Men’s Sneakers That Are On-Trend!

It’s the second half of the year, and it’s time to check out the new styles of men’s sneakers to add to the collection. Keeping track of all the latest styles, colours, and designs can be challenging and overwhelming. 


Not to mention, buying shoes to keep up with the trend can be costly and damaging to the budget. 


The key is to find timeless styles that do not fade into oblivion. There are men’s sneakers that keep coming back, so it’s safer to have them in the closet. 


You will get your money’s worth knowing that you invested in shoes that will still be there the next month or year. 


Get the hang of identifying timeless styles with the help of the team at Spendless New Zealand. With Spendless NZ men’s sneakers, you’ll never go out of fashion again!


Style 1—High-Top


Unknown to everyone, high-tops have been there for years. But since it’s only now that more people have paid attention to this classic style, it wasn’t as popular as the low-top styles that dominated men’s footwear for years. 


Why should you add high tops to your shoe closet?


These offer a unique look with their extended collar that covers the ankles. Wear them in winter because they provide the same coverage as boots. 


If you’re a fan of the early days of basketball, you’ve likely seen former top players sporting high-tops. Wearing these shoes evokes a nostalgic appeal, bringing back childhood memories. 


This is all the rage now, a sort of homage to the early years. Almost weekly, new styles of high-tops emerge. However, for the love of sustainability and your wallet, stick to one kind that will stay for years, like Arnold. 


Spendless NZ’s Arnold is a black pair of high-tops with a lace-up design, a slim shape, and stylish contrasting stitches. These shoes look amazing with skinny jeans and a round-neck shirt, making them ideal for casually hanging out with your friends.


Style 2—White


White sneakers have been the talk of the town for years. The shoes offer a clean and minimalist look, which appeals to sneakerheads looking for simplicity and a timeless look. 


Not everyone appreciates too many colours or shapes because they are challenging to wear. But with white sneakers, that won’t be a problem.


These shoes have a crisp and fresh appearance, which elevates all kinds of outfits—from casual shorts to navy suits. 


Yes, we’ve witnessed a couple of grooms get married in matching white sneakers with their brides. Guys of all ages own different forms of white shoes—laced, slip-on, and trainers. 


The popular Spendless NZ white sneakers come with laces. Join other guys who keep adding Henley to their shoe closet. 


These skate shoes have blue ankle padding and flat soles. Wear them with denim jeans and a black cardigan for an elevated look for a night out in town with your friends.


Style 3—Trainers


With guys going into a more active lifestyle, the clamour for trainers has gone up. These ensure guys remain protected and stable in the gym. 


From lateral movements to jumps and squats, you can be comfortable because of the necessary features found in trainers. These sneakers have cushioning and supportive soles that absorb impact so that you won’t feel the strain. 


Flexible and breathable materials ensure your feet are comfortable and fresh all day. We don’t want smelly feet, which usually result from sweat and moisture.


Have you noticed the rise in popularity of athleisure and sportswear in fashion? As more people incorporate sporty elements into their daily outfits, so does their interest in owning trainers. 


Even those who don’t work out or go to the gym wear these clothes and sneakers because they are stylish and comfortable. The trainers at Spendless NZ come in four colours: black, blue, grey, and white. Gridlock is an excellent pair of sneakers to add to your collection. 


Gridlock will ensure you look and feel great while doing strenuous exercises thanks to the customisable lace-up fit, excellent traction, and vegan-friendly materials.


Synthetic materials are durable and can withstand wear and tear. When you buy vegan-friendly sneakers, not only do you ensure your safety and the footwear’s longevity, but you also get to protect the environment. 


These shoes are cruelty-free, meaning the production did not harm any animals.


Style 4—Hiking


Sport is a massive part of a New Zealand guy’s life. With hiking trails left and right, no wonder men’s hiking sneakers are on-trend. 


The growing interest in outdoor activities and adventurous pursuits has boosted the demand for sports-specific mens sneakers like hiking shoes. 


Never venture into these activities without the proper shoes because you need features like support, durability, and traction to keep you steady and safe throughout.


Rookies and experts get these because they understand the need for specific shoes on the trail. Unfamiliar terrain, soft ground, sharp objects, and other natural elements can make or break your hike. 


If you’re not wearing the proper footwear, you can fall and break your bones, which is not the best way to remember your experience.Have fun exploring New Zealand’s beautiful outdoors with the help of Spendless NZ’s Border. 


These have extra padding around the ankle, a sturdy sole for a firm grip, and an all-around robust design to protect you from everything.And since you’ll be stepping on soft ground, dirt, and mud, ensure you clean them off when you get home. 


Muck on your hiking or running shoes can weaken the material and shorten their lifespan. It’s a pity to find the perfect hiking shoes only to lose them because you did not maintain them well.


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