Men's Sneakers Don't Have to Break the Bank… Check Out These On-Trend Styles from Spendless

Guys have the misconception that they must pay a lot to get their hands on quality and stylish men's sneakers, but that is not true. Instead, some brands provide you with equally, if not more, fabulous styles for less. 

And you don't have to queue overnight to be one of the first to purchase a new kind. Unlike luxury brands, Spendless New Zealand provides quality and affordable men's sneakers that make heads turn.

To find the right running shoes, compare brands. Spendless NZ sells styles comparable with Asics, Adidas Men's Sneakers, Puma, Converse All-Star, New Balance, Vans, Polo—Ralph Lauren, and Nike sneakers. 

We're sure you'll find a matching 

pair in our collection. We have fashionable, durable, and size-supporting options. So why not compare these top brands and pick the right school shoes for your child today?

The affordability of each pair of our brand's shoes surprises many guys because they don't think something as good-looking comes at a price that won't break the budget. 

So why pay for an excessive pair of shoes you can't often wear when you have fantastic styles within your price range?

If you're ready to get going, let's start! Our team from Spendless New Zealand will walk you through the various on-trend pairs that deserve space in your closet. With these shoes, you can instantly elevate your look and fashion style.

1. Slip-On Canvas

Travellers and busy guys always prefer slip-on canvas sneakers. Because of how quickly you can wear this pair, busy New Zealand guys can take advantage of it and be out the door within seconds. 

Meanwhile, travellers love these because they are easy to remove and wear during airport security checks. Imagine going through that, having to untie and tie laces.

Moreover, guys love how lightweight these are, making walking in them more manageable and bearable. 

More importantly, they love to travel with lightweight shoes because they don't take up weight or space in the luggage. And they're versatile, so they match everything you pack with you.

Consider the brown slip-on canvas sneakers with their thin, comfortable sole and rounded-toe design. 

This has unique patch detailing on the outer material with a subtle shiny finish for a modern look. In addition, these sneakers provide the utmost comfort thanks to the two small, elasticised side gussets, which provide a snug fit.

Some styling tips for slip-on shoes include beige chinos and a navy long-sleeve shirt. In addition, we suggest wearing these with a tan bomber jacket, khaki shorts, and a vertical-striped button-down shirt for your trips and vacations.

2. White Lace-Up 

White lace-up sneakers are a popular trend that will stay for a while. Their clean and pristine look is so good that even guys not into laces buy them for themselves. 

Adding this to your closet will elevate your look because white automatically brightens your vibe.

These shoes will continue their fame for a long time because they exude class and are appropriate for all occasions, formal or casual. 

While some people are wary of these, thinking they are high-maintenance and would require too much care, having them on your feet is worth all the extra work. 

They are transseasonal, which means they work for all seasons, giving you a bang for your buck. And because white matches everything, you won't have problems finding clothes that pair well with these.

You'd love the sneakers available at Spendless New Zealand because they're breathable and have ankle padding, ensuring comfort the whole time you wear them. 

Wear them with jeans and a round-neck shirt for a relaxed look. And if you want a more formal look, try wearing white with suits; you'll be surprised how well they work together!

3. High-Top

Add the high-top sneakers to your closet because they will add character to your vibe. In addition, these give more ankle support since the laces reach above the ankle bones. 

People will notice something different about you when you start wearing these shoes, knowing it's not your usual style.

The available high-top at Spendless New Zealand is popular because of its slim shape and stylish contrasting stitches. 

So if you're into street fashion, buy these and add them to your closet. And if this is your first time wearing these shoes, we'd like to suggest some styling options.

High-top sneakers make your feet pop, so they need matching pants showing the ankles. We suggest wearing slim-fit jeans or chinos and cuffing them above the tongue of your shoes. 

Avoid wearing baggy clothes because they tend to cover them. If you're going to wear them, ensure people will see them.

A general rule to remember is that high-top sneakers should not be the exact colour of your pants. This is because wearing the same colour will make the shoes blend in, which is against the purpose of a high-top. 

The only exception to the rule is pairing a black pair with black jeans, a classic rocker outfit. But, more importantly, since high-tops make your feet bottom-loaded, keep the rest of your outfit simple.

4. Trainers

Living an active lifestyle is essential to staying healthy and living longer. But, unfortunately, your affordable sneaker collection from Spendless New Zealand will only be complete with trainers

You need the correct footwear to protect them as you make strenuous moves and subject your feet to sudden direction changes and lateral movements.

The category “MENS SNEAKERS” at Spendless New Zealand comes in these colours: black, blue, grey, and white. Much like Adidas Originals, they will match perfectly with all your athleisure wear. 

The breathable mesh material, arch support, and shock-absorbing soles will ensure you remain comfortable throughout your workout. So why sacrifice style over function when a pair of men's sneakers at Spendless New Zealand possesses both?

Have You Decided?

You'll have a ball going through all the affordable, on-trend sneakers for men (and women, too) at Spendless New Zealand. And the incredible thing about Spendless shopping is its flexible payment systems that allow you to buy now and pay later. 

So with all this goodness waiting for you, head to the nearest Spendless NZ retailer or online shop now! Watch out for the latest arrivals.