Make Sure Your Children Are Comfortable at School With the Right Pair of School Shoes!

You've likely heard how essential it is for your children to feel comfortable while learning multiple times. People would tell you to do everything you can to ensure they are cosy, including finding the right pair of kids' school shoes

They have a point, and you must heed their advice.

An uncomfortable environment can hinder your child from absorbing their lessons and concentrating in the classroom. 

Getting them painful school shoes is one way to distract them, which can make them cry or, worse, cause accidents in the playground, leading to wounds and broken bones.

With the help of our Spendless New Zealand team, we'd like to expound on the significance of comfort in learning. 

From there, we will delve into the different features of kids' school shoes that will ensure they are comfortable performing at 100% in all their academic endeavours. If you're ready, let's do it!

What is the significance of comfort in learning?

Comfort improves your children's mood. Wearing ill-fitting kids' school shoes will irritate them. It will be challenging to accomplish schoolwork if their concentration and temperament are not there. 

Worse, it can be a domino effect wherein they affect the disposition of their classmates and peers. The teacher must deal with several crying children who wear the wrong footwear.

Finding the right pair of kids' school shoes will make your kid feel valued. They will sense your concern and how their education matters to you, making them feel more relaxed and ready to give it their all.

Comfort makes your children feel safe. Wearing the right pair of kids' school shoes will make them more confident to participate in classroom and playground activities. 

Knowing that their kids' school shoes have traction and grip to keep them steady will make them confident to play and run around. You'll notice that some children sit out of the games because their footwear hurts them and isn't ideal for games.

What makes their footwear comfortable? 

Finding comfortable kids' school shoes is easy if you know what you need. There are plenty of features you must check out. 

Over time, it will be easy for you to remember them, especially if you shop for academic footwear several times. Here are the things you need to remember:

The correct fit and size

Please always remember that your children will undergo several growth spurts, so you must check the fit of their school shoes every few weeks. For precise sizing, measuring the length and width of each foot individually is necessary. 

Ensure that the kids' school shoe style corresponds to the needs of their feet.

If you need help, approach professionals like podiatrists or the store's trained staff. They know how to measure your children's feet and suggest which kids' school shoes are best for them.

Take your child shopping with you because they must try different styles.

Walk them around the store. To consider the swelling from walking, standing, and running all day, it would be best to shop for children's school shoes in the afternoon or evening when their feet are at their largest size. 

Ensure that they wear matching socks when they try on the kids' school shoes because the thickness of the socks can also affect the fit.

Room for growth

We mentioned the occurrence of growth spurts, which can affect the size and fit of their kids' school shoes. Leave a 1cm gap between your child's longest toe and the footwear tip to be safe. 

You must check on the fit every few weeks to see if the space still exists. It's time to replace the footwear once you notice their toes touching the kids' school shoes. 

Leaving them to wear ill-fitting footwear can cause blisters, discomfort, and deformities, which can be permanent.

Enough Toe Room

The kids' school shoes must have enough room for the toes to spread naturally. It affects their balance and stability. The best way to check this is via the toe-wiggle test, where your children must move their toes while trying on their school shoes. 

Never wear footwear with pointy toes. Instead, choose kids' school shoes that have rounded or squared toes.


Sometimes, your children would prefer a different fit for their school shoes, so having fastenings is essential to giving them control. Spendless NZ has three kinds: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces

These fastenings not only allow your child to tighten their kids' school shoes but also secure them and keep them from accidentally coming off. Each fastening has its benefits and requires your little ones to acquire skills.

Breathability and Insulation

The materials used for the kids' school shoes will determine breathability and insulation, which are essential for New Zealand's extreme weather. Their footwear must allow air to circulate to keep their feet fresh all day on warm days. 

On the one hand, the kids' school shoes should hold heat whenever the temperature dips. Insulation is critical because cold feet can make your child sick.

Where is the best place to buy academic footwear?

Guarantee your child's comfort while learning by choosing Spendless NZ Kids' school shoes. The brand understands the significance of keeping your child's feet healthy. 

Aside from all the features mentioned above, the kids' school shoes at Spendless NZ are durable, supportive, and affordable.

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And if convenience is a plus for you, Spendless NZ encourages consumers to shop online to avoid crowds. You can buy kids' school shoes at midnight in your pyjamas while taking advantage of discount coupons and vouchers.

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