Men's Sneakers Don't Have to be Dull… Check Out These Styles from Spendless!

One community would never think of men's sneakers as dull. Do you know which one?


The sneakerhead community! It's a group of people who collect men's sneakers as a hobby and are knowledgeable about the topic.


We can't blame them for being so into these shoes because they have all the characteristics a guy needs for his active lifestyle, especially if he lives in New Zealand. You'll know what we mean if you've seen the collection of men's sneakers at Spendless New Zealand.


These shoes will take you anywhere and everywhere because they are comfortable, supportive, stylish, versatile, and affordable. These men's sneakers will always be the first thing you grab from your shoe closet. These shoes are far from dull, but what makes them such?


Allow our team from Spendless New Zealand to step in and provide the answers. Men's sneakers from Spendless New Zealand are far from dull, and no one else can explain that better than those in the know. If you're raring to discover more, read on!


1. Colour 


Putting colour on anything adds life to it, don't you agree?


There's even a quote to that effect, encouraging people to live life in colour. And if you are searching for a way to add colour to your daily outfit, you need a pair of men's sneakers from Spendless NZ.


The collection comes in seven different colours that include black, blue, brown, grey, natural, orange, and white. They say the colour you choose for your men's sneakers speaks so much about who you are—a reflection of your personality. So, try and let us know if they ring true!


  • Lovers of black men's sneakers are independent and full of self-control. It screams prestige and power, much like a black credit card.
  • People who choose blue shoes are loyal and honest. They look out for others, volunteering to drive while others drink and enjoy themselves.
  • Loving brown men's sneakers suggests you have a certain level of preparedness, exuding solid strength, especially in harsh situations.
  • Choosing grey shoes means you prefer to be in the background, wanting to avoid drawing attention to yourself.
  • People love to be around those wearing natural men's sneakers because they are warm and comforting.
  • People who choose orange shoes have a desire to stand out in each situation, pushing against social norms.
  • They claim white men's sneakers fans are dependable, neat, youthful, and optimistic.  


What's your colour choice? Do you agree with the description?


2. Styles


The men's sneakers at Spendless New Zealand fall into three categories: skate/casual, trainers, and sports-specific. Let's discuss each and how they are far from dull.


Style 1—Skate/Casual Men's Sneakers


The sixteen products under "skate/casual men's sneakers" have one thing in common: the flat sole. This feature is important for skateboarders because it lets them feel the board better when they're on it.


However, the fan base of these men's sneakers has gone beyond skaters. Everyone is in on the trend because of how comfortable they are for everyday wear.


The styles of the men's sneakers at Spendless NZ are so varied that you'll never describe them as dull. There are low-tops and high-tops. You will also find slip-on canvas men's sneakers thrown in with others that use laces and touch-fastening straps. So there's a style to cover everyone's interests.


The slip-on canvas men's sneakers are a crowd favourite, thanks to their ease of wearing. Their elastic side gussets expand to accommodate any foot shape, ensuring a comfortable fit. Travellers love these shoes, especially if they need to remove them during airport checks.


The style that uses laces gives the wearer freedom of expression. How come? A person can put laces through the eyelets of men's sneakers in several ways, allowing people to get creative! Laces also provide an adjustable, comfortable fit.


Guys love men's sneakers with touch-fastening straps because they are flexible and lightweight. Plus, they are pleasant to look at, which adds to their points! These shoes allow them to go about their day and activities most comfortably.


Style 2—Trainers


Who says you must stop looking good while sweating in the gym? New Zealand guys are known for living an active lifestyle and need the support and comfort that the trainers from Spendless NZ can provide. These men's sneakers make your gym life far from dull.


Colourful designs, shapes, and patterns adorn these men's sneakers, which can attract attention from a mile away. Expect fellow gym addicts to strike up a conversation, primarily to ask you where you got your nice kicks.


From aesthetic, let's shift to function so you can better understand how wearing these men's sneakers from Spendless NZ can strengthen and support your fitness journey. Because of their better grip, you can do regular jumping, running, and lateral evasive manoeuvres in these trainers. 


So update your active wardrobe with these shoes that make you look and feel good!


Style 3—Sports Specific


There are only two products under this category, each about a sport New Zealand loves and plays: football/rugby and hiking. These extreme sports require specific men's sneakers to keep the players comfortable and safe from injuries.


The football and rugby sports-specific shoes have cleats that keep you steady as you run, chase, and change directions on the field. The footwear comes in orange, an excellent colour to signal your opponent that you're on your way for a steal! Injuries are never good, so stay safe by wearing these men's sneakers.


New Zealand is a hiker's dream, with many beautiful places to explore. But let's not get so caught up in the sights that we forget to care for ourselves. Whether it's your first time or 100th, protect yourself (and your feet) with the hiking men's sneakers from Spendless NZ. 


The rigid sole provides better grip, and the sturdy design of these shoes will keep your feet planted firmly on the ground no matter how steep the hike.


Update Your Shoe Closet from Boring to Spendless!


It's time to update your dull closets with a pair of men's sneakers from Spendless New Zealand. Adding any style that fits your lifestyle will do wonders for your sole (and soul)! 


Now is the time to visit your local store or shop online! We have a range and styles of mens sneakers/ running shoes that compare to brands like Adidas men's sneakers, Adidas Originals, New Balance, Converse All-Star, Puma, Nike, Vans, Asics, Polo Ralph Lauren, etc.