Kids' School Shoes That Will Keep Them Safe from Classroom to Playground

Parents get happy when they see their children having the best time in school. Their children regale them with the funny anecdotes and memorable interactions they had. But what if one day they come home in tears?

You frantically ask them what happened, and they tell you they fell while playing because their footwear didn't grip the surface well. You comfort them while you start plotting when you can purchase a better pair of kids' school shoes so that this won't ever happen again.

But the question lingers: How can you ensure the next pair you buy keeps your child safe from the classroom to the playground?

If you purchase kids' school shoes from Spendless New Zealand, this mishap will never happen again. Your little one will return to being their playful and happy self, always coming home with the best stories to have both of you laughing and having a good time.

Spendless NZ prioritises your child's comfort and safety, ensuring they can come home in one piece and scratch-free. Which features are available in each of the brand's kids' school shoes that ensure your child remains protected? Discover each so you can sleep better at night. Let's start!


Grooved Soles


Spendless NZ kids' school shoes have grooved soles that provide traction so your child will not slip or fall. This feature grips various surfaces, including smooth classroom floors or uneven playground terrain. With this, school shoes can ensure your child can walk, run, and play inside and outside through all seasons, even during cold and wet winters. The added stability helps them feel safer and more confident, empowering them to join physical activities and games without fear of injury.

Grooved soles strengthen the protection your child gets from the footwear by working in two ways. First, they create friction between the floor and the shoes so your child remains steady. Secondly, grooved soles let liquid pass through instead of staying stagnant under the soles to keep your child stable. 

When purchasing academic footwear, check this feature's availability by flipping the footwear over. Look for random shapes, usually circles, hexagons, and squiggles. Once you confirm grooves on the footwear, ask your child to try them on and walk on the smooth and slippery side of the store. If they hold well, you can ensure your child has the protection they need in the classroom and on the playground.


Secure Fastenings


Spendless NZ uses three secure fastenings in its collection of kids' school shoes: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. These fastenings ensure your child remains comfortable by providing a customisable fit and keeping your child's feet securely in place during various activities. They also prevent accidental removal while your child is active. 

Comfort and safety go hand in hand, ensuring your child comes home with happy stories of their school day. When active, their movements cause their feet to swell throughout the day, so they must adjust the fit to accommodate the growth. Touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces allow your child to control the fit of their shoes, loosening the footwear after a tiring activity. 

Each kind of secure fastening offers different levels of customizability and difficulty. Kids' school shoes with touch-fastening straps are the easiest to wear, which younger students prefer. While buckles and laces are more challenging to close, they offer a more adjustable fit. Purchase the footwear appropriate for your child's skill, whether they can press straps together, lock pins in buckles, or tie laces.


Spacious Toe Rooms


Children are naturally explorative and active, always curious about their surroundings. The proper kids' school shoes will encourage them to explore and observe without hindrance. Spacious toe rooms give your children enough room for their toes to splay naturally, improving their balance and stability. Kids' school shoes should allow your child unrestricted movements so they can continue exploring, joining classroom activities, and running around in playground games. This feature also allows them to stay seated or stand for extended periods. 

More importantly, footwear with spacious toe rooms protects your child from irritating rubbing and painful chafing, enhancing their concentration and performance. This feature also prevents foot conditions resulting from tight shapes, ensuring their developing feet are healthy.

When purchasing academic footwear, always avoid pointy shapes because they squeeze your child's toes together. Spendless NZ options usually have a round toe shape, which is ideal for your child's feet. Please have your child try on the footwear and let them wiggle their toes. If they can do this without any shoe parts touching or rubbing their toes painfully, you can guarantee your child's safety in the classroom and playground. Don't hesitate to seek guidance from our in-store fit experts to ensure you find the perfect fit.


The Correct Fit


Anything that causes your child pain and discomfort is unsafe. A pair of ill-fitting kids' school shoes can hinder natural movement, leading to injuries and accidents. Tight options can rub on their feet, causing painful blisters. Meanwhile, footwear that is two sizes too big will force their feet to claw, which can cause development issues and potential injuries from tripping or falling in the classroom or playground. 

When shopping for kids' school shoes, you must get your child's accurate measurements, taking the lengths and widths of each foot separately. It's best to do it in the afternoon when their feet have swollen to their maximum size so that you can account for the growth. Lastly, always leave a 1 cm gap between the tips of the footwear and the longest toe for growth spurts.

At Spendless NZ, the collection's sizes range from 9 to 13 and 1 to 11, ensuring everyone can find the footwear that fits them right. Find the ideal pair of kids' school shoes to ensure they are always safe wherever they go.

With our customer care team available 24/7, working extended hours to assist with any enquiries about your child's back-to-school requirements, you'll gain extra time to concentrate on other responsibilities.


Spendless NZ Kids' School Shoes Keep Your Child Safe!


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