Living In New Zealand? Here Are Our Top Boot Picks!


Winter boots are a must-have for any New Zealander!

If you’re looking to add a new pair into your wardrobe this season or update a favourite set, then Spendless Shoes has what you need. Here are a few fast styles to inspire your next shopping trip:


Are you ready to face the weather?


If there’s one sort of winter boots we can’t recommend highly enough for our New Zealand customers, it has to be waterproof styles. These are an ideal pick for customers of all ages, as their easy-to-clean and water resistant material allows for wear outdoors in any condition. If you suspect wild weather is on the way, then our rain-ready winter boots should be your first option. Forget about ruining your favourite faux suede styles in mud and puddles and take out winter boots built for wet weather instead. Try our classic black finish or something more colourful this season.


Winter boots for a special occasion


New Zealand is known for its nightlife, and you’re sure to have personal events lined up throughout the season. Spendless Shoes has some hot styling tips here to help you get the most out of your winter boots.


For ladies, we’ll be recommending styles with a heel on them. Not only will this give you a height lift and flatter your leg shape, but it will also add some formality to your look. Instead of risking frozen toes with open designs, you can get the best of fashion and function! Ankle-high winter boots are a natural choice with any outfit, but over-the-knee ones will bring the attitude to your outfits beautifully.


Men’s winter boots for parties, functions, and other events are some of our most dynamic designs. Our zip-ups come with laced uppers for extra styling and an adjustable fit, and their close resemblance to classic dress shoes keeps them feeling fresh. Matte material would be a smart fit, but sleek leather-look finishes are equally grand. Match your winter boots with a matching jacket or blazer to dress up (or dress down) your next ensemble.


Winter boots with a slip-on fit


At Spendless Shoes, pull-on winter boots come in an array of options, so finding your ideal pick will be no issue. The stretchy side gussets are elastic, which means they can quickly adapt to fit any foot type. We have variation for all of our customers to enjoy, from men to women and girls to boys. Black and brown winter boots are the top two colour options, as they bring a timeless feel and pair well with other shades. Stress less with the fast transition; all you have to do is wiggle them onto your feet and head off for the day! You’ll find winter boots of this sort are ankle-high, so there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to wear them throughout the rest of the year too.


Do you like to get away for the weekend and hike trails?


If you’re the adventurous sort, then Spendless Shoes has the winter boots to satisfy all of your needs! Our walking and hiking styles are robust, reinforced, and built for rough and rugged terrains. Sturdy winter boots from this collection come with hard-wearing soles and padded ankles to maximise support and minimise the risk of injuries. You’ll be able to keep your feet steady on the craziest trails and focus on the experience instead of your footing. Whether you’re a novice or an expert trailblazer, you’re sure to appreciate the excellent design of our winter boots.


Is your dream pair missing from our overview?


Not to worry! Spendless Shoes has plenty of other fantastic winter boots waiting on our shelves! Spend less on your next pair today.