Kids' School Shoes Perfect for Little Feet

It's the start of the academic year, and your child is finally attending class! What to buy first? How do you reassure your child that everything will be okay?


One way to ease their worries is to provide them with school shoes that are perfect for their little feet. 


Spendless New Zealand has a lot of different styles, but not all of them are good for young people. So to make it easier for you, our team selected the styles ideal for children on their first foray into the academy based on their skills.


Read on as we give a rundown!


 Spendless New Zealand Styles


Here are the different Spendless NZ kids' school shoes that are perfect for little feet!


 Style—Pull-On Boots


We recommend pull-on boots for young kids who are just starting. These popular school shoes do not have any fastenings, which is perfect for students who are just beginning their learning journey and need more time to learn how to use straps or laces. All you must do to help them wear these ankle boots is guide their feet inside.


The side elastic gussets on these stretch to fit your child's feet for a slip-on fit and optimal comfort. Also, pull-on boots cover the feet up to the ankles, keeping the feet warm and stable. This is important for kids' school shoes in New Zealand, where the weather is constantly changing and can be very harsh.


Style 2—Double Straps


 These are ideal for boys and girls who need an easy-to-use fastening so that the footwear will stay attached to their little feet. Two touch-fastening straps do the trick! 


Each touch-fastening strap has two nylon fabric strips, one with tiny, hooked threads and the other with a rough surface. You can help your child lock the footwear on their little feet by pressing the strips together. 


We bet your child can quickly learn to do this independently because these straps are easy to use. However, opening the shoes is different since it requires more force to pry the straps apart.


Again, the adults can guide and help the children until they learn.


Style 3—Mary Janes


 Does your early-starter little girl remind you of a baby doll? If yes, these Mary Janes are the perfect shoes for their little feet! This footwear remains in demand because it has been a staple choice to wear with a uniform. 


These shoes use touch-fastening straps like double straps to keep the footwear glued to your daughter's little feet. Also, you don't have to worry about getting blisters or being uncomfortable because the open top of these shoes lets air in and lets moisture out. 


Essential Features of Your Kids' Schools Shoes 


  • A Wide Toe Box


 It's a common misperception that children's feet are just smaller versions of adults. Please take a closer look at their feet; you'll notice that the toes and balls are more expansive than their feet.


As such, you need to find a pair of kids' school shoes with a wide toe box to allow their toes to develop correctly. 


Their feet keep growing until they reach puberty, so their shoes must give them full support. 


Ill-fitting shoes can lead to problems as children grow older. Some of these repercussions include squashed toes, bunions, or ingrown toenails.


Toes are important for your child's balance and coordination, so shoes should let them spread out naturally. In addition, a wide toe box will allow for breathability, development, and growth.


  • Adjustable Fastening Mechanism


 A good pair of school shoes for children should have an adjustable fastening system to keep your child's feet safe and secure throughout the day. The young learners can participate in all activities without worrying because the fastening keeps the footwear in place as they run around.


Lace, buckles, and touch-fastening straps are the available fastenings at Spendless New Zealand.


For older kids, laces and buckles are preferable. Fast-growing feet need an adjustable fastening system.


By fastening your child's school shoes, you stop their toes from digging in to hold on to the shoes. 


  • Flexibility


Kids' school shoes must move naturally with their little feet because the footwear is their extension. So, it should move like a barefoot foot while protecting it from the weather and other things. Your early learner will also benefit from flexible shoes, which strengthen your child's feet and improve muscle structure and balance.


To check for flexibility, rotate the footwear in opposite directions while holding the heel and toe parts. Again, there should be a movement! Another way to check is to fold the kids' school shoes from toe to heel.


In the same way, soles must be flexible and able to move in the right places. Also, they should be sturdy and thick enough to protect against sharp objects. Shoes with stiff soles can cause strained joints and pain in different body parts, such as the ankles, forefoot, legs, heels, and back.


  • Lightweight


A lightweight pair of kids' school shoes is advantageous for your child's little feet because they do not need to exert more energy to move. Conversely, heavier ones can cause a strain on your child's developing muscles, feet, and legs.


If this happens, your child's muscles will tire faster, which is a big no-no when they are still developing muscle strength.


  • Firm and Strong Heel counter


The heel counter on the back of the children's footwear goes all the way around the back of the heel. A deep, sturdy heel counter and firm support on either side of the heel will keep your child's heel in a stable position.


Lack of support in that area of your child's little feet can result in pain and posture issues. You will know that the heel counter is firm when you can't pinch or squeeze the back of their shoes.


Provide the Best Kids' school Shoes for Your Child's Little Feet!


The health of your child's feet is precarious and needs complete support. So, go to Spendless New Zealand and buy your child a pair of school shoes that will fit their little feet. They will love you more for it as a child, and their adult selves will thank you later!


For our New Zealand customers, head to our website for some top online shopping, where it is easy to browse our collection! Then, go to our store closest to you and find out why Spendless NZ is a better choice than top brands like Nike, Adidas, Merrell, Saucony, Asics, etc.