Looking For Affordable School Shoes In New Zealand?

Spendless Has The Answer!


If there’s one kind of kids’ footwear that you want to be extra affordable, it’s boys’ school shoes. Parents with older kids already know the reasons why, but if your little ones are starting their education, then we have a few things to bring to your attention. Namely, you’re going to be buying more pairs of boys’ school shoes over the next few years than you realise.


Why? Let us explain.


1) Your kids are going to grow out of them


This one is a bit obvious, but it’s still important to mention. Unless your kids are heading into their last year in the classroom, then you’re going to be replacing their boys’ school shoes as fast as they grow out of them. One pair could last two years, or your kids might chew through five sets of boys’ school shoes before passing another grade. If it’s the latter case, costs are going to start stacking up.


2) Boys’ school shoes have to deal with a lot of rough-housing


Not only will these pairs be worn five days a week for as long as they last, but your kids will also be wearing them down. Long lessons provide plenty of time to scuff toes while they sit at their desks, and boys’ school shoes will probably be run ragged at recess and lunch.


Even with the most robust style, this rough treatment can start to compromise the material quality of boys’ school shoes.


3) Other supplies are expensive enough already


You’re already paying for school uniforms and supplies— don’t let boys’ school shoes be the straw that breaks the camel’s back! Every year brings another long list of stationery, textbooks, and other costly classroom requirements, so saving where you can is crucial.


At Spendless, you can find good quality boys’ school shoes at fair prices.


Keeping quality high


At Spendless, we have boys’ school shoes made from synthetic and leather materials or a mixture of the two. Easy-to-clean synthetic fabrics are resistant to wear and marking, which make them an ideal choice for kids who are always running down their footwear. Leather styles, with their air circulation and flexibility, would do nicely for kids who need to prioritise comfort.


You can trust Spendless to supply you with boys’ school shoes that can endure.


Our essential looks


The best set for lessons


Our glossy looks come in age-appropriate designs, so you can count on our boys’ school shoes to keep students of all grades secure and cosy in the classroom. We offer boys’ school shoes with touch-fastening straps, laces, or a combination. This way, you can handpick styles that suit your child’s confidence and competence with shoelaces. 


Do you have a sports lover?


Boys’ school shoes aren’t just for academics— at Spendless, we have plenty of sneakers, trainers, and joggers to see your kids through every afternoon practice and weekend competition. Our bright and energised sneakers bring the fun, while our all-black and all-white trainers should keep dictatorial dress codes happy.


Sandals for summer


These are more popular among younger students, but if you need boys’ school shoes in the hotter months, then some of our sandals would work beautifully. With touch-fastening tabs on the back heel and over the top, these boys’ school shoes are built to support little feet. Airy and breathable, our sandals have enclosed toes so they should be welcome on the playground.  


If you’re also shopping for girls, you can find some of these great designs in their range as well, along with unique Mary-Jane styles.


Shop for boys’ school shoes today!


Whether you’re buying online or shopping in stores, nothing beats the legendary customer service of our team. Find your perfect pair at Spendless now.