Kids’ School Shoes Shopping Has Never Been Easier Than With Spendless!

Shopping for kids’ school shoes can be frustrating, especially if there’s not enough time to absorb all the information. With so much to read about and prepare, how can busy parents do all of it and still go to work and run errands?


What if we told you that shopping for kids’ school shoes is easy when you do it at Spendless New Zealand? The brand knows what your child needs and makes it easy for you by ensuring that each academic shoe can provide your child with the support, comfort, and durability they need to get through a busy day. 


Apart from ensuring the kids’ schools shoes tick all the necessary features, the options are stylish and meet uniform requirements. Discover more about why you should shop at Spendless NZ. Once you try the seamless experience, you’ll realise what you’ve been missing all this time. 


We are confident you will choose our brand for your child's next pair of school shoes with the perfect fit. Let's get started!


1. Spendless NZ provides comfort 


As parents, we want nothing but the best experience for our children. Comfort impacts their performance, so you will do anything to provide that. 


The kids’ school shoes at Spendless NZ are comfortable, ensuring your child remains focused and attentive in the classroom. 


Here are the footwear’s features:


  • Roomy toe boxes


Spendless NZ kids’ school shoes are mostly rounded toes. Having ample space allows their toes to move comfortably, allowing natural foot movement. Ill-fitting footwear can cause discomfort, blisters, and foot deformities that can be permanent.


  • The right fit


The collection of school shoes at Spendless NZ comes in a wide range of sizes to ensure one for your child. To determine your child’s accurate size, get the length and width of each foot separately. For accuracy, you can get help from professionals like podiatrists and trained in-store staff when measuring your child’s foot size. They can also recommend the appropriate school shoes for your child’s foot type.


  • Adjustable fit


Your child needs control over the fit of their kids’ school shoes to ensure they can adjust how tight they want their footwear to be. Spendless NZ guarantees adjustability by using three kinds of fastenings in its collection: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. Choose which school shoes to get depending on their skills.


2. Spendless NZ provides support. 


Supportive kids’ school shoes ensure your child’s feet develop correctly. Their feet are malleable and go through development until puberty. Supportive footwear will protect their feet while the bones and muscles grow. 


Here’s how Spendless NZ kids’ schools shoes provide support:


  • Flexible to a certain point


Your child’s feet are adjustable up to a certain point, folding up to that area when they move, which the kids’ school shoes should mimic. Spendless NZ knows this and ensures its academic footwear collection does. Please remember that shoes are unsuitable for your child when they are too soft or hard.


  • Excellent grip


Parents prioritise their child’s safety, and with excellent grip, you can ensure your child remains stable and steady. The kids’ school shoes at Spendless NZ have gripped soles for traction. The footwear creates friction against the floor to protect your child from slips and falls.


3. Spendless NZ provides durability.



What good are kids’ shoes that break down quickly? If they keep breaking down, you must keep buying a new pair. But with Spendless NZ, your child will have a long-lasting pair of shoes until they outgrow them. What makes them durable?


  • Materials


Spendless NZ uses leather or vegan-friendly materials for its collection of kids’ school shoes. Each one has its advantages, but both provide longevity for the footwear. Wearing them will ensure that the footwear won’t break during classroom activities or gameplay.


  • Firm heel counters


The Spendless NZ kids’ school shoes have strong heel counters that help maintain their shape and structure. They hold the footwear together and work correctly while supporting your child’s proper foot and ankle alignment. Test this by pressing on both sides of the heel counter. An excellent one will not give in.


4. Spendless NZ has style.


The style of the shoes can affect your child’s confidence and ability to interact with others. If their peers don’t like what they are wearing, they might tease your child and exclude them from the activities. 


Thankfully, the classic styles at Spendless NZ top every child’s list of preferences. The brand’s kids’ school shoes have options catering to everyone’s varied tastes. You can choose from pull-on boots, Mary Janes, double straps, T-bars, lace-ups, and sneakers. Some are for boys, girls, and unisex. 


More importantly, since Spendless NZ kid's school shoes are stylish, your child can use them beyond the confines of school.


Spendless NZ makes shopping for a school shoe fitting shop convenient.


Time is valuable, and it is one of the things busy parents seldom have. It takes time to sift through information and drive or commute to the store. But because Spendless NZ makes shopping for kids' academic footwear easy, you can do it from the comfort of your home or wherever you have a gadget. 


Online shopping doesn’t operate in selected locations only, nor does it have closing times! Our customer care team or fit experts are working extended hours so you can shop for back-to-school footwear at midnight and wait for your order to arrive on your doorstep.


Enjoy the comfort of top online shopping at your leisure without leaving the house. And the best part is that you can access discount coupons and vouchers available for online consumers. We have a wide selection of new styles with many benefits designed to look like your child's favourite fusion brands in a brands shop.


While Spendless NZ kids' school shoes are already affordable, the price could go lower with the vouchers. On top of that, Spendless NZ has flexible payment systems that allow you to purchase the shoes now and pay in instalments later. What an excellent deal!


More importantly, Spendless NZ offers all your child’s other needs, so you don’t have to look for them elsewhere. When you're ready to buy, our brands' close checkout tool ensures everything goes smoothly from start to finish. Our clear filters and menu shop make it easy to find what you want.


Buy socks and laces from this one-stop shop! Maintain the kids’ school shoes with polish and protection spray, also available at Spendless NZ!


Have an easy shopping experience at Spendless NZ!


Head to the nearest retailer or the online store and grab one now!


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