Looking for Affordable Kids Boots This Winter? Check Out Spendless Shoes!

At Spendless Shoes, affordable styles are a must!



Our range of kids’ boots is no exception. We have looks that reach across multiple age ranges, from babies and toddlers to teens and young adults. We’ve got gorgeous kids’ boots with fun features and fashionable colours, as well as some designs inspired by the best of our adult range.


Casual kids’ boots are our forte!


Spendless Shoes has everyday designs that boys and girls will love! Keeping on with current trends, a number of our ankle-high styles are embracing the grunge look. You’ll see kids’ boots with padded cuffs and trendy lace-up fronts in our range this year. We even have a fabulous variation in our girls’ collection that features a spread of sequins across the sides. Your children will love wearing these out on the weekends! While most of these are ankle-high, girls also have some taller kinds they can choose.  


We do dressy styles too


Our fancier kids’ boots are ideal for weddings, parties, and get-togethers during the colder months. Swap your girl’s sandals and kitten heels with glittery, laser-cut, or fur-lined styles. These will look just as sweet with dresses and formal wear, while also keeping tiny feet nice and snug. Boys can trade out boat shoes and loafers for some sleek pull-on kids’ boots.


Get weather-ready!


Since we’re looking at our winter range of kids’ boots, we have to talk about waterproof ones! These pull-on designs will keep little feet and legs clean and dry when the weather gets wild. If puddle-stomping and squelching through the mud are some of your children’s favourite activities on a rainy day, then you can make sure they can have fun without ruining their shoes. These kids’ boots clean up after a quick rinse, so there’s no reason to stress. Just make sure your children take them off before they get in the house!


Who could forget about slippers?


If you want your children to keep cosy this winter, then you can’t forget about these indoor kids’ boots! The fluffy lining will keep feet from getting cold on the frostiest nights. The soles on our slipper-style kids’ boots are flexible and fine to wear on the couch, but they are also alright for wear outdoors or a quick trip down to the shop. When a certain-someone picks up a bug at school and needs to spend the day at home, these are the kids’ boots to keep them comfy while they recover. We even have some matching pairs waiting for mums and dads!


We bring you the best prices, always!


At Spendless Shoes, we appreciate that buying kids’ boots can be a struggle. Not only are those little feet always getting bigger and growing out of new shoes, but your children can also wear styles down during playtime. Our goal is to help mums and dads save money on kids’ boots this season without sacrificing style, quality, or comfort.


We start our prices low to make sure any family can afford kids’ boots. We also run promotions and sales all the time so that you have more chances to buy styles at discounted prices. Additionally, we offer flexible payment options, such as Zip and Afterpay. If you purchase through one of these accounts, we’ll send your kids’ boots out as normal. You get to split the payments into smaller installations and pay back the purchase amount over several weeks.


Find your children the best kids’ boots today!


Browsing styles online is simple, and delivery is fast. Our range has something for customers of all ages, so you’ll always find kids’ boots that fit. Let your children have fun in the latest looks of the season, and enjoy spending less when you shop with us next!