Men’s Sneakers Perfect for Work and the Weekend!

What would you reply if we asked which footwear you’d love to wear for work and the weekend? We’d guess it’ll be men’s sneakers, an answer we would second. These shoes are always in-season because they serve multiple purposes and look good each time. 

This footwear has fast become a staple in guys’ wardrobes. These shoes appeared in various events, from casual hangouts, picnics, barbecues, sports, and even special occasions.

Sneakers from Spendless New Zealand are versatile, so whichever kind you choose, they’ll likely fit right in with your wardrobe and match everything. 

You’ll love how these shoes are perfect for the workplace, where you spend most of your days, and the weekend when you prefer to relax and de-stress.

You might be unsure because people have always used it for the gym or workouts. But our team from Spendless New Zealand is here to give you all the dirt on these shoes and why they’ve gone beyond their initial purpose.

What are Sneakers?

One of the best ways guys expresses themselves is through their footwear. What they’re wearing below the ankles talks much about what they prioritise, even if they don’t realise it immediately.

They are all-around footwear that gets guys from point A to point B stylishly and comfortably. Sneakerheads, or people who support and know so much about these shoes, will agree that the style, colours, and materials speak so much about the wearer.

While the intention was initially to protect guys as they do strenuous activities, "sneaks" have shifted to providing utmost comfort ALL the time. 

Over time, the styles and designs evolved, making them suitable for activities beyond the gym, such as work and the weekend.

Men’s sneakers that are perfect for work

Offices are becoming more casual and lenient; also, mens sneakers are becoming more upscale. Still, it’s essential to find out what your office requires before deciding to come to work in these shoes.

Work can be stressful, especially when a deadline is coming up or meetings fill your calendar. Stress manifests physically, sometimes through headaches and stiff shoulders, among others. Now that’s out of the way, let’s discuss how these are perfect for work.

Wearing comfortable sneakers can lessen what your body goes through, helping you carry the brunt as you deal with all the stress. Besides, some styles don’t even look like your typical sneakers, as they have become less casual. So allow our team to expound.

Dressing up your shoes starts with choosing the materials. If you want to wear these to work, stay away from the likes of trainers. Look into the skate/casual styles from Spendless New Zealand.

Colour is a significant factor also, especially if your workplace is more formal. In this situation, the safest choice of colour is neutral ones, mainly black and brown.

Consider some of the available ones from Spendless NZ, like the brown slip-on canvas shoes with a thin sole and rounded-toe design. 

These shoes are a step between a loafer and traditional men’s running shoes, giving you comfort and sleekness. In addition, they have a shiny finish adding a modern look to your work outfit.

If you want to look great while wearing these men’s trainers to work, pair them with slacks and a button-down shirt. Remember that wearing baggy clothes projects an unkempt image, so we suggest well-tailored outfits.

Please make the most of your slip-ons and take them out on weekends too. Travelling with this footwear is a breeze because they’re low maintenance and easy to pack.

They Are Perfect for the Weekend!

While there are more limitations when choosing the ideal men’s shoes for work, all those restrictions fly out the window once the weekend comes. Unless the event you’re going to has specific dress code requirements, any kind from Spendless New Zealand is appropriate.

Still from the skate/casual collection, lace-up trainers are the perfect weekend companions. They look great, they feel good, and they match your wardrobe.

The most famous of these would be the white men’s sneaks, which have been on most magazine spreads, blogs, and runway shows. For starters, white exudes an image of cleanliness and purity.

More importantly, the design has your comfort as a top priority. Their breathability will keep your feet fresh, while the padded collar supports your ankle.

Wearing white shoes with any outfit automatically elevates the look. They go well with denim, chinos, and shorts of any colour. The styling potential is endless without the need to overhaul your wardrobe.

Dig deeper into your closets as these shoes match unstructured suits and tailored trousers. Most guys think they can’t pull off men’s running shoes with this look, but don’t sell yourself short. The key is to be more daring and confident.

Use accessories to make men's sneakers even better for the weekend. Big watches, shades, crossbody bags, and hats are some of the things that can make your vibe weekend ready.

White men’s sneaks are also suitable for casual Fridays at work, so it’s wise to get one! The ones available at Spendless New Zealand have sorted your weekend fashion.

Why choose Spendless New Zealand?

Spendless New Zealand knows what you need even before you realise it. The styles available will give you the following:

  • Comfort you need every day.
  • Versatility that allows you to wear them at work and during weekends.
  • Matches your entire closet.
  • Affordability that saves your wallet from going over the budget.

Step Out in Style Daily! (We Dare You to Compare Our Brand With Adidas Men's Sneakers!)

Men (and women) can choose from a vast range of top fusion brands, including Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Converse All-Star, Adidas Originals, Puma, New Balance, Asics, Vans, and Nike. In addition, the Spendless NZ brand features the best sneaks and running shoes at the best price. So you may be on a budget, but you don't need to sacrifice quality or comfort for the perfect look.

You never have to worry about looking good every day because Spendless New Zealand sneakers are perfect for work and the weekend! Instead, join this trend by heading to the online shop or the nearest store.