Live In Wellington? Here’s Our Top Pick For The Perfect Women’s Boots

The Best Boots For Wellington 


The nice thing about women’s boots from Spendless Shoes is the fact that every style brings more cover and warmth than regular shoes. It doesn’t matter if your women’s boots are thigh-high or ankle-high— you can keep your feet toasty all winter long.


Now, here are our top picks for Wellington ladies!


1) Hiking women’s boots


Wellington has walking and hiking tracks all around it, and they hold great allure for locals and tourists alike. If you’re in Wellington this season, there’s an excellent chance that the women’s boots you need will be durable, reinforced styles fit for active wear.


At Spendless Shoes, we’ve got just the thing! Our women’s boots for hikers and adventurers have tough soles for grip on slippery surfaces, hard-wearing material, and padded ankle that safeguard against injuries. You can stay secure and enjoy the scenic treks of New Zealand in our hardy women’s boots!


2) Water-proof styles


If there’s one thing to expect during a Wellington winter, it’s rain! We recommend getting some waterproof women’s boots onto your feet sooner rather than later. Appropriately called “wellies” by some people, our rain-ready designs are tall pull-on styles and perfect for splashing in puddles or squelching through the mud! Shiny and simplistic, our waterproof women’s boots come in finishes such as class all-black or colourful plaid, but our favourite looks for 2019 comes with popular animal prints!


3) Heeled styles


If fashionable women’s boots are on the agenda, then you’ve come to the right place! Spendless Shoes has a plethora of pretty and sophisticated formal style that is sure to fit your fancy. We have sleek ankle-high designs, lovely knee-length women’s boots, and sensational thigh-highs with block heels.


Whatever your aesthetic is, we’ve got the shoes to satisfy! These thicker bases afford excellent support for your feet, so spending the day in our heeled women’s boots will be a breeze. However, we also carry shoes in this look with wedge bases, and these are the ideal choice for ladies who like extra support.


The best materials


Ladies shopping for casual women’s boots this winter and autumn should be careful when picking finishes. Our synthetic styles are best in wet weather, as they have a degree of water-resistance and don’t ruin easily.


Unfortunately, that same can’t always be said about our faux suede women’s boots. While the fabric looks gorgeous with any outfit and is nice and soft, it’s also more susceptible to water damage. You can resolve this issue with a fresh coating of waterproofing spray to seal the material, but we’ll still advise you to bring synthetic styles out on rainy days instead.


Now, what about colours?


In 2019, your must-have women’s boots come with animal prints or bold red tones. These eye-catching colours will brighten up any outfit and give you one of the hottest styles of the season!


What height will work best for you?


At Spendless Shoes, we have short and tall women’s boots in every look imaginable. So, which would be best suited to your needs? If you’d like your shoes to get wear throughout the year, then our ankle-high styles would be best. These are the easiest to pair off with shorts and skirts in warm weather, after all!


If you want to keep things simple, knee-high women’s boots are always essentials. The look lovely with jeans and other long pants and should keep you warmer. Finally, our over-the-knee women’s boots will help ladies make a bold and dramatic statement any day!


So, which pair will you be wearing in Wellington?


Browse the full range online today for your perfect pair! At Spendless Shoes, we’ll help you find the best women’s boots for the New Zealand climate.