Kids Shoes That Don’t Cost A Fortune


Get more for your money this season when you buy kids’ school shoes from Spendless! We make saving oh-so-simple for all of our shoppers. Anyone interested in looking at our kids’ school shoes should hear the following:


Make sure that you’re the first to hear about our sales and promotions!


One huge advantage of shopping online for kids’ school shoes is that you’re always in the loop with Spendless. When our shoppers have an opportunity to save, we do our best to make sure they know. If you sign up to our email list, we’ll alert you when kids’ school shoes are on sale. Instead of having to check in on our website day-in and day-out before the start of the new semester, Spendless does the hard work for you!


As you’d expect, you spend less at Spendless


Let’s face the facts— kids’ school shoes are just another addition to the pile of uniform, stationery, technology, and other expenses that you need to get through each year. And, if you’re shopping for multiple children, or have one that never seems to stop growing, then you could be shopping for bigger-sized kids’ school shoes continually. It’s important to save where you can, so our affordable price range will be irresistible to any shopper!


Our flexible payment options can buy you more time 


In addition to our regular payment types, Spendless offers buy-now-pay-later alternatives with Afterpay and Zip. Instead of paying the full amount for your kids’ school shoes all at once, you can split the total cost up over a few weeks and pay it back in a series of installations. You’ll receive your parcel in regular time, and send through the payments while your little student is already enjoying their kids’ school shoes.


We provide an expansive range of options


Spendless has kids’ school shoes of all kinds. We have sandals and Mary-Jane styles for spring and summer, glossy boots for winter, sneakers and trainers for sporty children. On top of that, we also have everyone’s favourite traditional kids’ school shoes to keep them looking sharp and ready to learn! You’ll find that our vast range of sizes covers students of any age as well, all the way from preschoolers to adults.


When you shop for kids’ school shoes at Spendless, you can also pick up our care products! 


Students of all ages can treat their footwear too roughly and wear down the material. When they aren’t scuffing their toes on the classroom floor, they’re roughhousing during recess and lunch. Still, kids’ school shoes should be able to handle this sort of treatment, and if there are marks or scrapes, you should be able to fix them. Lucky for you, Spendless has the perfect weapon to help combat this common problem, and to save you from buying a new pair!


Our top care product for kids’ school shoes has to be our Instant Shine Sponge! You can forget about sticky gels (and stains that cling to or ruin clothes) and use our sponge instead. You use the sponge dry and scrub it over the surface of your kids’ school shoes, removing superficial marks and messes in a flash. You can also use this handy sponge on different colours and materials, so you’ll get a decent amount of mileage out of it! We’re sure that Mum or Dad’s footwear will get as much help from our Instant Shine Sponge as their kids’ school shoes do.


Will you consider browsing the Spendless collection this year? 


Shop with us, and the ideal kids’ school shoes are never far away. You’ll have fun spending less on your next purchase. Take home some terrific kids’ school shoes today!