Kids' School Shoes Have Never Been Easier with Spendless NZ!

Buying kids' school shoes has always been taxing for parents, especially those balancing many things on their plate. If there's a way for them to make this shopping activity easier, they will grab it!

You're in for a treat because kids' school shoes have never been easier with Spendless NZ! No more checking different stores when all your kids' shoe needs are at Spendless NZ. 

We understand how you're trying to fit everything into your schedule and get everything your child needs in one shopping trip, so we made the process easy for you.

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Parents are panicking because they do not know what features to check. So, we're giving you a rundown of the essential things available with Spendless NZ shoes. 

Let's start! If you're ready to learn more, the Spendless NZ team is here to help us. 

1. Fastenings 

Fastenings are necessary for kids' shoes because they secure the footwear to keep it in place. They also play a massive role in keeping your child comfortable because they provide adjustability. 

With fastenings, your child can tighten or loosen the fit of their school shoes as needed. Spendless New Zealand has three fastenings for its various styles—touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. Let's look at each. 

Touch-fastening Straps 

This fastening involves two nylon strips, one with hooks and the other with loops. Locking kids' school shoes with this fastener is simple. 

Your child should press these strips together. Meanwhile, prying them apart would require more force but still be accessible for early starters.

Replace the kids' shoes once the touch-fastening straps reach the end of their life. Over time, the straps lose adhesion and won't lock anymore, rendering the footwear unusable. 


Your child benefits from the constant use of buckles, which helps develop their fine motor and problem-solving skills. However, this fastening is trickier than touch-fastening straps because it would require your child to ensure the pin locks on any hole in the strap. 

The school shoes will remain secure since this fastening is hard to open. Like the touch-fastening straps, replace the kids' shoes once the buckles no longer function.  


Of the three, laces are the only fastening independent of the kids' school shoes. You need to get them through two rows of eyelets that span the footwear when using them. This fastening provides the most adjustability for kids' school shoes and requires the most skill. 

Your child must learn how to tie laces independently to maximise the use of this fastening. But we can guarantee that your child will feel so proud for learning how to tie laces and wear their school shoes with pride. 

2. Materials 

Spendless NZ has footwear made of leather and vegan-friendly materials to provide you with options. While both materials provide the durability that kids' school shoes need to withstand wear and tear, each has a unique appeal.

Leather provides breathability and insulation that help your child get through the day in New Zealand. We know how extreme the weather in the country is, so it's essential that their kids' shoes can provide what they need.

Breathability is a must during warmer days and months. There must be a way for air to circulate inside the kids' school shoes. 

It will keep your child's feet fresh all day and avoid bacterial and fungal buildup, which causes a foul odour. Meanwhile, leather holds the heat in, providing insulation to keep your child warm and cosy during colder days and months.

On the one hand, several parents have gone the sustainable route, choosing vegan-friendly kids' school shoes for their children. On the other hand, vegan-friendly materials have zero animal cruelty because their production does not use animals. 

It takes fewer steps to process them, so vegan-friendly footwear leaves a minimal carbon footprint. Choosing vegan-friendly helps the environment and everyone living in it, including you. 

3. Comfort 

Kids' school shoes must be comfortable because your child will wear them most days. In addition, while their feet are still developing, the footwear must support them and remain comfortable to prevent deformities that can last until adulthood.

You must ensure enough toe room—rounded or squared-toe designs—for your child because this affects their stability and balance. 

Spendless NZ knows this and guarantees that all the school shoes available have rounded toes, allowing the toes to spread naturally. Styles like pull-on boots, Mary Janes, double straps, T-bars, lace-ups, and sneakers all have rounded toes.

More importantly, ensure a 1cm gap between the longest toe and the footwear tip. Alternatively, you can ask your child to try the footwear on and press on them; the space should be the size of your thumb's width.

The right fit and measurement also contribute to your child's comfort, and it's your responsibility to ensure you get the right size for your kids' school shoes. Measure their feet in the afternoon or evening to account for the growth. 

Before you continue shopping, measure the length and width of each foot separately to ensure a perfect fit. To be sure, you can have any of our professional fit experts do it.

4. Flexibility 

Please remember that your child's feet are still developing until puberty, so their back-to-school footwear must work correctly to support their feet and grow correctly.

 As such, the kids' school shoes must provide enough flexibility to mimic the natural movement of your child's feet when they walk, run, and do activities. 

Test the footwear by twisting it. The shoes must bend only until the balls, nothing further. Don't get it if it goes more than that because it won't provide the necessary support. 

5. Other Products Related to Kids' School shoes

We mentioned how shopping at Spendless NZ is easy because it has everything your child needs academically. Socks, instant shine, and water and stain protection spray are essential.

Schedule a Session of School Shoe Fitting, Shop at Spendless NZ! 

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