Kids’ School Shoes The Kids Are Loving This Season!

Long-lasting kids’ school shoes are a must if you want your child to have the best learning experience. We can’t have their footwear breaking in half or losing a sole in the classroom and playground. Besides getting teased and laughed at, kids’ school shoes that break quickly can hurt your child. 

Thankfully, Spendless New Zealand saves the day! The brand has provided countless students with top-notch learning experiences for years. A child who wears Spendless NZ kids’ school shoes goes far, literally and figuratively. In the literal sense, your child can explore the school grounds, covering the playground, sports fields, cafeteria, and classrooms, without stressing if their footwear can make it. In the figurative sense, the correct kids’ school shoes will enable your child to focus on their work, ace their academics, and thrive within their peer group. 

Because of this beautiful scenario, we aim for the proper academic footwear. With the start of a new school year and term, parents and guardians are scrambling to find the kids’ school shoes everyone will love. Have you seen them yet?

With the help of our Spendless NZ team, let’s discover the various options available. Knowing the style options and how they can make your child excel can make the usually daunting task more manageable. If you’re ready, let’s start!


Style 1—Pull-On Boots


An ankle-length kids’ school shoe for boys has much to offer your child. The first one is protection. The boots cover their feet until the ankles, ensuring that no foreign or sharp object can enter and hurt them. Children will encounter rocks, pebbles, and other elements in the playground, so they need these kids’ school shoes to protect them. 

The second benefit they get from wearing pull-on boots is that they are easy to wear. The lack of fastening makes dressing up each morning quick. With the help of pull tabs, they can pull the kids’ school shoes on within seconds. The elastic side gussets have a double purpose: the first is a snug fit, and the second is aesthetic. They make the kids’ school shoes more attractive while serving a useful purpose.

The third reason to love pull-on boots is comfort. The rounded-toe design, leather material, and gripped soles of these kids’ school shoes collectively combine to create a cosy experience for students. Many people prefer pull-on boots because they offer ample space for their toes, are breathable and insulating, and keep their feet steady and secure.


Style 2—Mary Jane


Classic kids’ school shoes for girls can mean the world to your child. The Mary Jane option is the best companion for everything from playing dress up to joining friends in classroom and playground activities. This classic style option has the timeless features typical of a Mary Jane, such as rounded toes and a strap across the instep. The round shape ensures your child’s toes are free from rubbing and getting squeezed, while the strap ensures the footwear stays in place.

Spendless NZ has two fastening options that keep the straps closed and locked: touch-fastening straps or buckles. The first is the easier of the two, only requiring your young child to press two nylon strips to secure their school shoes. The second is ideal for children who can lock a pin through a hole in the strap. But whatever you choose, these closures ensure the kids’ school shoes have an adjustable fit.

Most parents and guardians choose Mary Jane during the warmer academic months because of its breathable design. The open-top style allows air to circulate, boosting the ventilation of the kids’ school shoes. If they want this option during the winter, adding a layer of tights or thermal leggings is best.


Style 3—Double Straps


Spendless NZ also offers unisex options for young boys and girls. The double-strap kids’ school shoes get their name from the two touch-fastening straps that secure them. Besides providing an easy-wearing option for students, these kids’ school shoes are perfect for siblings who want to wear the same style to school.

With a unisex option, your young daughter can copy her big brother, who’s been her idol since birth, and make going to class more fun. The leather material and grooved soles ensure that these kids’ school shoes can provide the support and comfort necessary for your child to perform well. Moreover, the padded collar and round toe shape free their feet from painful rubbing and chafing.


Style 4—T-Bar


Another classic kids’ school shoe for girls we all love is at Spendless NZ. The T-bar is like Mary Jane in style and shape, except for the T strap across the instep. A buckle fastening ensures these breathable kids’ school shoes stay in place. The options available in the brand’s collection have an open-top design that provides ventilation on hot summer days. 

Besides this entryway, air can also enter these kids’ school shoes via their geometric laser cut-outs. These cut-outs also provide a cute aesthetic that boosts the T-Bar’s style.

Wearing this cute option will keep your child cosy and well-supported. If your daughter loves their T-Bar and wants to wear it in winter, we suggest layering on tights or thermal leggings. No one can resist the cuteness of these kids’ school shoes.


Style 5—Lace-ups


These kids’ school shoes are in demand among boys and girls who love to customise the style and fit of their academic footwear. The lace fastening enables the students to be creative in weaving the laces through the eyelets. As a fastening independent from the footwear, you can quickly clean or replace the laces separately from the kid's school shoes.

While these unisex kids’ school shoes require a more advanced skill to close, the wearer reaps maximum benefits like a customisable fit, round-toes and ankle-padding for unrivalled comfort, durable leather material, gripped soles for traction, and reinforced toes and heels for protection.


Find Lovable Options for Kids' School Shoes at Spendless NZ!


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