Love Hiking Around New Zealand? These Men's Sneakers Will Support You all the Way!

We now live in a time when guys are equally fashion-forward as girls. Guys are flooding social media with posts showcasing their men's sneaker collections. And they rightfully should, since the available options are all stylish, comfortable, and versatile.


Collecting these shoes may have become an addiction for some, blowing their hard-earned money on footwear that has become a status symbol. But for New Zealand guys, using these men's sneakers is more than for popularity or going with what society considers the "in" thing; it is necessary because these favourite brands' shoes give all-day comfort.


This brand is very popular in other countries, especially for women. Likewise, other brands, Adidas men's sneakers, Adidas originals, Adidas, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren, New Balance, Vans, Converse, Reebok, and Puma, are known for their durability and comfortability.


Spendless Shoes NZ carries an entire collection of men's sneakers you would love to have in your wardrobe! These are the best collections that last a long time. In particular, white sneakers look fresh and clean. This is the perfect pair of white shirts and jeans. These running shoes are the favourite brands of most women.


New Zealand, Invest in Men's Sneakers Now!


Have you looked out of your window lately? New Zealand is brimming with rolling green hills, mountains, rainforests, fjords, and beaches that call out to everyone living in the vicinity. It feels like a sin to be in this country and not go hiking. But, of course, you should go!


But when you do, please do not forget to arm your feet with the perfect men's sneakers to protect them from natural elements and accidental injuries. Aside from hiking, Kiwi guys are known to do at least 2.5 hours of activities a week. That is a lot of physical exertion for your unprotected feet to bear. 


These running shoes are best for outdoor activities during the new season. These are your armour shoes that protect your feet from harmful elements. So if you are involved in hiking and sports, please do your feet a favour and get a pair of comfortable men's sneakers from Spendless Shoes NZ. 


Add this to your wishlist and fill your empty cart with this shoe brand. Your feet will get the tender loving care they deserve with a pair of our shoes. But first, let us look at the different styles available, so it will be easier for you to narrow down the choices. 


Style 1 - Sports Specific


Under this style subcategory, men's sneakers come in two varieties under this style subcategory: hiking shoes and football shoes. Naturally, given these activities' physical nature, proper foot support is necessary. However, as we mentioned earlier, New Zealand's outdoors has a way of inviting you to go out and explore. 


In Wellington, for instance, the City to Sea Walkway is a trail that takes 6-7 hours to complete. Can you imagine doing this without the proper sports-specific men's sneakers? Please do not even attempt it. The hiking shoes at Spendless will protect your feet from cuts and damage from natural elements. 


Our men's sneakers are comfortable and lightweight, suitable for more than 10,000 steps. The lighter your footwear is, the more energy you can save from lifting your feet. Use this energy to hike farther. The second kind is a homage to football or rugby, one of New Zealand's most popular sports.


There must be specific men's sneakers for it because football requires sudden changes in direction. Not wearing the correct footwear can cause significant damage to your ankles and knee joints. Again, Spendless aims to protect you from these injuries. 


Thanks to the studs sinking into the ground, players keep their balance while cutting, which helps them sprint faster. In addition, the studs in our men's sneakers keep our players stable while pushing their opponents. Check out our selection to keep you safe while having fun. 


Style 2 - Skate/Casual


The interest in the skate/casual style has transformed over the years. Initially, skateboarders and punk rockers were the target audience for these men's sneakers. But now, the consumers of this style buy a pair because they love how it looks. As a result, more guys are becoming obsessed with this fashion staple. 


Let us look at the characteristics of these Spendless men's sneakers so we can understand why their popularity rose in the ranks. For one, they have a thick flat sole, which helps the skater feel the board beneath. Secondly, you will notice an oversized tongue that shields your foot from harm.


Since these men's sneakers have a more casual look, they pair well with jeans and shorts. In addition, Spendless offers them in the colours black, brown, grey, and white, which you can match with your wardrobe. And because our men's sneakers are so affordable, you can buy more than a pair without blowing your budget.


On a side note, there are several skate parks in Auckland where you might find guys in these shoes. Check them out!


Style 3 - Trainers


Training shoes are men's sneakers that stabilize your feet when you move from side to side. They are also perfect when landing from a jump. Given the motions we listed, it should be clear that these men's sneakers are the best option for HIIT workouts at the gym.


Fitness enthusiasts looking for shoes that boost and safeguard training performance need not look far because Spendless Shoes carries a wide selection in four colours: black, blue, grey, and white. 


We will enumerate the characteristics you should look for when choosing the best men's sneakers for fitness.


  1. Your toes must have enough space to move around, and your heel shouldn't slip.


  1. Choose men's sneakers that provide cushioning to support your arch.


  1. Check if the footwear has thick and wide outsoles designed to keep your foot in place as you move from side to side.


Our available trainers from Spendless Shoes tick all these boxes and more. So collect your favourite colours and ditch your old brands of shoes like puma, Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Adidas originals, and Adidas men's sneakers. 


Whether working out at home or the gym, please do yourself a favour and protect your feet by getting a pair of our men's sneakers. These comfortable shoes will last for many years.


Have we convinced you to get a pair from Spendless?  


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Search our page and use a clear filter for the order items you choose. All products are original, and prices are reasonable. We know New Zealand guys are active and need the correct pair of men's sneakers for their specific activity. 


From hiking to HIIT, the best piece of advice we can offer is to buy from Spendless Shoes. We are a one-stop shop where you will find all the kinds of men's sneakers you need. So keep yourself safe and stylish as you reach your fitness goals. 


Finding out that our shoes are suitable for vegans might persuade you if the other reasons we listed aren't enough. The production of our footwear did not use any animal products. So most of the products are original when it comes to materials.


Grab a Pair ASAP and Start your Fitness Journey!


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