Men’s Casual Shoes That You Can Wear All Year Round

It’s challenging to find the kind of men’s casual shoes you can wear all year because some are too open for winter, unable to provide the warmth and protection necessary to withstand New Zealand’s harsh weather. 

On the one hand, some styles are more appropriate for the colder months because of their coverage and protection.

With this being the case, which style of men’s casual shoes should you choose?

By browsing Spendless New Zealand’s collection, you can wear several styles through all four seasons. Our team is stepping in to assist you in your quest to find the ideal men’s casual shoes. We’d even give you styling tips to prove the versatility of this footwear.

If you’re ready to step up your fashion style and game, let’s start!

Style 1 – Lace-Up Sneakers

Why not add a pair of brown men’s casual shoes to your wardrobe?

These lace-ups sneakers from Spendless New Zealand should be a staple in your looks because of their contrasting material and trendy retro vibe. These men’s casual skate shoes come with ankle padding and cushioned soles to keep you cosy throughout the year.

You’d love a pair of brown sneakers because they have more variations. Ideally, these men’s casual shoes go well with grey, navy blue, beige, and faded grey. Wearing brown sneakers is the best way to inject a wow factor into your look. Here are some ways to style them for all seasons.

Because summer weather is warm, pair these men’s casual shoes with a white and black horizontal-striped crew-neck t-shirt and light blue denim shorts—accessorise with a cap. 

An ideal outfit combination for spring includes an olive long-sleeved shirt and white cargo pants. Then, finish off the chic, laid-back ensemble with your brown men’s casual shoes.

Don’t you love the fall colours? If you do, try incorporating them into your autumn outfit. For example, wear brown men’s casual shoes with a matching orange shirt jacket and orange chinos. Contrast the look with a light blue button-down shirt underneath.

Wear brown men’s casual shoes with a brown checked windbreaker and charcoal cargo pants in winter. Please remember to wear a grey beanie for that final touch of style!

Style 2 – Slide-On Sneakers

Prepare for an elevated look in the coming year with a pair of black slip-on sneakers from Spendless New Zealand. These men’s casual shoes bring in the elevated style factor with their smooth leather-look material. They’re a perfect combination of fashion and function because they look sleek and provide support and comfort with their supportive soles and grooved grip.

Wear these men’s casual shoes outdoors all year round, as they can withstand the wear and tear of New Zealand’s natural elements. Let’s look at some styling tips from summer to winter.

Achieve the boy-next-door vibe by wearing a black V-neck t-shirt and light blue denim shorts for summer. Elevate this look by wearing your black slip-on men’s casual shoes from Spendless NZ, and complete it by wearing sunglasses.

Look trendy in spring by going neutral. Wear a navy crew-neck sweater and grey jeans and complement them with a pair of black men’s casual shoes and a backpack. 

Next, fight off the chilly fall nights with a grey bomber jacket and skinny navy jeans. Finally, complete the slightly dressier outfit with your black slip-on sneakers.

Winter brings in the layers, so be sure you’re not far behind in the style department. Pair black chinos with a grey knit sweater before topping them off with a navy overcoat. Your black men’s casual shoes will tie the entire look together.

Style 3 – Garden Clogs

You’re likely surprised at the inclusion of garden clogs or slides in the recommended men’s casual shoes. But please hear us out. These men’s casual shoes are ultra-functional footwear that you can use for working in your garden or for everyday wear.

With these men’s casual shoes on your feet, you can guarantee functional style and comfort with their breathable closed-toe design. The material can withstand rain, hail, and shine, making these clogs suitable to wear all year. 

Cleaning and maintenance won’t be a problem, which is another reason they are helpful garden footwear. Now, the question is how to wear them for all seasons.

Garden clogs are the best men’s casual shoes for summer because they are ideal for wet and water-based activities. Pair this footwear with nautical-inspired outfits like stripes and shorts.

A spring season outfit you can wear with these men’s casual shoes will consist of denim jeans, which you need to fold if the hem is long, and round-neck shirts. Don’t forget to add a baseball hat to complete the look.

Who says you can’t wear socks with these garden clogs? We understand how the holes in these men’s casual shoes can cause concern during the cold months, but if you want to wear socks for more warmth, go ahead!

The clogs will look good with hoodies and joggers. Switch up the hoodies with bomber or denim jackets, and you’d still look like you stepped out of a magazine. For extreme winter weather, layer on a puffy jacket and scarves.

How to Make Your Men's Casual Shoes Last All Year Long?

Your men’s casual shoes will last all year if you care for them properly. Our team at Spendless New Zealand gathered some valuable tips to help:

  • Buy quality men’s casual shoes from a brand that ensures you have comfortable and durable footwear – Spendless NZ; where else?
  • Always wipe your footwear at the end of the day, so dirt and grime won’t stick and weaken the material. Use a cloth damp with water to get the hard-to-remove ones.
  • Store your men’s casual shoes away from dust and direct heat sources. Invest in shoe cabinets or bags.
  • Never store them wet, as moisture can breed bacteria and fungi. Instead, wipe them first, then dry them naturally. Hasten drying by scrunching newspapers and placing them inside the men’s casual shoes to absorb water.

Which One Do You Like the Most?

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