Men's Casual Shoes That Are on Trend Right Now

Guys care about fashion and the latest trends as much as ladies do. So they, too, deserve to pamper themselves (and their feet) with the latest men's casual shoes that they can add to their existing wardrobe. New Zealand is a country that encourages its people to stay active.


If you can keep an active lifestyle and protect the health of your feet while doing so, wouldn't you? So if you're into sports, working out, hanging out with friends, or spending time with family and relatives, there's a pair of men's casual styles on trend. 


While it can be overwhelming to look over several styles, reading through them will help you find the perfect pair.


The team at Spendless New Zealand would like to give you a rundown of the men's casual styles on trend right now to help you find something new to add to your wardrobe rotation. 


Six colours are available: black, blue, brown, natural, tan, and white. Whichever colour and style you get, we know the relaxed style of this footwear will suit you and your lifestyle!


Continue reading to see the latest Spendless New Zealand men's casual styles. 


Style 1—Boots


Some claim you can experience all four of New Zealand's seasons in a single day because of its erratic weather. However, we suggest you look at boots because they are stylish and protect you from inclement weather. This men's footwear is on trend because it goes well with almost anything and is durable!


Spendless NZ has a style called "lace-up ankle boots" that can be worn with many different outfits. As the name suggests, these boots go up to or just above the ankle. Lace-ups elevate your style and comfort and support your feet as you do your favourite activities. This men's footwear will see you through everything from brunch to drinks at night. 


A styling option you can consider is wearing a sweater or button-down shirt with denim trousers. If the weather is a little chilly, bundle up with a scarf or coat. Although boots are appropriate year-round, they truly shine in the cold and wet of winter.


Sizes for men's footwear at Spendless NZ are 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. 


Style 2—Skate 


Skate footwear is a style of men's footwear on trend because it blends with either punk rock or street fashion. This style has been increasingly popular since it first came out, and the only target market it catered to was skaters, hence the name. So why are they on trend?


For starters, they are rugged and aesthetically lovely. You can also add style and comfort to the growing list of reasons for the style's popularity. These are perfect if you prefer wearing versatile casual styles.


The thick and flat soles of the men's casual skate styles help skaters feel the boards beneath their feet, which makes their riding experience easier. The oversized tongue, meanwhile, shielded the skaters' feet from harm as they performed tricks. 


Style 3—Boat Shoes


The third style of men's shoes on trend is boat footwear. Are you aware of how you can style these men's shoes? Several questions arise on the topic.


Some people need to find out if wearing socks with these men's shoes is acceptable. Others wonder if the style's name comes from the place where you can wear them, a boat. So let our team at Spendless New Zealand answer your questions. 


These men's shoes have a nautical theme and are perfect during the spring and summer when sailing around Milford Sound or enjoying cocktails on a dock or yacht. Wear men's shoes with jeans, shorts, or chinos. As for the question on socks, they look better sockless because socks don't fit the look. 


But if you need to wear socks for comfort, we suggest using invisible socks. Spendless New Zealand has them on the socks and laces page.


 Style 4—Slip-On


Slip-on men's shoe styles are on trend because of the ease with which you wear them. The name of the footwear is a reference to how quickly you can slip them on. It will only take ten seconds to wear them because they do not have laces, which is very convenient when running late for an event.


Which New Zealand scenic site is your favourite? These men's shoe styles will be the perfect footwear as you explore them. You won't get tired quickly while exploring because slip-ons are lightweight and won't bear much weight on every step.


These men's shoes are on trend for a reason. So as new styles come up, stay caught up and grab stylish and comfortable casual shoes at Spendless NZ.


Style 5—High-Tops (Spoiler Alert: Not from a Brands Shop!)


Have you browsed through Spendless New Zealand's shoes yet? There's a lovely white high tops, perfect for streetwear. These stylish sneakers are ideal for catching up with friends you haven't seen. They will soon become your favourites!


Wear this footwear with jeans when you go out for brunch or an afternoon drive during the weekend. These men's shoes must be a staple in your closet because they can save you on days you feel like you cannot wear anything. So put them on, grab a pair of shorts or beige chinos, and you're all set!


Remember, men's white casual shoes don't clash with anything and are always on trend—enough reasons to own this shoe style! 


Get a pair of on-trend mens casual shoes from Spendless New Zealand!


 Have you decided whether they're on trend after going through five different styles of men's shoes? You can compare these with top brands like Wild Rhino, Hush Puppies, Skechers, and many more.


We bet by now you're itching to wear one brand from our collection! So stop reading now and start shopping! 


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