Kids' School Shoes That Are Comfortable for Work and Play!

How do you know if a pair of kids' school shoes are durable, versatile, and comfortable?

You can wear them for school, work, and play! Students are at different developmental stages. While some are busy balancing academics and playing, meaning the younger ones, the older ones are balancing classes and part-time work!

But the incredible thing about the kids' school shoes available at Spendless NZ is that anyone can wear them for school, work, and play. The styles are suitable for all grade levels and are durable to withstand all the activities the students put them through.

You're likely here because you're searching for kids' school shoes that can do all that and more. 

Parents want the best for their children, and the best way to support this endeavour is to ensure they are comfortable and well-supported with Spendless New Zealand kids' school shoes.

If you're ready, let's do it! Please allow our team from Spendless NZ to give you a crash course in academic footwear. We'll tell you what you must look for to ensure your child will remain comfortable while learning, working, or playing. 

How do you know if kids' school shoes are comfortable? 

Buying academic footwear is a learning process where you need to know many things, which can be overwhelming. Parents who have had to purchase their children's school shoes for many years are familiar with these features. 

However, if you're new to this, there is much to learn. So here are a few things to know when choosing comfortable kids' school shoes for work and play. 

1. Flexible in the right places. 

Your child needs footwear that mimics the natural way they walk when barefoot. Kids' school shoes with the right amount of flexibility will help your child walk correctly while keeping the rest of their feet stable and secure. 

The kids' school shoes must be flexible in the right places, usually only until the ball of the foot. Anything further than that is too loose and won't give enough support.

2. Lightweight. 

Ensure you check the kids' school shoes for their heaviness. We recommend using lightweight footwear because heavy ones can cause muscle pain and foot aches, especially for young students whose bones and muscles are developing. 

Besides, if they wear hefty kids' school shoes at work and play, they will likely underperform because they are not feeling their best. 

3. Enough toe room. 

Even adults need enough toe room to spread naturally because this impacts balance and can affect the foot's health, especially for children since their feet are still developing. 

In addition, squeezed toes from kids' school shoes without ample toe room can cause foot deformities and injuries they will take with them until adulthood.

To ensure they get enough toe room:

  • Ask your child to perform the toe wiggle test when they try on kids' school shoes.
  • Look for academic footwear that is either square or rounded-toe.
  • When measuring for size, leave a 1cm gap between your child's longest toe and the tip of the kids' school shoes. 

4. Get the right fit. 

Ill-fitting footwear will distract your child from concentrating on school, work, or play. But, of course, we don't want that, so you must ensure your child gets correctly measured for their size. 

You can have it done professionally by going to a podiatrist. Or if you're planning on buying in-store, brands may have trained staff to measure your child's feet.

However, if you're doing it yourself, remember that a child's feet may not be identical, with one bigger than the other. As such, you must measure their feet separately, taking their width and length.

Then, in choosing kids' school shoes, ensure the widest part of the footwear corresponds to the broadest part of your child's feet.

Moreover, never get them academic footwear that is too big for them, thinking they'll eventually grow into it. Before they even developed into these kids' school shoes, they'd likely have tripped or had an accident. 

In addition, too much space inside the footwear will force your child to claw their toes to get a good grip, which can give them clawed toes.

More importantly, shop for your kids' school shoes in the afternoon or evening. Or at least take their measurements during this time because it's when their feet are at their largest size. 

Swelling happens after a full day's activity, and you must consider that when getting the correct size for your kids' school shoes. 

5. Breathable materials. 

Always ensure there's a way for air to circulate inside your kid's school shoes. Breathability is available if the footwear is more open or has cut-out designs, allowing sweat and moisture to escape.

Keeping moisture out is essential to avoid bacterial or fungal build-up. But, unfortunately, it can also cause a foul smell in the footwear.

Another way to guarantee the breathability is through the material. Leather is a breathable material, which allows air to pass through, meaning even if your kid is wearing a pair of pull-on ankle boots, for example—which cover until the ankle—air can still get around and keep their feet fresh all day. 

6. Adjustability. 

Adjustability ensures your kid gets the comfort they want when they need it. By getting shoes with fastenings—touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces—you give your kid control over the tightness of their footwear. Choose the kind of fastening depending on your child's ability to close straps, lock buckles, and tie laces.

For a brief rundown, we grouped the comfortable Spendless NZ shoes according to their fastenings:

  •  Touch-fastening straps: Mary Janes for girls and Double Straps for boys and girls.
  •  Buckles: T-Bar for girls.
  •  Laces: Lace-Ups and Sneakers, which are both unisex. 

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