Kids' School Shoes that Won't Break the Budget

The back-to-school season is quickly approaching, and parents and guardians are busy preparing for their children's needs. While the anticipation for the new academic year is exciting, it can also be stressful, especially when shopping for essentials like kids' school shoes. Academic footwear is among the most vital purchases and must be comfortable, stylish, durable, and, most importantly, affordable. However, finding the perfect kids' school shoes that meet all these criteria can be challenging.

Parents want their children to look good, feel great, and stay safe, but they must stick to the budget. Should they choose style over comfort to find kids' school shoes that won't break the bank?

The quick answer is no. Why do that when you can shop for premium quality kids' school shoes that seamlessly combine all at Spendless New Zealand? The brand provides options to ensure your child can perform at their best without compromising.

We've compiled a list of Spendless NZ kids' school shoes according to their price ranges to help you plan. You can compare styles, features, and functionalities suitable for your child. The best part of shopping at Spendless NZ is paying for the items in instalments, thanks to the brand's flexible payment systems. Let's start! 


AUD 0 - 20


Your child's classes and activities extend beyond the classroom. With PE and sports in their schedule, they must have sneakers for their second pair of kids' school shoes. In the first range, you can purchase a pair of blue sneakers with elasticised top bands and touch-fastening straps. How can these kids' school shoes boost their performance?

The footwear features grooved soles that keep them steady while they defend bases and shoot balls. The traction helps kids' school shoes ensure your child won't slip and fall on various surfaces, whether soft, wet, or uneven. Moreover, breathable materials keep their feet dry amidst sweat-inducing activities. Usually, sneakers are light, so they won't add weight and cause foot fatigue while your child is active. The vibrant colour boosts your child's style, while the fastenings keep the kids' school shoes in place. At AUD 0–20, this multi-purpose footwear is a steal!


AUD 30 - 40


The following price range provides several kids' school shoes that your child can wear beyond the confines of the classroom and playground. The AUD 30–40 range options include sandals and sneakers that use vegan materials, ensuring they are durable and comfortable. These options are perfect for your child's play dates with friends, as they can withstand wear and tear. Learning does not happen in school alone; their weekend play dates also teach them essential lessons like forming friendships and socialising. 

The sandals and sneakers are ideal for a day out. Use these alternatives on field trips. The sandals, with their half-enclosed covered-toe design, allow air to circulate and keep them comfy on a hot day. Meanwhile, the sneakers are more appropriate for colder temperatures. But with New Zealand's erratic weather, it can be unpredictable. Thankfully, these kids' school shoes can endure natural elements and inclement weather.


AUD 40 - 50


The third range features leather kids' school shoes, which are long-lasting and top quality. With prices ranging from AUD 40–50, the kids' school shoes keep them comfortable, support their performance, and boost their confidence. Both style options have round-toe designs that give your child's toes enough space to spread naturally, which is essential for their balance and stability.

Moreover, the kids' school shoes in this range are unisex, meaning boys and girls can use them. Let's look at the various options available:

  • Double-strap kids' school shoes got their name from the two touch-fastening straps that secure them. These straps provide an easy-wearing and adjustable fit. At the same time, the leather material and grooved soles ensure the durability, support, and comfort necessary for your child's performance, allowing them to focus. The padded collar of the kids' school shoes protects the back of their feet from painful rubbing and chafing, ensuring a comfortable fit all day. 
  • Lace-up kids' school shoes are popular among older students because of their customisable style and fit. How they weave the laces through the eyelets showcases their creativity and enables them to adjust the fit to their needs. Although these kids' school shoes require that your child knows how to tie laces independently, they offer top-notch features like round toes and ankle padding, durable leather material, gripped soles for traction, and reinforced toes and heels for protection. 


AUD 50+


In the last price range, you get what you pay for. At AUD 50+, your child can enjoy various timeless kids' school shoes. Leather is pricier than vegan materials, so you can expect to find mostly leather options in this range. Here are the options: 

  • Pull-on boots are the easiest to wear among all the kids' school shoes. This footwear option for boys lacks fastenings, which makes dressing up each morning a breeze. Instead, pull tabs and elastic side gussets are available for easy wearing and a snug fit. While these kid's school shoes are more in demand during the cold months, they are transeasonal options suitable all year.
  • Mary Jane is an excellent kids' school shoe for girls. This classic option has features typical of the timeless style that everyone loves, with rounded toes and a strap across the instep. The round shape ensures your child's toes are free from rubbing and getting squeezed, while the strap ensures the footwear stays in place.
  • T-Bar is another classic kids' school shoe for girls. It's like Mary Jane in several ways, with the rounded-toe and open-top design. The only difference is the T strap across the instep, unlike Mary Jane's horizontal strap. Ideal for warm days, this breathable option has several entryways for air to circulate. Besides the open-top, the T-bar has geometric laser cut-outs that boost aesthetics and ventilation.


Spendless NZ Combines Quality and Budget-Friendly Kids' School Shoes! 


Head to the nearest Spendless NZ retailer or the online store for affordable kids' school shoes. Be sure to add socks to complete the uniform!

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