Men's Casual Shoes That Everyone Will Love

Footwear is essential to the wardrobe because it keeps the feet comfortable and protected. Feet have the most demanding role in keeping a person standing, walking, and running daily. In addition, they have the burden of carrying their entire weight, so it is no surprise that everyone is into finding the perfect footwear to support their feet. 


Guys care about their feet as much as ladies do and would benefit from the support, style, and versatility that men's casual shoes from Spendless New Zealand can offer. 


What do you look for in footwear? Do your men's casual shoes have specific characteristics that make everyone love them? Shopping for footwear can be daunting, especially if several choices are available.


So, the Spendless New Zealand team looked into what makes footwear everyone will love.


People look for the same things in footwear: stylish, versatile, comfortable, and affordable.


Lucky for you, all of Spendless New Zealand's casual footwear for men (and women, for that matter!) has these qualities.


So please allow our team to expand on each characteristic to help you zero in on the style you want that everyone will love.




Your footwear can make or break your overall ensemble. Guys want stylish footwear because it elevates their outfits. So you swell with pride when someone compliments your choice of sneakers with your chinos.


It matters that everyone loves your footwear as much as you do. It's a form of self-expression, as your footwear reflects your personality. Because your clothes say so much about you, you want others to think you have good taste in what you wear.


First impressions last; part of what they look at is your footwear.


Several styles are available at Spendless New Zealand, and we'd like to touch on them briefly. 


Style 1—Slip-On


Everyone loves slip-ons because of how easy it is to wear them.


This is perfect for guys who are always on the go and can't be late for their appointments.


So you slip your feet in and run to your event. 


Style 2—Boat


Everyone into water activities will love the men's casual boat shoes! Created so sailors and boaters wouldn't slip while on deck, this footwear is ideal during spring and summer.


You can wear them on nautical-inspired activities like yachting, boating, the beach, or even during cocktails by the docks as you watch the sunset over rivers. While it's better not to wear socks with boat footwear, you can opt to wear invisible socks from Spendless NZ if you want.


Style 3—Boots


Everyone loves footwear that can protect their feet from the extreme weather in New Zealand. People jokingly claim that they can experience all four seasons in one day, so wearing Spendless NZ's lace-ups (ankle boots) can protect you, give you warmth, and keep you cosy.


These protect your feet from foreign objects up to your ankles and keep your balance on wet surfaces.


Style 4—High-Tops


Everyone loves new styles of white sneakers. Spendless NZ has these awesome-looking high-tops that go with anything in your closet. So purchase a pair of men's casual shoes and add them to your wardrobe rotation, because you can always count on them to make you feel good about yourself.


Plus, they make heads turn! 


Style 5—Skate


Everyone loves men's casual skate shoes because they were avid skaters at some point in their lives too. The community supporting this footwear has grown past the original skaters and branched out to include anyone in the street or punk style.


These shoes have thick and flat soles to help skaters feel the boards beneath their feet better and an oversized tongue to protect them while doing tricks.




Everyone has favourites they can wear on several occasions, giving them their money's worth. Of course, guys want to appear well-groomed, but they want to spend only a little money or time on it.


Maintaining a collection of shoes would take a lot of effort because each one needs to be cleaned and examined to ensure longevity. So instead of spending on different ones, it's better to invest in one pair that can do more.


Minimalists agree that you do not need a massive collection of shoes. 


Spendless New Zealand only requires one pair.




An essential consideration when purchasing your next pair of shoes is their comfort. Everyone loves comfortable shoes that are easy to put on and take off and give their feet plenty of cushioning and support. 


The wrong kind of shoes can cause health issues, which start on the feet before affecting other aspects in the long run. 


They might change how you walk, leading to muscle pain, bad posture, and other health problems. Moreover, wearing too-tight footwear can constrict blood flow, causing your feet to swell. A wrong pair of shoes can ruin your day and leave you helpless and in pain.


Therefore, people prefer comfortable shoes. This footwear must have breathable fabrics and materials that allow air to enter and moisture to escape to keep your feet fresh all day.


Affordable—Setting Us Apart From a Brands Shop


Affordable does not imply cheap. Everyone loves shoes that give you more bang for your buck. So why waste money on favourite brands like Hush Puppies, Wild Rhino, Skechers, etc., when they are simply too expensive? 


Instead, discover styles that are affordable, durable, and attractive. Then, find them at Spendless and stick them in your cart while you continue shopping for—as you say—one more item!


New Zealand guys are savvy spenders and look for affordable, high-quality shoes. Spendless New Zealand has a range of men's casual shoe brand that meets their needs, so they don't have to search for items longer than necessary. 


Even better, Spendless NZ has flexible payment systems that allow guys to purchase their shoes now and pay for them later! 


Everyone loves a good bargain!


Men's Casual Shoes You'll Love, Make an Excellent Gift to Yourself! 


Do you feel more knowledgeable about the different styles and characteristics now? We bet you're itching to take casual shoes to the checkout! But first, choose from a range of colours like black, brown, tan, and grey that everyone will love! 


Then, head to the Spendless NZ online shop or the nearest store to get one from our collection!