’s start!


What do I look for?


In shopping for kids’ school shoes, it’s not enough to find the cutest and most stylish pair; you also need to check for features that ensure your child remains comfy and supported. Here are some tips:


Tip 1—Choose the Right Fit


The kids’ school shoes must fit them perfectly, without any part rubbing their feet the wrong way or hurting them. Please remember these things:

  • Get the length and width of each foot separately. Ask for professional help if needed. Podiatrists and trained in-store staff can help suggest kids’ school shoes that are perfect for your child’s foot type.
  • Ensure your child is wearing the socks they will wear with the kids’ school shoes to account for the thickness. You can also get socks from Spendless NZ.
  • Leave a 1cm gap between the tips of the kids’ school shoes and the longest toe. It will serve as the room for growth, which you must check every 4–8 weeks. Replace the footwear immediately once you notice the space is gone.
  • Ensure you get the accurate brand size, as shoe brands vary. At Spendless NZ, we have a handy size guide that helps you convert from their US, UK, or EU size.


Tip 2—Ensure There’s Enough Toe Room


The shape of the kids’ school shoes is essential in ensuring their toes have enough room to spread naturally. Round or square toes are ideal, giving their toes space and preventing rubbing, which can cause blisters and other foot issues. Test this by asking your child to wiggle their toes while wearing the kids’ school shoes; they must do it without hitting any shoe part.


Tip 3—Check for Adjustability


Your child’s feet swell during the day because of their typical activities. Standing, walking, running, and all other movements can affect the fit of the kids’ school shoes. As such, it’s vital that the child has control over the fit and adjusts when needed. Fastenings or closures in kids’ school shoes ensure your child can loosen or tighten the fit. These things also provide security, keeping the footwear in place so they won’t accidentally come off when playing.

At Spendless NZ, we use three kinds: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. These three provide various levels of adjustability and require your child to have the skills to close and open them independently. Please choose the kids’ school shoes depending on what your child can do.


Tip 4—Pick the Right Materials


Kids’ school shoes with suitable materials don’t break quickly. They are durable and can withstand wear and tear and the natural elements. You must ensure their kids’ school shoes won’t break while playing hardcore, which can cause accidents. At Spendless NZ, our collection of academic footwear uses leather and vegan-friendly products to ensure it can outlast others.


Tip 5—Ensure Breathability


Your child’s constant movements can cause them and their feet to sweat. The kids’ school shoes must have a way for air to circulate so that the feet can stay fresh and sweat-free. Moisture can distract them and cause fungal or bacterial build-up, which can cause foot health problems.


When is the best time to shop?


Since you must take your child shopping for kids’ school shoes, choose a time that won’t stress them. Avoiding crowds and long queues is best, so weekends are a no-no. Choose a day within the week when things are slow, and please do it in the afternoon when their feet are at their maximum size.

As mentioned, the child’s feet swell throughout the day from all their movements. This growth can affect the size of their feet, so account for it. So, take them shopping with you on a weekday afternoon, then have them try on the various kids’ school shoes. Ask for their feedback on the fit and how the footwear feels. Also, get their input on the style they prefer, because this can affect how willingly they’ll wear the footwear. You don’t want to spend long hours in the morning chasing them to wear the kids’ school shoes they don’t like.


Where is the best place to purchase?


Only one brand leads where kids’ school shoes are concerned: Spendless NZ! All the brand’s collection options tick all the features you need in the right pair. Besides providing various kids’ school shoes for different needs and preferences, the brand ensures the footwear does not cost an arm and a leg. Our pull-on boots, Mary Jane, double straps, T-Bar, lace-ups, and sneakers all exhibit the critical characteristics to keep your child comfy and supported while staying within your budget.

With Spendless NZ’s flexible payment systems, you can purchase the best kids’ school shoes for your child now and pay in instalments later. This way, you have enough left in the budget for other school things they need. And if you can’t squeeze in time to shop, Spendless NZ’s online store can make things more convenient. You can purchase kids’ school shoes whenever or wherever you please.

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