Little Shoes For Little Feet, Check Out Our Kids Range!

Find The Best Toddler Shoes For Your Kids! 

At Spendless, we have styles that can fit all ages! Today, we wanted to talk about some of our favourite toddler shoes, and all the looks that you can get for less. We never short-change kids on choices just because of their age— toddler shoes at Spendless are just as vast and varied as our adult styles! We have toddler shoes for sports, casual wear, special occasions, and all kinds of weather. So, are you ready to get a look at our fantastic selection?

Formal footwear

Dressing formally can be hard enough, let alone when you have to find toddler shoes to suit. At Spendless, we make the choices easy. Boys have a selection of classic formal styles, with glossy black or tan toddler shoes fitted with a mixture of laces, velcro tabs, and handy pull-on designs. We also have classy boots.

Girls have all the option that the women do. We have wedges, ballets flats, block heels and kitten heels. These pretty toddler shoes come with bow details, diamantes, glitter, and even shiny metallic finishes. Many of the styles in this category got based on our favourite adult looks, so it will be effortlessly easy to match toddler shoes with parents'.


At Spendless, our sandals are great for active little feet! With durable treads and breathable designs, these are fabulous toddler shoes for kids who are starting to get more adventurous. These come with velcro straps, so you can adjust for the best comfort and keep feet securely inside as well. We have many toddler shoes with enclosed toes, which means they will be praised on the playgrounds as well.


Do you need toddler shoes for a young sports lover? Our sneakers are bright, colourful, and a lot of fun! You get your choice of velcro, laces, or a combination of the two, which means our range of sneakers will suit kids who are still learning to tie them up.


Our casual toddler shoes are perfect for everyday wear in style and comfort. Trainers and hi-tops are a popular choice since they are easy to pair with all kinds of casual clothes. Their sporty little treads are also suitable for comfortable, extended wear. Additionally, boys will love our comfortable boat-style toddler shoes, while girls have our cool slides.


If you need something with a little more protection and cover, then boots are an excellent option for toddler shoes. We have ankle boots for boys with padded tops, while the girls can enjoy some extra warmth thanks to faux fur lining. Our toddler shoes include boots from ankle to knee height, with pull-on, zip-up, and laced or velcro designs.


We can't ignore slippers, can we? When it comes to toddler shoes, these are some of our best. Lightweight, flexible, and super soft, our slippers are perfect for keeping our littlest customers warm and cosy. These toddler shoes come in either booties or ugg boots. The booties have lovely fabric finishes, sweet colours, and even have little decorative images featured on the toes. Our ugg boots, which are slightly larger, have a thicker tread and are lined with fluffy material.



Our rain boots are the perfect toddler shoes for wet and wild days! Easy to clean, these can be rinsed off or left to dry when your kids have finished with them. The vibrant colours and cool patterns on our rainboots make these fun looks easy to spot out in the rain!

So, why wait?

Jump online and find the best toddler shoes for your kids today! And, as always, get the look for less at Spendless.