Looking To Update Your Wardrobe? These Men’s Boots Are The Perfect Addition!

Update your 2021 wardrobe with Spendless Shoes and a marvelous pair of men’s boots! Keeping your collection current doesn’t need to be a struggle. Not only does Spendless have some of the most stylish men’s boots around, but we’ve also got them at low prices that everyone can afford! If you’re new to shopping with us, you might not know where to start, which is fair enough. After all, with so many designs of men’s boots on offer, you’re going to feel pretty spoiled for choice. We’ll do our best to help guide you through the top picks at Spendless Shoes today; all you need to do is keep reading! 


A fun and trendy pair of men’s boots are the ideal casual option!


Do you have a set in your wardrobe? If not, now is the perfect time to select combat or biker-look men’s boots from Spendless. In our line-up of styles, these shoes are a favourite with customers. Since biker-themed pairs have high-cut ankles and full coverage, they’ll keep your feet well-protected from wind, rain, and whatever else. 


Do you live in a windy city like Wellington? Do you deal with fickle New Zealand weather daily? Then we know that you’ll appreciate that aspect of our shoes. Now, what about some of the other features on our men’s boots? With their thick grooved soles, shiny leather-look material, and lace-up front, they can bring your look the confidence of formal shoes and the laid-back feel of casualwear. You can easily adjust the top laces so that these men’s boots fit your feet and ankles flawlessly. They also come with a side zipper, which makes getting in and out of them easy-breezy! Despite their comfy fit and casual feel, men’s boots in this design can easily dress up for an occasion. 


On a night out, your new combat-style shoes will be an instant matching with a leather jacket. Other times feel free to dress your men’s boots down with skinny jeans and a basic t-shirt. Do you have any semi-formal events coming up on your calendar? You know which men’s boots to take along for a good time! 


Are you on the lookout for new formal shoes with a difference? 


We don’t blame you if you’re bored with buying the same dress shoes every season. Black and tan formalwear has a timeless feel and can be a go-to for countless occasions. However, you can get tired of them after a while, which is why having an alternative like our men’s boots is such a bonus! Like our formal footwear, these designs also come in black and tan versions, so you can pick a pair that match the colour scheme of your favourite suit or dress pants with ease. 


Here at Spendless Shoes, our dressy men’s boots also come in slip-on or lace-up versions. Slip-on shoes have elastic side gussets which stretch to accommodate your unique foot shape, so an ideal fit is guaranteed. The lace-up features on our men’s boots are mainly for the aesthetic since they come with zip-up fastenings on the sides. They’re also great for loosening or tightening the pair until they suit your ultimate comfort.


Now, do you want to hear about the major benefits of picking men’s boots in 2021? For starters, they have a strong resemblance to traditional dress shoes and loafers, and the only true difference is the tall ankle. As such, they’ll always look proper with formal attire. Secondly, because they come with sturdier soles and offer more protection for your feet, they’re a prime pick to wear outdoors. Bad weather has never stopped a pair of our men’s boots from having fun!


This season grab a set for your next wedding, work function, party, or event, and you’ll reap the benefits! 


Are you a tradesman or construction worker who wants a sturdy set of safety shoes?


Spendless has a whole collection of tough men’s boots that are up to the task! Each of these styles gets outfitted in an abundance of safety features, so you can trust your pair to take excellent care of you this season. When it comes to low-cost and high-quality men’s boots, you won’t do better anywhere else! We’re talking about steel-capped toes to protect your feet, slip-resistant soles for stable stepping, shock-absorbing soles to keep your ankles from getting sore, and so much more! The robust synthetic material will protect your men’s boots from dust, wet concrete, debris, electrical cords, glass, and all those sorts of on-site hazards. Of course, we balance out the material with flexible leather uppers, which means your feet get treated to the absolute best.


Forget about getting distracted by sore feet, achy ankles, and muscle fatigue! Early mornings, late-night jobs, and long days are no trouble for our men’s boots! Like other designs, you can find versions of these in pull-on or lace-up styles. Do you prefer your work-ready men’s boots? If not, have a read of the product descriptions for each design, and see which appeals the most to you! 


Don’t forget about rain-ready men’s boots!


Waterproof shoes are a must-have item in any guy’s wardrobe. You can’t deny that these men’s boots are useful, and we know that you’ll get a fair amount of wear from your pair in 2021. 


The primary use of rain-repelling shoes is self-explanatory. Since the rain, puddles, mud, and wet foliage won’t damage your men’s boots, they’re the best pair to wear outdoors in stormy weather conditions. If you need to do jobs outside, your pull-on footwear will keep your legs from getting covered in mud. And, once you’re done, a quick spray under a tap or hose will wipe the mess off of your men’s boots in an instant. For that reason, they’re also a must-have for dirty jobs. If you need a pair to wear while you traipse through dust, dirt, oil, and other mess, then these are the best shoes to put on!


Do you need something to wear around farmland? Rain-ready men’s boots are a great pick for rural New Zealanders and guys who spend time on farms, too, especially if you’re passing through pastures with sheep or cows. 


Which style would be your perfect match?


We hope that hearing about the top styles of men’s boots at Spendless Shoes has left you feeling inspired. From hard-wearing work pairs to sophisticated dress shoes, our range is overflowing with options for you this season. 


We’re ready to bring our New Zealand customers the best men’s boots of the season for a bargain, so are you ready to start browsing?