Men's Casual Shoes That Are Easy and Comfortable to Wear

What do you look for in a pair of casual men's casual shoes?

As with all other answers, guys look for men's casual shoes that are easy and comfortable to wear. Therefore, owning footwear with those characteristics will make life easier. 

Also, since you can wear them everywhere without hassle, you have one less thing to stress over. 

All you must do every morning is open your closet, take these out, and pull any of your clothes out, as they will match. The question is, which kind of shoes are we talking about?

While the laced sneakers are up there in comfort level, tying laces can take time. It will take another set of minutes to re-tie them when they come undone. So, we must put those casual shoes in the back of the closet for now. What's left, then?

Spendless New Zealand's collection of casual shoes has other options left. Since laces are out of the picture, we can focus on the comfortable styles that guys can quickly wear: slip-on casual shoes.

Our team from Spendless NZ will describe in detail what slip-on sneakers are and why you should add them to your closet along with your boat shoes! So let's dive right into it!

What are slip-on sneakers?

From the footwear's name, these men's sneakers lack any fastening, so you slip your feet inside to wear them. You can highlight or keep them low; that's how easy it is to wear and style them. 

While most of these shoes lean towards a more laidback vibe, some can pass for dressier occasions, like those in dark tones with a shiny modern finish.

Why are they in demand?

Guys love slip-ons because they want footwear that's easy to wear and comfortable. But besides these two reasons, guys love these shoes for a couple more reasons.

1. Convenient 

Some people consider slip-on sneakers hands-free footwear because you can wear them while standing up. 

However, we must admit that tying laces takes effort—we need to sit, bend, or squat and use our hands to secure them. And can you imagine the hassle of tripping over them when the laces get undone?

And since most guys have little time or patience, they turn to slip-ons for more effortless wear. They especially love this style when they're running late for something.

The best example of when you can appreciate the convenience is when you're travelling and must remove and wear your footwear quickly during security checks. 

Airports are busy, and you can't hold up the line, so this footwear style is perfect!

2. Lightweight

Do you know that when you wear heavier footwear, your muscles work extra hard, which can cause some aches and pains?

Not only that, but heavier footwear makes you tired more quickly. Since you need all the energy to perform and participate in all your activities, wearing lightweight slip-ons is the answer!

Another perk of being lightweight is how easy it is to pack them for travel. As a result, these casual shoes usually earn a spot on the trip since they only take up a little space or weight in the luggage. 

In addition, they can be the last items you squeeze inside and will fit effortlessly.

3. Stylish and Versatile

Style and versatility go together because you'd only want to wear your casual shoes to all occasions if they look good. So, for example, if you had to bring only one pair of footwear on an extended vacation, your first choice would likely be these shoes.

Imagine being on a tropical island for a month-long vacation. So naturally, fancy dinners would require you to wear something fancier, so you pair these slip-on sneakers with trousers and short-sleeved button-down shirts. 

The following day, you have a boat trip around the island. 

Again, you pull these shoes from your luggage and wear them with shorts and a shirt. And on your flight back home, pair your slip-on sneakers with jeans. Aren't these the best travel companions?

Let's look at what's available at Spendless New Zealand. A pair of brown slip-ons is what you need. 

The slip-on canvas sneakers at Spendless NZ have a thin and comfortable sole with a rounded toe design. Round toes are the best because they allow your toes to spread naturally, improving your balance and stability.

Moreover, these shoes have unique patch detailing on the outer material, which adds a subtle accent. Finally, the style's shiny finish makes the sneakers more appropriate for dressier occasions. 

Pair these brown slip-ons with a navy-blue suit and expect several second and third glances.

While it lacks fastenings, this footwear has elasticised side gussets that expand to accommodate any foot shape. 

While you shouldn't wear socks with these shoes, you can opt for invisible socks from Spendless NZ for hygienic purposes.

Maintaining Your Sneakers

We've mentioned hygiene earlier, and you must maintain your shoes to keep them smelling fresh and to make their life longer. So you need to set aside time and try these steps regularly.

  • Wipe down visible dirt once you get home. Never leave the mud to cake on your shoes because the longer they stay on your footwear, the bigger their damage becomes.
  • Proper storage is essential because leaving them where dust can settle can ruin the material. 

If you have space for shoe closets and racks, please invest in them. If not, you can store your sneakers in shoe bags and hang them behind the door.

  • Always dry your footwear because moisture can cause a foul smell or bacterial and fungal build-up. 

Never dry your men's casual shoes with direct heat sources; leave them to dry naturally. Hasten the drying process with newspapers.

Make Room in Your Closet for This Spendless NZ Footwear—It's Easy, Thanks to Its Relaxed Style!

It's time to upgrade your shoe wardrobe by adding sneakers of varying colours to your collection of casual men's shoes from Spendless New Zealand. It's always fun to have the perfect pair or new styles of lace-ups, desert boots,

Rest assured that you'll be both fashionable and comfy with our selection of footwear. But first, let's see how our product stacks up against the range of popular brands like Julius Marlow and Hush Puppies.

The slip-on sneakers will take men anywhere they wish to go while looking sleek, smart, and stylish. Head to the nearest store or shop online! Our online shop has clear filters you can use to help you choose your next perfect pair!