Men's Casual Shoes That Are On-Trend!

There are several styles of men's casual shoes trending because of four characteristics: they are comfortable, stylish, versatile, and affordable. If you wear any of them, you will look like you stepped out of a magazine.


Four Popular Characteristics?


For one, comfortable men's casual shoes are essential when living an active life. And we know how busy New Zealand guys can be, filling their days with many events and activities.


Everybody loves a pair of versatile casual shoes because you get value for your money. In addition, you don't need to bring extra footwear to change into when going from one function to another.


Another reason men's shoes are trending is that they are stylish. Guys typically go after footwear that looks good. No one can blame them because aesthetically pleasing footwear can be an excellent addition to their wardrobe.


Lastly, affordability is critical because no one wants to waste their hard-earned money. So if they can buy high-quality footwear for a reasonable price, why won't they?


Where can you find casual shoes that meet these requirements?


With so many choices, let our team help you select a pair. We will explain each characteristic and share our shoes that fit the bill! We assure you that whatever choice is on-trend!


1. Comfortable


Keep comfort a top priority in anything you do, even when choosing casual shoes. Think about shoe styles that give your feet, which do a lot of work, the proper cushioning and support. Your feet carry your weight daily and deserve the comfiest men's casual shoes.


You will love the following trending men's shoes from Spendless New Zealand, especially on hot summer days! Our footwear has breathable fabrics and materials that keep your feet fresh all day! Your comfort is our top priority!


2. Stylish


Motivation stems from feeling good about yourself! Men's shoes must be stylish because they can make or break the rest of your outfit. If you're wearing the trending footwear from Spendless New Zealand, we guarantee you'll always have a smile on your face.


What you wear says a lot about you! Expect people to start talking with you because your footwear looks excellent! Look at what we consider one of the most stylish shoes at Spendless New Zealand. Since first impressions last, you must wear our on-trend one so people will remember you!




Nothing is cosier than a pair of these Spendless New Zealand slip-ons! They are so cosy that they give you a barely-there barefoot feeling.


These trendy casual shoes are the easiest to put on if you're running late for any event. As the name suggests, you put them on by slipping your feet, ideal for days when you have a tight schedule but need to look put together!




Men's skate casual shoes are a favourite among skaters since their relaxed style allows them to perform tricks. This on-trend footwear gained popularity even among non-skaters because of its comfort.


If these men's shoes can protect skaters through their flat soles and oversized tongue, they can do the same for non-skaters like you. Its thick, flat soles enable skaters to feel the boards beneath their feet better, and its big tongue protects them while performing tricks.


Wear them whenever you want because, like sneakers, they match everything in your closet.




How does nautical-themed footwear sound to you?


The men's casual boat shoes are ideal for nautical-themed activities like drinks on a yacht and dinners on the boat deck, so everyone who enjoys near-water activities will become instant fans! But there's no limitation to where you can use these stylish and on-trend shoes.


If the dress code at your business is lax, you can even wear this footwear on laidback or regular days. Why not go for the whole sailor look and wear stripes and white chinos?




The boots are one of Spendless New Zealand's more versatile selections of men's shoes. This style has been on-trend since it first came out because you can wear them anywhere! They go well with relaxed or formal attire. Men's shoes that offer coverage and durability all day (and night) are essential, especially with New Zealand's erratic weather.


Lace-up boots from Spendless New Zealand will give you the warmth and stability you need on a cold and wet day!


Chelsea boots have a functional side zipper, so you won't have to tie laces to wear them. Instead, you simply zip them up.


3. Versatile


If you can use an item more than once, that is the best indication that your money was well spent. For example, the pair of men's shoes you'll use most is an on-trend pair that will spark conversations!


You can survive with one pair of Spendless New Zealand footwear because it's versatile, and you can wear them from one event to another. In addition, you can own a sizable footwear collection to look well-groomed. Instead of purchasing numerous separate pairs, invest your money in a single, on-trend pair suitable for various occasions.


4. Affordable


Many people think that on-trend men's shoes are expensive but are surprised at how affordable they are. So if you can get your hands on a pair of Spendless New Zealand footwear that is comfy, stylish, versatile, and, more importantly, affordable, wouldn't you grab it?


Shopping for casual shoes at Spendless New Zealand is worth it. We won't be surprised since you can afford to get more than one pair. With all our styles trending for the right reasons, you might buy more than one.


And it continues because Spendless New Zealand has flexible payment systems that allow guys to purchase their shoes now and pay for them later! So join in on the trend now!


Get Your Hand on One of Our On-Trend Mens Casual Shoes! (No, Not The Kind From the Brands Shop!)


Sometimes, all we need is to look good to motivate us to improve in everything we do! Wearing on-trend shoes for men will inspire you to do your best.


Affordable does not imply cheap. Everyone loves shoes that give you more bang for your buck. So why waste money on favourite brands like Hush Puppies, Wild Rhino, Skechers, etc., when they are simply too expensive?


You deserve only the best shoes, so head to the Spendless New Zealand online shop and shop our range of men's footwear. Shop the easy way by browsing our online store. You can sort by using the categories listed on the menu.


You can continue to refine your search by selecting additional criteria such as price, size, and colour (black, grey, brown, or tan). You do not have to contend with opening hours or fight traffic here!


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