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Children wear a pair of kids' school shoes for around 30 hours each week, or more than 15,000 hours, throughout their academic careers. Therefore, parents must provide the best footwear to support their developing feet. One necessary feature that requires looking into is fastenings for kids' school shoes.


Children spend most of their weekdays in school shoes, so they must be durable, sturdy, supportive, and made from quality materials. Spendless Shoes has a huge range of kids' school shoes for boys, girls, and toddlers to suit every uniform. Comfortable shoes like black school shoes and sports shoes for girls and boys, featuring leather lace-ups and easy slip-on options.


Children are always on the move at school, and our shoes offer great comfort and ankle support, but more importantly, they are built to last. You can find these favourite fusion brands online and at any brand's shop. Online shopping is more convenient and easy.


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Join Fusion Rewards Back to Top online shopping delivery. Fastenings or closures play an essential role that will save the health of your child's feet from permanent issues like hammertoes and clawed toes.

Laces, touch-fastening straps, and buckles keep the foot from slipping forward and preventing it from scrunching and scratching.


Admittedly, shopping for kids' school shoes is an overwhelming task. The pressure to find well-fitted footwear that ticks all the boxes is high. Check out our menu shop or find a store with a high volume of new styles of black school shoes that work correctly on your feet.


The future of your child depends on it. Our brands' shop has a high volume of black school shoes, and we'll take you through some of our top picks to shop for this season that would work correctly for you. But first, find a store near you. The team at Spendless New Zealand gathered all you need to know in one place to make things easier for you. Read on to learn more.


Fastening 1 - Laces


Laces are the first kind of fastening for kids' school shoes to discuss. Laces are long, thin strings you use to tie footwear. It works by moving through the eyelets found on kids' school shoes to minimize pressure points and boost blood flow.


In addition, it is the only fastening independent of the kids' school shoes, meaning you can replace them and wash them separately from the footwear. Updating your laces, such as their colour or material, changes the whole look of the footwear. Some people prefer laces to other fastenings because they do not wear out as fast and are easily replaceable.


For instance, touch-fastening straps wear out and do not stay closed after some time. However, because they are a part of the kids' school shoes, parents have no choice but to buy a new pair. Spendless New Zealand has kids' school shoes that utilize lace fastenings.




Our lace-up kids' school shoes are perfect for the older set of students, capable of tying their laces. This style is available for girls and boys, with the option to tighten or loosen their kids' school shoes when they want to. Doing this gives them the option to adjust their comfort level.


Parents must ensure that the laces on the kids' school shoes are correct in length, so they won't accidentally trip over their footwear. In need of additional or new pairs? Check our socks and laces page.


Fastening 2 - Touch-Fastening Straps


The second kind of fastening for kids' school shoes to discuss is touch-fastening straps. What are they? Touch-fastening straps are two nylon fabric strips—one with tiny, hooked threads and the other with a rough surface—lock and make a solid bond when pressed together.


They are simple to fasten with the use of only one hand. However, opening kids' school shoes that use them requires a force that pulls the two strips apart. The fastenings generate a characteristic ripping sound while being removed from each other.


You can open and close touch-fastening straps about 8,000 times before losing their sticking power. Some drawbacks of this fastening include:


  • Straps frequently pick up lint, dirt, or other stray particles that can reduce their effectiveness.


  • The straps attach to materials and can damage them.


  • The noise they make when pulling the touch-fastening straps apart.


Spendless New Zealand has a couple of kids' school shoes that utilize touch-fastening straps.


Double Straps


These school shoes are perfect for your child, who is still in their early years and has yet to learn to tie their laces independently. Two touch-fastening straps keep this footwear style in place, which girls or boys can utilize for comfort. In addition, they can be adjusted at will, although their flexibility is less than the lace's ability to alter tightness.


Mary Janes


A classic style for kids' school shoes for girls, Mary-Janes has been a uniform staple since they first came out. The open-top design causes breathability, which allows air to enter and moisture to escape. A single touch-fastening strap holds the footwear in place.


Their glossy finish, round-toe design, and flexible but sturdy sole make these kids' school shoes a popular choice for girls still learning to tie their laces. Also, check your school uniforms, bag and accessories to complete the outfit.


Fastening 3 - Buckles


Buckles are the third kind of fastening for kids' school shoes. Buckles are tools that fasten two loose ends by holding one end by an attachment and the other by a catch. Kids' school shoes typically use a strap with holes that latch on for tightness.


This fastening is for slightly older students who have outgrown touch-fastening straps but still need to be fully ready for laces. By selecting which hole to hook the buckle on, the child can change how loose or tight they want their footwear to be. Spendless New Zealand has kids' school shoes that utilize buckles to keep them secure.




T-Bars are timeless kids' school shoes for girls with two or more straps forming one or more T shapes. The in-demand footwear for children with higher insteps provides several benefits to your child:


  • Flattering to the feet
  • Easy to wear
  • Gives incredible support
  • Cushioning that has optimum support and comfort for the ankle area.


The adjustable buckle locks the footwear firmly in place. You might like how these kids' school shoes keep the strap from snagging on your child's feet.


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