Men’s Sneakers Don’t Have to Be Dull… Come to Spendless!

The men’s sneaker hype has been growing all over the world. You’ll see people discussing in forums, forming communities, and researching all the styles. 


Men’s sneakers are not a fleeting trend. It looks like it will be here to stay, so are you one of the sneakerheads worldwide?


Some guys think that stylish sneakers are expensive. While the luxury branded ones are, some brands provide equally chic ones that won’t break the bank. 


You don’t have to queue for hours to get your hands on these exciting men’s sneaks because you can access them in-store or online. At Spendless New Zealand, you can choose various styles and colours that suit your lifestyle.


Do you want to elevate your street look? Are you a fitness addict who spends most of their free time at the gym? Are your weekends filled with outdoor activities like hiking or rugby?


Spendless NZ men’s sneakers can satisfy all your needs. Please get to know them with the help of the Spendless NZ team! Let’s go!


1. Skate/Casual


Men’s skate sneakers have an inherently casual vibe that you can use to elevate your street style. Anyone who’d label this footwear dull knows nothing about it. 


Famous for their flat soles and large tongues, these men’s sneakers have much to offer. Adding these shoes to your outfit will make you feel more energetic, mainly because skate shoes have a youthful and vibrant feel.


High Tops


The Spendless NZ collection has an exciting line-up of low and high tops. If most shoes in your shoe closet have low tops, it’s time to switch things up with a pair called Arnold.


Arnold exudes all the features of a classic high-top pair of men’s sneaks. You can effortlessly imbibe skater street fashion with its ankle coverage, lace-up design, slim shape, and stylish contrasting stitches. 


Complete the look with skinny jeans and a loose, round-neck plain shirt.


High tops have extended collars that provide more stability to the ankles, protecting them from injuries. These stylish men’s trainers offer warmth and coverage to keep you safe, especially in winter.




If you’re not a fan of ankle-reaching laced sneakers, Spendless NZ has an option that makes life easier: slip-on shoes. The lack of fastenings will have you out the door within seconds. 


Travellers love these sneaks because they are lightweight and don’t take up space in their luggage. Wear them as you go through airport security checks for easy removal.


Cedric is an excellent Spendless NZ slip-on men’s sneaker. Like other skate shoes, Cedric has flat soles. Instead of fastenings, these men’s trainers have two small elastic side gussets, which expand and retract for a cosy, snug fit.


With its minimalist design, guys who prefer an understated yet stylish appeal will get the best bargain. Get Cedric now!


2. Trainers


A pair of trainers is essential in your shoe closet if you live an active lifestyle. These men’s runners provide comfort, support, and performance benefits during gym workouts. 


With proper materials and cushioning to absorb impact and provide breathability during sweaty exercises, trainers will ensure you remain safe. From lateral movements to jumps and exhausting steps, these men’s trainers will support you.


But who says you can’t look good while getting fit?


The incredible thing about the Spendless NZ trainers is their stylish designs and colours. If you’re one of the guys who feels more motivated to work out because you’re wearing fashion-forward clothes and shoes, you’ll love the sneakers collection at Spendless NZ.


Four colours are available: black, blue, grey, and white. Of all, the men’s trainers in blue stand out. Be nimble while working out by wearing Spendless NZ’s Nimbus. 


The trendy trainers have breathable mesh material to keep your feet sweat-free, excellent arch support to distribute pressure evenly, and shock-absorbing soles to reduce the risk of injury from solid impact.


Improve your health and style with these men’s sneakers from Spendless NZ!


3. Sports-Specific


Sports-specific men’s sneakers provide the unique, optimal support and traction required by each sport. The two kinds of sports-specific shoes at Spendless NZ are an homage to the most popular ones in New Zealand: rugby or football and hiking.


Rugby or Football


Tournament is Spendless NZ’s aptly named men’s trainers for rugby or football. These sports-specific shoes have spikes or cleats that provide traction and stability on grass or turf surfaces. 


Men’s sneakers with cleats are essential because they grip, so you can perform perfectly under intense pressure. You will remain safe and injury-free despite the sudden stops and quick direction changes.


These men’s sneakers combine fashion with function with their bright burst of orange colour, which will dazzle your opponent as you run to the end goal. Enjoy a game or two with Spendless NZ’s Tournament.




Are you not into team sports and would rather commune with nature? If yes, you will need hiking shoes. These sports-specific men’s sneakers provide what you need to get through an extreme outdoor activity. 


The beauty of New Zealand’s mountains, parks, and hills is unquestionable. We understand why people like you find activities like hiking relaxing. 


But even so, you must ensure you remain safe with the help of Spendless NZ’s Border, a pair of men’s hiking sneakers.


Amateurs and experts will remain safe because of the features of the Border. 


These shoes have extra padding around the ankle to prevent twisting, a rugged sole for traction and grip on various terrains, and an all-around sturdy design to keep your toes comfortable and safe from sharp objects.


And since you’ll be dealing with mud, soil, and dirt, please clean your men’s sneakers upon getting home. Prolonged dirt can ruin the material and shorten the lifespan of your shoes.


Update Your Men's Sneakers Collection with Spendless NZ!


If you want to save money without sacrificing quality or comfort, Spendless NZ has what you need. 


Our collection of running shoes offers high-quality options at an affordable price point. We can compete with famous brands, including Adidas men's sneakers, Polo Ralph Lauren, Vans, Asics, New Balance, Converse All-Star, Adidas Originals, Puma, and Nike.


No one can ever accuse you of having dull runners because the collection at Spendless NZ is top-tier in fashion and function. Head to the nearest retailer or shop online now!