Kids' School Shoes That Are Comfortable for All-Day Wear

How critical is comfort when it comes to kids' school shoes? Kids spend about 30 hours a week at learning institutions or more than 15,000 hours throughout their academic careers. 


Thus, their comfort should come first.


Parents and other adults in charge of children should ensure they have the best and most comfortable footwear for their growing feet. Support is crucial because children's feet continue to develop and fuse until puberty. In addition, ensure your kid is wearing cosy footwear since their comfort level impacts their ability to focus and engage in class.


But it's easier said than done. There are several factors to check, and we understand that the task can be overwhelming. But first, you must look at materials, styles, colours, and fastenings.


The next step is to find footwear that combines all four categories. Lucky for you, our team at Spendless New Zealand will help make the task easier. Another factor to consider for New Zealand customers (parents and guardians) is the erratic weather and how it can affect school shoes.


The country is known for its changing weather; some even joke about experiencing all four seasons in one day. We will provide a rundown of the available kids' school shoes at Spendless New Zealand that are comfortable for all-day wear. Our footwear ticks all the boxes and will make your child's experience the best!


Style 1—T-Bar


Are you looking for a comfortable pair of school shoes for girls? The T-Bar with higher insteps is more popular than ever. These kids' school shoes have two thin straps creating a single T, secured with a buckle. 


With its wide toe box that provides ample toe wiggle space, this footwear is comfortable for all-day wear. Buckles, a type of fastening, secure two loose ends of the children's school shoes by holding one end with an attachment and the other with a catch in a protected yet movable manner. The strap on most footwear has holes in it, which a buckle latches onto to close.


Your kid can loosen or tighten the school shoes by choosing which hole to fasten the buckle. Buckles are for slightly older students who have outgrown touch-fastening straps but need more time to be ready for laces.


Style 2—Mary Janes


Mary Janes are classic footwear that has made its way through school uniforms since the style first appeared. Reminiscent of baby dolls, this footwear is a staple in student uniforms because they comply with most dress code regulations. In addition, these school shoes have a leather upper for solid, long-lasting use.


Secured by touch-fastening straps, your young one can adjust how tight or loose the footwear is depending on their all-day comfort level. The open top also makes them very breathable because they let air in and sweat out.


Style 3—Pull-On Boots


This crowd favourite is a popular style of school shoes because they go well with uniforms. The side gussets on pull-on boots are elastic for a slip-on fit and maximum comfort. The two tabs at the top make it simpler for children to take off and put them on.


Boys still learning to tie laces in their early academic years are the perfect users of this style. In addition, boots have the advantage of covering the ankles, protecting the wearer's entire foot from foreign objects that can become trapped in their footwear. 


Moreover, this footwear will keep your child's feet safe from getting wet and cold, especially with the changing weather in New Zealand. 


Additionally, their thick soles offer stability and traction. Despite how easy it is to wear pull-on boots, the lack of any fastening is a flaw. If nothing was securing the footwear, your son could unintentionally remove them and injure himself.


Style 4—Lace-Up


School shoes must stay in place as your young one goes about their daily activities in their learning institution. Lace-ups are ideal for older kids who can tie their laces independently. What are laces?


Laces are long, thin strings that fasten school shoes in place. It works by slipping through the eyelets on a pair of shoes, distributing pressure evenly throughout the entire foot by removing pressure points, and improving blood flow below the ankle. 


Since laces are the only fastening independent of the footwear, you may replace and clean them separately. 


Lace is the more popular option for fastening because it does not wear out as fast and is easily replaceable. However, always ensure they are of proper length because your kid can trip on longer ones. Are you in need of spare laces?


Get a pair from the socks and laces page of Spendless New Zealand. 


Style 5—Double Straps


These kids' shoes are ideal for boys and girls still figuring out how to tie laces. The double touch-fastening straps secure the footwear in place and prevent unintentional removal. Touch-fastening straps are two nylon fabric strips, one with tiny, hooked threads and the other with a rough surface.


Squeeze the straps together to bind them and seal the kids' shoes. Fastening them is so easy that your kid can do it with one hand. But your kid needs to use force to separate the two strips to open the kids' shoes.


Peeling them apart will create a distinctive ripping sound.


Some drawbacks of this fastening include:


  • The straps' efficiency decreases when dirt, lint, and other stray particles stick to them. 
  • Any material that unintentionally attaches to the strips sustains damage.
  • The sound they make when separating the touch-fastening straps.
  • Because touch-fastening straps are attached to the shoes, parents must buy a new pair once the straps are useless.  


Choose kids schools' shoes that will keep your child comfortable all day!


Your child deserves nothing but the best, but it doesn't have to put a huge dent in the budget! So, rather than shopping at a brand store (compare brands Nike, Asics, Adidas, Puma, Clarks, Harrison, and even your favourites from a brands shop), get them a pair of kid's school shoes from Spendless New Zealand.


At Spendless New Zealand, we have a range of kids' school shoes to suit everyone’s needs. Our fit experts can also help you find the perfect fit for your kid. Plus, with our customer care team working extended hours, you can trust us to help you find the best footwear for your kids!


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