Kids' School Shoes Perfect for Their Winter Uniform

While all the kids' school shoes at Spendless New Zealand pass the uniform requirements, we must consider which among them look good with their winter uniform and provide them with the most coverage and warmth they will need for the harsh winter in New Zealand. 

We must exclude some styles for girls because they are more suitable for spring and summer—Mary Janes and T-Bar—because of their open tops and cut-outs. So instead, we will recommend the kids' school shoes that young girls and boys can wear for the winter.

Your team from Spendless New Zealand will describe each shoe style so that you will know why you should choose them for your child. Discover the Spendless NZ kids' school shoes perfect for your child's winter uniform! 

Style 1—Pull-On Ankle Boots 

Pull-on ankle boots are the best footwear for young boys this winter. These kids' school shoes provide total foot coverage until the ankles. Devoid of fastenings, these boots maximise their elastic side gussets for a comfortable, snug fit. 

The incredible thing about these side gussets is their capacity to expand and accommodate any foot shape. And because they stretch, your son can wear double socks for more warmth without feeling constricted in his shoes. 

Kids' school shoes with rounded toe boxes are recommendable because they give your child enough room to splay their toes naturally, which is vital for their balance. 

Moreover, these boots are easy to wear, especially with two pull tabs to assist your kid, making them perfect for days when the cold makes them sleep longer and be late for class. 

Once in them, your child will experience complete winter protection and comfort thanks to the rounded-toe design.

Meanwhile, the soles will give your kid the traction and grip they need to play and run with classmates in the winter. No parent would like their children to get into accidents.

Lastly, getting these shoes is worth your money, as your kid can wear them even on weekends. The boots are suitable for formal occasions and match tuxedos well. 

Style 2—Double Straps 

Double straps are unisex kids' school shoes, perfect for the winter uniforms of young students. This style is ideal for children capable of opening and closing straps independently. 

In addition, the touch-fastening straps keep the kids' school shoes secure as your kid plays around during winter classes.

The straps also ensure an adjustable fit, which your kid can loosen or tighten for comfort. The straps are touch-fastening and consist of two nylon strips. One of the strips has hooks, while the other has loops. 

Your kid must press these strips together to lock the shoes. Meanwhile, unlocking would require force to pry the strips apart, creating a distinctive noise.

This style is ideal for winter because it covers their entire feet, providing warmth, while the sturdy and supportive soles will keep your kid steady on slippery and wet surfaces.

Be sure to check the adhesion of the touch-fastening straps because there's a limit on how often your kid can open and close them. Once they've hit the maximum, they won't lock anymore, so it's time to get your kid a new pair from Spendless New Zealand. 

Style 3—Lace-Up 

The laces play a massive role in keeping your kid warm and secure this winter. Young students skilled with tying their laces will love the lace-up kids' school shoes. 

This fastening provides an adjustable fit, which your child can tighten when they need more warmth. Your kid can also wear double socks comfortably, as they can loosen the laces to accommodate.

Laces are the only fastening independent of the kids' school shoes, so you can clean or replace them separately when they get dirty and wet from the natural elements. 

In addition, these tick a lot of features that will ensure your kid gets the comfort and support they need this winter, such as:

  • Breathable mesh lining that ensures moisture can escape and keeps your child's feet dry and fresh all day.
  • Removable innersole that provides extra support for kids who need it. Since it's removable, those who do not need it can take them off the kids' shoes.
  • Reinforced toe and heel that keep your child's feet supported and steady as they navigate wet grounds. You'll have peace of mind even when your kid is out of sight.
  • The rounded toe box in school shoes provides their toes with enough wiggle room, preventing clawing that can lead to foot deformities and injuries.

Please always remind your kid to tie their laces properly because this fastening can become undone, which might cause them to trip on their kids' school shoes. 

Style 4—Sneakers 

Physical education (PE) and joining sports clubs and teams need specific kids' school shoes like sneakers to protect your child's developing feet. 

While these kids' school shoes may not go well with your child's winter uniform, they are still essential for strenuous activities that require more support than their daily footwear can provide. 

They will be running, jumping, and doing lateral movements, requiring a different set of kids' school shoes. The sneakers come in different colours that will brighten your child's vibe during the dull and grey of winter! 

Style 5—Rainboots   

This style is not part of Spendless New Zealand's kids' school shoe collection but is in the rainboot section for young boys and girls. This footwear is ideal for winter as it ensures no water, rain, or mud will creep in and get on your child's feet. 

Some youngsters wear their rainboots on the way and change into their kids' school shoes once they are in their academic institutions. Then they do the same thing on the way home. Doing this will keep them safe both ways. 

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