Kids' School Shoes Don't Have to Be Boring… Check Out the Fun Styles Available at Spendless!

Going to class can be tiring and stressful for children. They must spend hours listening to lectures and participating in various activities. What if you transformed their learning experience by providing fun kids' school shoes?


Academic footwear plays a massive role in ensuring your child has the best time in school. First, it keeps them comfortable throughout. One tiny distraction can make your child lose focus. It can be an insect that flew by or painful kids' school shoes. While flying insects are out of your control, uncomfortable footwear isn't. You can choose cosy academic shoes for them.


Secondly, academic footwear determines how much they enjoy their time on the playground. We want your children to have fun playing with their peers, free from worry. But what if their kids' school shoes don't have traction? The grip is essential to keeping them steady while navigating various surfaces. Your child can encounter soft soil, wet grass, stones, and pebbles, which can cause them to slip. And once they do, the fun ends. Again, this is within your control. You can choose footwear that ensures they can run fast and free.


There's only one brand where you can find the kids' school shoes your child needs — Spendless New Zealand! Get to know the various styles that can make daily learning more enjoyable. With the help of our Spendless NZ team, you can guarantee your child has a great time. Let's start!


Spendless NZ Styles


The collection of kids' school shoes at Spendless NZ has something for everyone. The brand understands the necessity of curating styles that meet children's varied needs. While most of the academic footwear is black, as uniform dress codes dictate, colourful options are available for sneakers or trainers, which are suitable for PE and other rough activities like sports.


Spendless NZ has also guaranteed a size for everyone. We don't want your child to be disappointed because the footwear they wanted was unavailable in size. We want them to come home with their desired options. Besides, the right fit and size are top priorities when shopping for footwear, particularly academic ones that they wear for most of the week.


As mentioned, your child's focus in the classroom is paramount. If their kids' school shoes are painful, they can get distracted. They can get blisters, or worse, the footwear can affect their developing feet. 


We must get their size to ensure they have the correct academic footwear. You can ask professionals to get their measurements because they know what to check. Aside from getting the length and width of each foot separately, podiatrists or trained store staff can also recommend the kids' school shoes that are ideal for their foot type to meet their specific needs. Let's browse through the different options.


Style 1—Pull-on Boots


Pull-on boots are an excellent choice for boys. These kids' school shoes make morning preparations fun because they are easy to put on. Features like pull tabs and elastic side gussets ensure your child can wear them within seconds.


These kids' school shoes can support your child while playing in the playground. The gripped soles provide traction, while the rounded toes ensure the footwear doesn't squeeze their toes. The ankle reach offers more coverage and warmth, especially during cold seasons. 


Style 2—Mary Jane


Mary Jane is a beautiful option for girls. These kids' school shoes achieve that doll-like cuteness effortlessly. We know how children love to dress up, and this shoe option supports that. Turn morning preparations light and enjoyable because these kids' school shoes make it so. Famous for its round-toe design and single strap across the instep, your daughter can wear Mary Jane within seconds and feel comfy throughout the day.


A single touch-fastening strap across the foot provides the security and adjustability necessary for your daughter's safety and comfort. These shoes will cling to their feet while they play. The open-top design offers ventilation that makes learning during a warm, sunny day bearable.


Style 3—Double Straps


Double straps are an ideal choice for girls and boys. These unisex kids' school shoes offer alternative options for children who prefer a style different from the usual. Dressing up each morning is more fun, especially if they are learning to do it by themselves. Your child can quickly press the two touch-fastening straps to lock the academic footwear, preventing mishaps that can cause injury. Your child can enjoy the swing or monkey bars without worrying that the footwear will come off. Moreover, the leather makes the footwear durable, while the rounded-toe design provides a roomy toe room where their toes can spread naturally.


Style 4—T-Bar


T-Bar is another exceptional option for girls. These kids' school shoes exhibit features similar to those of Mary Jane. The rounded toes and open top are the same, providing comfort and breathability during hotter days. However, differences include the buckled T strap over the instep and laser cutouts. Instead of a single touch-fastening strap, the buckled T strap ensures the footwear doesn't come off. The laser cutouts in various geometric shapes add more style and ways for air to circulate. Girls can appreciate how these shoes make learning fun and cosy!


Style 5—Lace-Ups


Lace-ups are perfect for older boys and girls. These second unisex kids' school shoes offer a more customisable fit, which your child can use. Although this style option requires that your child knows how to tie their laces independently, the benefits are incomparable. The academic shoes have traction, allowing them to remain steady on various surfaces. The round toes and leather material provide comfort and durability. And more importantly, the laces ensure they enjoy a comfortable and secure day in class.


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