Men’s Boots Perfect For A Night Out In Auckland

What To Wear On A Night Out In New Zeland!


Men’s boots are a must-have item in any guy’s collection once the weather gets cold! Beyond their obvious aesthetic appeal, these shoes bring the warmth and extra cover that you need to see out autumn and winter comfortably. So, it should be no surprise that Auckland guys love taking men’s boots on their nights out! Read on and get a glimpse at our favourite styles and the ways and places to wear them!


If you need men’s boots for a formal event, then our glossy leather-look designs will fit the bill.


Essentially, our formal men’s boots are a slightly higher-cut version of our dress shoes. If you don’t want to spend the colder months compensating for uncovered ankles with chunky socks, then these are a natural alternative to your standard work pair. And, if you are tired of wearing the same set on repeat, then our men’s boots will be a refreshing update.


While our top two styles for fancy venues both have zip-up fastenings, you have the choice to go with a laced upper or smooth and unbroken surface material. Our laced men’s boots can feel more laidback depending on what you pair with them, but our smooth zip-up shoes are unmistakably formal. However, a laced pair offers flexible fitting adjustments because you can change how tight or loose they are. Both of these options would make a sharp and suave match with your best suit at a work function, wedding, dinner date, or another special occasion.  


At Spendless Shoes, our men’s boots can dress up or dress down are you need.


Even our casual shoes can sharpen-up with a nice jacket or the right pair of chino pants, so you have all the freedom to make them work for you.


If you’re catching up with your mates or going out to a party, then our Chelsea-style men’s boots could be your best bet.


These styles are set apart from the rest by their elasticised side panels and a pull-on design. Party-goers will appreciate the easy transition on and off of their feet, especially once it’s time to get your men’s boots off again and laces or buckles could be a struggle. The stretchy gussets also create a personalised-feeling fit as they form to your foot shape, so your men’s boots bring superior comfort.


So, what can we tell you about the colours?


When you go to select the shade of your men’s boots, you’ll immediately notice the two essential shades are black and brown. These classic colours are quintessential for shoes since they fit with everything from monochrome and neutral palettes to patterns, prints, and vibrant block-colours. While men’s boots may not have the amount of variation that the ladies’ collection does, they allow an endless amount of styling options.


We love microsuede men’s boots too, but you will want to be careful about where you take these shoes on a night out.


These men’s boots are best-suited to quieter settings like restaurants and movie theatres that they are at pubs and clubs, and mainly because of the water risk. While previous locales may be regularly cleaned and maintained for visitors, there’s always a risk of spilt drinks in rowdier surroundings. If you’ve picked up a can of our waterproof and sealed in the fabric of your men’s boots, then there’s probably no issue. Our synthetic suede is actually more resistant to liquids than its animal-derived counterpart. However, you can still run the risk of marking your men’s boots if you don’t take the proper precautions.


Are you ready to get a new pair?


Shop the collection at Spendless Shoes today, and have fun spending less on your latest men’s boots!