Kids' School Shoes Your Little Ones Will Love Wearing

Classes can be stressful, so your child doesn't need the added burden of painful kids' school shoes. Imagine having to do the things you have to do every day for more than 30 hours a week and then feeling pain and discomfort.


As parents and guardians, we only want the best for the children, providing them with things they love and need, including a pair of kids' school shoes! So you must get a pair of footwear the little ones will love wearing.


The question that naturally arises is, "How do you choose which one to purchase?" First, look for essential characteristics like support, comfort, style, and affordability. Then, a pair of kids' school shoes that meets your requirements will enhance your child's learning experience.


Again, we only want the best for them. And where can you get the best styles of kids' school shoes? Spendless New Zealand, of course!


While our footwear meets all the criteria and uniform requirements, you should understand why they need to wear the correct footwear. Our team at Spendless NZ will give you a crash course on buying a pair of kids' school shoes your little ones will love wearing.


Please read on to learn more! 


Getting the Correct Footwear is a Must! 


Here are reasons why you must get the correct footwear for your child.


Saves their feet from natural elements. 


Children love to play and run around, so getting a pair of kids' school shoes is essential to safeguard them from elements we don't have control over. In addition, their kids' school shoes must withstand the harsh New Zealand weather.


This footwear must protect their feet from rain and cold. 


Offers support and traction.


No parent or guardian would want to see their children come home scuffed and bruised because they slipped while playing. Their kids' school shoes must have traction to stay stable on wet ground.


The footwear from Spendless NZ has soles that get the job done! 


Provides breathability.


Children have as many sweat glands in their feet as adults, so imagine how sweaty they'll get after playing on a hot day. There should be a way for moisture to escape to avoid mould or bacterial buildup.


By choosing breathable kids' school shoes, there's a way for air to enter and sweat to escape. 


Gives adequate coverage.


Ensure the kids' school shoes have thick, durable soles to protect their feet from sharp objects they can step on in class or on the playground. 


The footwear should also prevent foreign objects like pebbles or tanbark from getting lodged inside.


Brings comfort.


What's one thing that can distract your child from performing their best in class?


Painful feet. Ensuring their kids' shoes are comfortable removes one less stress from their hectic day. As a result, your children can focus on their lessons.


With comfort as a top priority, you must buy a pair from Spendless NZ, and we guarantee your little ones will love wearing them!


Spendless Styles


As we mentioned, your child's performance depends on their comfort level.


Here are the different Spendless NZ kids' schools shoes your little ones will love wearing!


Style 1—Pull-On Boots


These popular shoes for boys fulfil all uniform requirements. These pull-on boots have elastic side gussets that stretch to accommodate your child's feet for a slip-on fit and maximum comfort.


Pull-on boots are school shoes that go up to the ankles and cover the foot. This footwear protects against erratic New Zealand weather and foreign objects. In addition, these shoes have thick, durable soles that provide stability and grip. 


Style 2—Double Straps


These shoes are ideal for kids still figuring out how to tie laces. The footwear uses double touch-fastening straps to hold the footwear in place. Your little ones will love this pair because they are easy to wear. 


Two nylon fabric strips, one with tiny, hooked threads and the other with a rough surface, make up touch-fastening straps. Your kid can lock the shoes in place with one hand by pressing the strips together.


However, your young one requires more force when prying the two strips apart, creating a distinct ripping sound as they do. In addition, there's a limit to how often your kid can close and open their school shoes before the adhesion wears out. 


After about 8,000 times, you must replace the pair because the strips won't lock and render the footwear useless. 


Style 3—Lace-Up


Tying laces will teach your kid more independence and could be a bonding activity between the two of you. As such, lace-up shoes are ideal for kids ready to learn how to tie their laces. 


Laces are the only fastening among the three detached from the footwear. 


They are long, thin strings that slip through the eyelets of the shoes, securing them in place. 


Because they are independent of the footwear, you can replace or clean them separately. 


It's best to constantly check if the laces are of proper length to prevent your young one from tripping on their shoes. If you need an extra pair of laces, get them from Spendless NZ! 


Style 4—Mary Janes


Mary Janes are school shoes that little girls have loved wearing with their uniforms since their introduction. This type of shoe is still popular because it looks like a baby doll and meets most uniform rules. 


Your kid can choose how tight or loose they want their footwear, thanks to touch-fastening straps that keep these shoes in place. In addition, this footwear's breathability is high because its open-top portion allows air in and sweat out. 


Style 5—T-Bar


The T-Bar is a second style of shoe that little girls will love wearing. A buckle secures the two thin straps that form a T by attaching one end and catching the other safely yet flexibly to keep the footwear in place. 


Little ones with a higher instep love wearing this footwear. They'll love the footwear even more because its wide toe box gives their feet enough wiggle room. 


Provide Your Child with the Best Kids' School Shoes!


Knowing how critical shoes are to your kid's performance, you must provide them with the best! Choose from any style at Spendless New Zealand, and we assure you that your little ones will love wearing shoes that work correctly with precious feet!


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