Men's Sneakers Perfect for Hiking New Zealand Walking Trails

Hiking all over New Zealand's walking trails improves health and overall well-being. You get to fulfil more than 10,000 steps, the ideal step count for a healthier you, and at the same time, be one with nature and witness this beautiful country.


But before we get ahead, we must acknowledge a fundamental component of hiking: footwear.


Men's sneakers, in particular, should boost self-esteem and shield the wearer from danger. However, not all men's sneakers can protect your feet during hikes because the activity needs more tailored protection.


Luckily, Spendless Shoes New Zealand has sports-specific men's sneakers dedicated to hiking.


These hiking shoes protect your feet from getting hurt by uneven ground and give you good traction when they come into contact with muddy, hilly, slippery, and wet ground. So even though we want you to be more active, you need to protect your feet by wearing the right men's sneakers made for sports.


Are you aware of everything you need to consider when buying the correct hiking shoes?


Don't worry; our Spendless Shoes New Zealand team did the legwork for you. We looked at the different things you need to look for when buying hiking shoes for men.


Here's the rundown for you!


1. Correct Fit


Your sneakers must fit you perfectly. Why? Hiking is a strenuous activity that requires comfort to finish the trek successfully. Therefore, the fit directly impacts comfort and function.


Here are some benefits of hiking shoes that fit you well:

  • Proper foot stability and support
  • Save you from injuries
  • Sufficient comfort and stress absorption
  • Long-term use and preservation of shoe shape


There are several factors to check to see if they fit you well:


Look at length and size.


Measure the distance from heel to toe. You must measure your feet each time you try on hiking shoes because sizing varies. Measure the arch length. 


Measure from the heel to the ball of the foot.


The arch length dictates how your foot fits inside the shoe, which affects functionality. It is essential because your hiking shoes need to flex at the proper location.


Take a look at the width.


Measure the ball region to get the width of your foot. Again, it is essential to get accurate measurements because men's shoe brands vary in size. 


2. Stability/Traction


New Zealand's erratic weather can increase the harshness of your hiking trip. However, traction, or the ability to keep you from slipping, will keep you safe as you walk on different surfaces. Slipping and falling are the two most common causes of injury on the trail.


Slips typically happen when something foreign, like water, sand, ice, or dirt, gets between the shoe and the ground due to increased oxygen and energy consumption.


Since your feet and hiking shoes are the farthest away from your hip axis, carrying more weight will require more muscle power. So, choose men's shoes made of lightweight materials, usually synthetic, so you don't make the hike harder.


3. Breathability


If your men's shoes need more ventilation, it can make an arduous task even more uncomfortable. In addition, without any means to escape, moisture can cause skin problems like infections, blisters, and rashes.


Check the material of your sneakers to ensure that air can enter and sweat can escape. Ventilation helps keep your feet dry, warm, and comfortable in cold weather like New Zealand's.


If you're looking for a pair of men's running shoes with the best breathability for hiking, check our stock at Spendless Shoes New Zealand.


4. Lightweight


Hikers think about the weight of their hiking shoes because sneakers that are too heavy slow them down because they use more oxygen and energy. Also, since your feet and hiking shoes are the farthest away from your hip axis, carrying more weight will require more muscle power.


So, choose men's shoes made of lightweight materials, usually synthetic, so you don't make the hike harder. Thankfully, the sports-specific hiking shoes at Spendless Shoes New Zealand use vegan-friendly materials that are lightweight and environmentally friendly.


5. Comfortable


Ask anyone shopping for white sneakers, and they will likely tell you that the top characteristic they look for in footwear is comfort. So, it's no surprise that it's the exact requirement for a challenging activity such as hiking.


All the characteristics mentioned prior contribute to the wearer's overall comfort. For example, if the sneakers you choose for hiking have the correct fit, stability, breathability, lightweight, and cushioning, your shoes are comfortable. 


All these characteristics work hand in hand to make your hiking experience bearable, successful, and accident-free. If your sneakers lack any of them, you will likely feel pain and discomfort and won't enjoy the scenic hiking trails of New Zealand.


6. Protection


The correct pair of sneakers will save your feet from intense conditions on the hiking trail, such as rough and hard surfaces and wet and cold surroundings. You also require extra protection for your toes, not just your feet and heels, when hiking on rugged terrain.


Check if your sneakers have rubber toe caps that buffer against twigs and branches. Check if your hiking shoes have a gusseted tongue that keeps dirt and other things from getting in. You wouldn't want pebbles, soil, or sand when hiking.


Do Not Hike on New Zealand's Walking Trails With Your Favourite Brands (like New Balance, Reebok, Nike, and Adidas Men's Sneakers)


We hope our information has helped you see why choosing the best men's hiking shoes is essential. All of these are present in our collection of sports-specific hiking shoes from Spendless Shoes New Zealand, in case we need to emphasise them more.


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