Men’s Sneakers Don’t Have to Be Dull and Boring… Come to Spendless!

Do you agree that looking good overall boosts someone’s confidence?


If you’re nodding profusely, you’ve likely experienced an excellent mood boost after receiving compliments on your clothes and men’s sneakers. 


Fast forward to today, and you want to re-live the feeling. Unfortunately, the pair of men’s runners you wore then gave up, and you need new ones.


Since that style was years ago and you couldn’t find something similar, you’re in a frantic search for something stylish, comfortable, and versatile - anything that’s far from dull. Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place. 


Spendless New Zealand has sneakers that tick all the necessary boxes. 


Apart from the three we mentioned, these shoes are durable, too, especially in a country like New Zealand, where the weather is erratic and can change within the day. 


Be one of the guys who have discovered Spendless NZ men’s sneakers and kept returning since. 


These shoes will boost your confidence, protect you against the natural elements, support your active lifestyle, and always keep you feeling and looking great. Discover each option with the help of our Spendless NZ team! Let’s go!


1. Skate/Casual


Skate or casual shoes are the most common type of men’s sneakers. When we say common, it’s what people wear on a regular day—errands, casual dinners, and travels. 


These men’s sneaks are far from dull, especially when they started as footwear for skaters, having a unique aesthetic that ensures they can feel the skateboards beneath their feet. 


The style’s famous flat soles and oversized tongue provide protection. 


The Spendless NZ men’s skate sneakers collection comes in five colours that can match most of your wardrobe: black, brown, green, grey, and white. 


These colours are far from dull and can effortlessly elevate your street fashion. Combining style and colour will keep you well-kept without too much effort. Let’s look at some samples.


  • White Laced


The Spendless NZ white-laced sneakers keep flying off the shelf, and rightfully so. 


When you’re out and about, try to observe how many guys you see wearing these shoes. Numerous guys of all ages have jumped on this trend because of its clean and classic appeal. 


The minimalist look and timeless aesthetic never go out of style. Choosing to wear one makes you look more polished. More importantly, these men’s runners are trans-seasonal, meaning you can wear them all season. 


These shoes will be a hit for travel, brunch, and casual work Fridays. 


Henley from the Spendless NZ collection of men’s skate sneakers will impress anyone you meet. 


Wearing these shoes will leave them with a lasting positive impression of you. That’s one way of saying these shoes are far from dull. 

  • Black High Tops


High-top sneakers are an excellent way to add life to your wardrobe. Since most guys wear low tops, stay unique and be one of the few who prefer higher cuts. 


Most skaters love this footwear because of the added ankle support and protection. Combining function with fashion is its speciality, ensuring you remain protected while being edgy and cool. 


Boost your style with Arnold, an excellent pair of high-top sneakers. The shoe’s lace-up design, slim shape, and stylish contrasting stitches will look amazing with skinny jeans and a round-neck shirt.


2. Sports Specific


Some men’s runners are for specific sports to enhance the wearer’s performance. New Zealand guys love the outdoors and participate in popular sports and activities. 


If you’re one of them, you will need the optimal support and traction of sports-specific men’s runners to keep you safe while engaging in rough activities. 


Here are some reasons why owning one is critical:


  • Increased performance 


These sneakers have features that cater to specific movements and demands. For instance, Tournament, a Spendless NZ shoe specific for football and rugby, has cleats that penetrate soft ground to keep you stable while you make quick direction changes, sharp cuts, and sudden stops.


  • Durability 


Sports-specific sneakers use materials that can withstand the rigours of the sport they are for. For instance, the Border from Spendless NZ is a hiking shoe. This footwear will keep you safe and stable amidst different terrains. These shoes can also withstand exposure to rain and mud, ensuring your feet remain warm and comfortable in various conditions.


  • Support and stability 


Sports-specific sneakers provide the necessary structural support for movements specific to the sport. Whether you need a firmer grip while walking on inclined surfaces or you need to move laterally to block the ball. 


3. Trainers


Trainers are the third kind of exciting sneakers, ideal for guys with an active lifestyle. These shoes provide comfort, support, and performance benefits during gym workouts. 


The flat soles of skate shoes will not work well to absorb the impact of jumps and burpees. It would help if you had shoes with proper materials and cushioning to absorb impact and provide breathability during sweaty exercises.


And if you think going to the gym equates to looking sweaty and unkept, you’re wrong. Spendless NZ trainers are stylish and come in motivating colours like black, blue, brown, grey, and white. 


It would be best to have excellent men’s trainers so that you’ll feel more excited to work out. Health is wealth, so you must stay fit. 


Universe is an excellent option from the Spendless NZ collection. It has treads with excellent grip, colours that will brighten your activewear, laces for an adjustable fit, and vegan-friendly materials that offer breathability, durability, and support. 


While this footwear is durable, you must replace your workout shoes every six months as the support diminishes. While you may not see visible wear and tear, they might not provide the top-tier support you need.


To name just a few, popular brands of runners include Polo Ralph Lauren, Adidas men's sneakers, Converse All-Star, Adidas originals, Asics, New Balance, Vans, Puma, and Nike, among many others. Spendless NZ features excellent running shoes and trainers if you're on a budget but don't want to skimp on quality or comfort.


Add Excitement to Your Closet with Spendless NZ Mens' Sneakers! 


Wearing men’s sneakers from Spendless NZ will boost your style! We also have styles for women. Head to the nearest retailer or shop online and take advantage of the flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later!