Men's Sneakers Don't Have to Be Boring… Check Out These Fun Styles from Spendless!

Are you tired of seeing meh footwear in your shoe closet?

If yes, you came to the right place, as Spendless Shoes New Zealand has all the fun styles of men's sneakers available to spice it up. New Zealand guys need kicks that can withstand their active lifestyle. 

So whether running errands, hitting the trails or merely going about your day-to-day activities in style, their comfortable sneaks keep you looking good and your feet feeling great.

Gone are the days when these shoes were only for the gym or casual outings. Nowadays, sneakers are everywhere because of their versatility. But, hey, we've seen grooms wear them with their suits on their wedding day! 

With all the styles and colours available at Spendless NZ, you will find a fun one to add to your shoe collection. Are you ready to learn more about them and what makes Spendless sneakers fun? 

Read and prepare to be impressed! 

1. A spectrum of colours 

Brighten your life with styles from Spendless NZ, available in various hues. Choose one from black, blue, brown, grey, natural, orange, or white that matches your fashion and preference. 

These shades can make your shoes the focal point of your overall look, making them more fun and eye-catching! They say that your favourite colour describes you and your personality.

Minimalists prefer to wear these in classic hues like black or brown, while bolder ones prefer orange and blue. Which of them do you consider fun? Get a pair in that colour now!  

2. Unconventional shapes and designs 

Have you seen the collection of men's sneakers at Spendless NZ? 

You will notice that some have unconventional shapes and designs that make them stand out. Getting a pair of these adds fun to your overall look.

These designs add a playful and unexpected element to the shoes, providing a modern and edgy look that sets them apart from traditional styles. No one can brand you as dull once you start wearing these. 

More importantly, you never know who you'll meet because of these unconventional shapes and designs. Men's sneakers that bear these designs are the best conversation starters! People will come up to you and ask about uneven lines, different shapes, or extra holes that they can see. It can't get any better than these.

3. Comfortable fit 

When you wear comfortable sneakers, you'll be able to enjoy your activity, especially hiking or sports, because you won't be bothered by the pain. When your tootsies are cosy, you can move around, engage in stuff you like, and have fun! 

We must admit that pain and uncomfortable injuries take the fun away from everything. So, why endure that when Spendless NZ teems with comfortable and fun men's sneaks? 

4. Unique styles 

When you wear unique and trendy styles from Spendless NZ, no one will label you boring or a wallflower. Going to events and gatherings where you can stand out is more fun. Here are the available styles for you: 

The Minimalist White Shoes (Not Adidas Men's Sneakers!)

New Zealand guys will add loads of fun points when they purchase a white pair from Spendless NZ. These shoes are the epitome of clean, pristine, and fresh. 

This timeless choice will match casual jeans, chinos, or a suit. White matches everything, so it's safe to say your clothes will go well with these.

Moreover, they are versatile and accepted at most events, even formal ones! Therefore, these shoes will help you have fun frolicking from one event to another. 

No need to bring extra footwear, as these will see you through brunch, errands, and even after-dinner cocktails!  


Men's skate sneaks a fun way to elevate your daily look. Explicitly designed for skateboarding, these shoes can withstand the rigours of the sport and are supportive enough to protect your feet from impact. 

More importantly, these men's shoes are made to last and can handle the rough terrain and harsh weather of New Zealand. Your active lifestyle requires shoes that can see you through it and protect you, whether you're hitting the skate park or hanging out with friends. 

The available styles from Spendless NZ range from classic low-tops to fashionable high-tops and are so good that even non-skaters are joining in on the trend. Exude a fun streetwear vibe with these!  


Living in New Zealand is always exciting because of various activities, like running errands or hitting the gym. But you can make them more fun and exciting by wearing comfortable and stylish sneakers from Spendless NZ.

Let your trainers help you reach your fitness goals! These are perfect for workouts that require lateral movements, such as HIIT and CrossFit. In addition, wide outsoles help you keep your balance while you move, which makes them great for jumping exercises. 

Shoes that cramp your toes are far from fun! They come in 4 fun hues: black, blue, grey, and white, to match whatever athleisure outfit you choose.

 It's critical to get a pair that fits well, with enough space for your toes and a secure heel, so you are ready to take on any workout with confidence and style. 


New Zealand is known for its love of outdoor adventure and thrilling sports, so investing in a pair of comfortable and supportive mens sneakers is a must. 

Whether embarking on a challenging hike or hitting the field for a game of rugby or football, having the proper footwear can make all the difference. It won't be fun if you accidentally trip or fall because your shoes weren't giving you the support you needed for these activities. 

At Spendless NZ, we combine function with fashion. Our sports-specific running shoes will make you look anything but boring while you do these things. 

From hiking shoes with lots of cushioning and grip to rugby cleats that give you stability and grip on the field, these shoes will keep you comfortable, safe, supported, and ready to go.  

Men's popular fusion sneaker brands that cost a lot of money include Polo Ralph Lauren, Converse All-Star, Adidas Originals, Vans, Asics, Puma, New Balance, and Nike, to name a few.

 Spendless, on the other hand, has the best running shoes and sneaks for a much lower price without sacrificing quality or comfort.

Step Away From Boring Footwear! Spendless Has the Mens Sneakers of Your Dreams

Why settle for boring shoes when Spendless NZ has so many fun, stylish, and comfortable ones for men (and women)? Head to our online shop or nearest store to step up your shoe game! Because our payment plans are flexible, you can buy them now and pay for them later.