Men's Sneakers Perfect for Training and Casual Wear

Do you like to keep things organised and separate? For instance, do you have a specific pair of men's sneakers for working out and a different one for casual outings? 

If so, you'll be happy to discover more about Spendless New Zealand's men's sneakers collection. The brand has categorised its collection into three categories: skate/casual, trainers, and sports luxe. Spendless NZ men's sneakers are versatile, and you can wear them on several occasions.

This article will focus on only two kinds of trainers that are perfect for training and casual wear – trainers and skate/casual. Our Spendless NZ team will provide a detailed description to help you decide. However, we won't blame you if you get both because the Spendless NZ collections are fantastic. If you're ready, let's do it! 


Style 1—Trainers


Having the right pair of trainers is essential for guys who spend most of their time training at the gym. Men's sneakers specifically for training are ideal for high-intensity workouts because they provide ample cushioning and support. The breathable materials ensure well-ventilated feet, even during sweat-inducing activities. Moreover, these shoes have grooves and outsole patterns that ensure you are steady, stable, and safe during lateral movements, quick stops, and slippery floors. While looking good is excellent, your safety is paramount!


The Spendless NZ Collection


Spendless NZ's men's training sneakers are available in lace-up and slip-on styles, each offering unique benefits. Slip-on trainers are easy to wear, as the lack of fastenings makes slipping them on a breeze. Meanwhile, lace-up men's sneakers offer a customisable fit essential for always keeping your feet cosy, especially during intense exercises. Because our feet tend to swell during workouts due to different movements, it's vital to have shoes with an adjustable fit that you can loosen when needed. Another advantage of having laces is added security. During jumping, changing directions, burpees, or sudden stops, your men's sneakers may accidentally come off without laces. So, ensure a secure fit that keeps you safe and comfortable throughout the workout. 

Colour-wise, Spendless NZ ensures you have exciting options to dress in. The men's training sneakers are available in black, blue, brown, grey, or white. Choosing the right shade can affect your performance at the gym indirectly. When your men's sneakers are attractive, you feel excited to wear them, which is an excellent motivation to move. Working out when you feel lazy can be challenging, so it helps to have options that inspire you to wear them and move. 

It's no secret that the right fit affects performance during exercise. A well-fitting men's sneakers can provide the support and flexibility you need to move freely without any risk of injury. At Spendless NZ, we understand the significance of finding the perfect fit, so we offer a range of sizes catering to everyone's needs. With sizes 6-14, you can find men's sneakers that allow you to achieve your fitness goals.


Recommended Option


The Elevate men's training sneakers are ideal for an active lifestyle. These Spendless NZ shoes feature a thick, gripped sole for extra support and traction, breathable mesh materials, and laces for an adjustable and secure fit. A pull tab at the back allows you to wear these men's sneakers quickly.


Style 2—Skate/Casual


Nothing beats a pair of skate/casual shoes when dressing up for casual wear. These versatile men's sneakers are perfect for running errands, meeting friends, or walking your dog. Their effortless style and functionality make them a favourite among guys who want to look good with minimal effort. These men's sneakers provide style and performance, characteristics essential for skateboarding, casual wear, and everyday activities. You can tell the shoes are skate/casual because of their flat soles and prominent tongue, which work together to provide added support and comfort.


The Spendless NZ Collection 


Spendless NZ understands that guys have different tastes in skate/casual shoes. That's why we offer variety to cater to everyone's needs. The brand's men's sneakers come in high-top and low-cut options. The first extends to your ankles, providing excellent protection, style, and a durable ride. These men's sneakers are popular among skateboarders who need extra ankle protection when performing challenging tricks and spins. The high-top design ensures your ankles are safe from injuries, while the durable materials provide long-lasting wear.

On the other hand, Spendless NZ's low-cut men's sneakers are in demand for their minimal design that does not cover the ankles. However, this style still offers ankle padding to remain injury-free and comfortable. The low-cut men's sneakers are available in lace-up and slip-on options, unlike the high-tops, which only come with laces. 

Colour-wise, the Spendless NZ skate/casual collection is available in five colours: black, brown, green, grey, or white. White men's sneakers have become popular and are a fashion trend across the globe. If you haven't joined the trend yet, now is the best time to do it. White men's sneakers are versatile and a must-have in every wardrobe. However, we suggest getting a green pair of men's sneakers if you want something different. The pop of colour against your usual whites or blacks is a subtle way of boosting your style and making a statement. Green men's sneakers are perfect for adding a touch of personality to your outfit without being too bold. 

Finding the right fit is essential when shopping for shoes. Wearing tight men's sneakers that hurt can ruin your day and make it difficult to perform even the simplest tasks. Spendless NZ skate/casual shoes are available in sizes 6 to 14, ensuring you find the perfect fit.


Recommended Option


The Canon men's skate/casual sneakers from Spendless NZ are an excellent choice. These cosy shoes scream minimalist elegance at first glance. With features like high-shine material and pin-punched detailing for style and springy soles, malleable material, and lace fastenings for comfort and function, Canon has everything you need for a casual day out! 


Choose Spendless NZ Mens' Sneakers!


Consider the following scenario: you are on a tight budget, but you still want to get a pair of high-quality season styles running shoes for training or casual wear that are capable of competing with well-known brands such as Puma, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas Men's Sneakers, Converse All-Star, New Balance, or Adidas Originals. If that is the case, you need to learn more about Spendless NZ.

Head to the nearest retailer or shop online for shoes perfect for training and casual wear. Shopping for more than one pair is guilt-free with Spendless NZ's flexible payment systems, which enable you to purchase now and pay in instalments later.