Kids' School Shoes You Never Want to Take Off

Have you ever had problems making your child wear their kids' school shoes?


We've heard of several horror stories involving a lot of chasing around the house, tears, and late mornings. Instead of starting each day on a good note, you spend most of the morning coaxing your child to cooperate and wear them. But before you lose your temper and give up hope, you must figure out why your child dislikes wearing their academic footwear. Only after you understand where they are coming from can you address the problem.


Do the kids' school shoes hurt them? Is the style different from what the other students prefer? Are they lacking essential features that keep them comfortable?


Answering these questions can help your quest to find the footwear they need. But it is even better if you get help from the team at Spendless New Zealand because they know these things like the back of their hands.


Spendless NZ has provided kids' school shoes students never want to take off for years and is the best brand to check out. Let's start!


Reasons Your Child Dislike Wearing Academic Footwear


1. Restrictive and Uncomfortable


Please understand that your child started walking barefoot and loves having their feet in a natural position. So, from that state to wearing them all day for five days a week needs a lot of adjustment on their part. It doesn't help if the shoe style is ill-fitting and lacks features that keep them comfortable.


As adults, we complain when we wear painful footwear; how much more for children with developing feet? If they rub their feet in any way, causing blisters and irritation, expect your child never to wear them again.


It's essential to note that your child will experience frequent growth spurts. As such, you may have bought a pair that fits correctly but eventually becomes tight because your feet grow.


While several factors can cause the child to feel uncomfortable wearing the footwear, here are some tips and features to watch out for. These things will ensure your child will never want to take off their kids' school shoes.


  • Room for growth


Leave a 1cm gap between your child's longest toe and the footwear's tip. It pays to have enough space if they suddenly undergo a growth spurt, a frequent occurrence during puberty. Parents must check them every 4–8 weeks and replace them once they notice the space is gone.


  • Spacious toe box


As mentioned, your child loves walking barefoot, which enables their toes to spread naturally. Not only does this make them comfortable, but it also supports excellent balance and gait. As such, the kids' school shoes must mimic that, providing enough space for the toes to wiggle comfortably. Ensure you choose rounded or squared-toe designs that do not squeeze the toes.


  • The right fit and size


Shoe brands vary in size, so ensure your child has the accurate one for Spendless NZ. Getting your child's foot size requires measuring the length and width separately. You can also get it professionally done by a podiatrist or in-house staff, who can recommend the best kids' school shoes for your child's foot type.


2. Unpopular Style Choice


Your child is growing up and getting exposed to other children. In socialising, they discover that their peers' opinions matter to them, even with the kind of kids' school shoes they wear. It can be unfortunate if they get the option nobody likes because the other children may exclude them from their group. Sadly, it can affect your child's willingness to wear the kids' school shoes.


How can you address this issue?


First, you must involve your child in the shopping and selection process. More than taking them shopping with you is required. You should also get their feedback and opinions. Is it the kids' school shoes people are wearing? Does the style appeal to them? Giving them something they like will motivate them to wear the kids' school shoes and never remove them.


Second, it pays to shop at reputable shoe brands with an inclusive collection catering to varied tastes. Spendless NZ ensures that the available kids' school shoes are designs children love. The classic options have always been timeless favourites. Young girls and boys love the styles in the brand's collection, so let your child choose which appeals to them the most.


Let's look at the various Spendless NZ kids' school shoes your child will never want to take off:


  • Pull-on Boots


These boys' school shoes provide the most coverage and warmth. Because the boots lack fastenings, your child can pull this option on within seconds. The absence of any closure is acceptable, as elastic side panels are acting as fastenings. 


  • Mary Janes


This academic footwear will make your daughter fit right in. The open-top, round toes, and single touch-fastening strap across the instep make this option a favourite during spring and summer. 


  • Double Straps


These unisex kids' school shoes enable your child to express their individuality without being pressured to conform to the expected styles. Two touch-fastening straps work correctly to provide adjustability, convenience of wear, and security so your child can join the activities safely. 


  • T-Bar


These kids' school shoes are like Mary Janes, with open-top and round-toe designs. However, the main difference is the T-strap and buckle closure that secure the T-bar on your child. Cutout designs add style and more ventilation for your child's feet. 


  • Lace-ups


These unisex kids' school shoes are perfect for skilled older students needing a more customisable fit. The more personal fit and style of laces combined with the round toes and leather material make this shoe option a favourite of many.


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