Looking For A Heel That Is Both Stylish And Comfortable?

The Block Heel Is The Answer! 

Are you ready to bring a brand new pair home for the New Year? At Spendless Shoes, our block heels bring a cosy, supportive fit, and a fabulous look to top it off! Here's everything you need to know about block heels!

Had a bad experience with stilettos?

With a thick base to help keep you supported and comfortable, block heels are the ultimate shoe style for ladies who cannot stand the thought of going through a gap in the deck again. For ladies who adore the look of stilettos and other platform shoes, the ever-present threat that they might roll an ankle on an uneven bit of ground can be a significant deterrent. But with a stable pair of block heels, the worry is over!

The comfort of block heels comes with the design

With your body weight spread more evenly throughout your legs, the risk of muscle strain and fatigue get significantly reduced! And, with less pressure forced onto your feet, and block heels that are easier to walk and move around in, these shoes bring hours of long-lasting luxury.

Not only this, but block heels are much more comfortable for novices to wear from the get-go. You tend to walk more naturally in styles with larger bases than on the pin-sized points of stilettos. So if you rarely experiment with anything more daring than a low pair of wedges, then block heels could be a brilliant way to begin!

The same effortless glamour

With block heels, you can get the same shapely arch for your calves that a set of stilettos would bring— the same elongating stretch to slim down your figure and have you feeling great!

Not only that, but block heels can treat you to the same dazzling décor and fabulous finishes that you would find on a formal stiletto!
Diamantes and rhinestones have been the must-have look on all sorts of shoes this season, and block heels are no exception. A glittering line over the top of the toes will instantly lift a casual look or polish off a formal one.

What is the best look for work?

Slide-on styles are hot block heels for an office setting. These are nice and low, so comfort will never be an issue; no matter what your job tries to throw at you! Their easy slip-on style will also benefit ladies who need a fast transition in and out of their shoes, especially on chaotic mornings where alarms get slept through, and rush-hour traffic threatens to make you late!

This season, in favour of our classic pump-style block heels, Spendless Shoes is putting forward our mules! These thickly-banded block heels come with cute peep-toes, are finished in faux suede, and offer a diverse colour range; you get all the features that you could want and more!

Go out in style

If you plan on spending the last days of 2018 partying hard, then we have some fantastic block heels waiting for you as well! So, what's our recommendation?

This season, you'll want to go with something strappy! Some elegant leg-elongation block heels could be a lovely place to begin your search. With their dainty-looking ties set to crisscross up your legs, these lovelies are a natural pairing with skirts, dresses, and flowy jumpsuits.

Espadrilles are an easy pick, even if they are, technically, counted amongst our wedges. Smoothly-texture espadrilles look gorgeous with clothes that slim down your figure, as they can add to the effect. Meanwhile, our roughly-textured block heels bring the ultimate summer vibes! These will be an outstanding choice for outdoor events, or places were you might need to walk on the sand!

And that's that!

End the year on a high note when you shop for block heels at Spendless Shoes.