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Activewear is the best place to start


Our collection of classic men’s sneakers get built for sports, workouts at the gym, your daily run, and so much more. Shoes like these fuse function and form expertly, and come with great bursts of colour and sleek designs. Breathable mesh lining allows air to circulate and stops feet from getting too hot, while the changeable laces allow for a quick fit alteration. Any of these men’s sneakers will afford you the support and balance you need to push yourself!


Are you looking for men’s sneakers that can handle sports like soccer or football?


At Spendless Shoes, we have some essential styles that are suited for the field. Our footy and soccer boots come with standard cleats on the soles, so you will always maintain excellent grip. Instead of slipping, sliding, or rolling your ankles, these fantastic men’s sneakers let you turn and move, stop and run, react quickly, and play at your best level. You can rework the fit to your liking and loosen or tighten these too since they have laced uppers.


Who says men’s sneakers can only be for sports?


Our casual trainers are a must-have item for any guy’s wardrobe. Not only are they a fantastic trans-seasonal option that you can wear throughout the year, but they are also incredibly comfortable. While our laid-back men’s sneakers don’t have the action-ready tread present on some of our other styles, they still give excellent support. Spending all day on your feet or out and about will be no issue with these on your feet.


For the lightest option, try some of our canvas-look men’s sneakers. These shoes will always be an easy match with jeans and a t-shirt, so they’re a go-to pair on any day. We recommend a classic all-white design since the colour won’t clash with any other items in your wardrobe.


At Spendless Shoes, our hi-top men’s sneakers could also be a prime choice in your next shopping cart. These high-cut styles have a flat sole and cool black-and-white colour scheme. We love men’s sneakers of this sort with skinny jeans since they highlight the shape at the ankle. Plus, a trendy set of these will give any outfit a style boost.


Have you considered a formal design?


While classic dress shoes always look sharp, they can be a pain to wear at long events if you aren’t used to them. Men’s sneakers can help dress down outfits in a smart-casual setting and make you look relaxed and confident. Plus, the comfy design will support your feet for hours, whether you’re sitting, dancing, or mingling. The men’s sneakers that do the trick, in this case, should be either black, navy, or grey. For the best effect, match the colours with a clothing article, such as a jacket. This colour-link will make your ensemble and men’s sneakers seem well-matched.  


What about something extreme?


Believe it or not, some of our best styles for hiking are upgraded men’s sneakers! Even if you live in the city, New Zealand has great tracks and trails waiting close by. If you’re the type of guy who likes taking himself off on an adventure or looks for a challenge, then you probably know that already. Still, if you’re going to tackle the landscape properly, then you need men’s sneakers of a different kind! Our hardy hiking styles come with ankle padding for protection, grooved soles to keep you steady, and tough material to top it all off. In extreme conditions or rough terrain, you need our durable men’s sneakers to see you through!


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