Men's Sneakers That Won't Break the Bank

Adding to your growing collection of men's sneakers can be entertaining until you realise how much it drains your finances. You love looking at your shoe closet's colours and styles, but bills are piling up, so you must stop. 

What should you do?

First, you pay your bills and prioritise your responsibilities. Then, when that's out of the way, look for a brand of sneakers that can provide you with styles that won't break the bank. Do you have a brand in mind?

Spendless New Zealand, of course!

The styles of sneakers available in its collection are too good to pass up. And because they're affordable, you can start building up your collection again. 

Furthermore, with the flexible payment systems at Spendless NZ, you can purchase the shoes you like now and pay for them later. Isn't that offer too good to pass up?

Let's get to know the pairs that won't break the bank. Read on to learn more about them!


Men's skate sneaks have evolved from skateboard shoes to everyday streetwear. These shoes combine fashion and function, with the flat soles and oversized tongue being their reasons for popularity. 

The soles aim to ensure the skater can feel the board beneath their feet, while the giant tongue guarantees they don't get injured while doing tricks. 

These same features draw non-skaters to the shoes for their aesthetic. In addition, these also range from $20 to $50, which will stay within your budget.

Style 1—Slip-On

The popularity of slip-ons skyrocketed because of their ease of use. With busy schedules and packed itineraries, guys prefer shoes that don't make a fuss. These will take seconds without fastenings, reducing prep time.

And as for being stylish, the slip-on shoes are top-tier because they can pass off as less casual and more business-like when you dress them up! 

But, on the other hand, you can wear them when you feel like taking it slow or if you have a date and feel like taking your style up a notch! Take the brown pair, for example, with their shiny finish and elastic side gussets.

Style 2—White Laced-Up

Shoe collections are incomplete without white lace-ups. Check social media posts, and this footwear style is always trending. 

Owning one of these shoes in white is every collector's goal because they work well with everything. As a result, these shoes have graced casual and formal events, often with grooms wearing them on their big day.

Wearing these is like walking on clouds, thanks to their breathability and comfort. While maintaining their clean aesthetic requires time and effort, cleaning them is worth it. 

The available Spendless NZ pair deserves a spot in your shoe closet for its contrasting ankle padding, laces, and flat sole. What more can you ask for?


New Zealand guys love to keep themselves fit. Being active in the gym and doing workouts keeps the guys healthy and stress-free. 

But these strenuous activities require men's trainers to protect and support your feet. With a price range from $30 to mid-$50, you can add affordable and supportive trainers to your shoe collection.

These men's trainers from Spendless NZ are available in grey and white, colours that match all your athleisure wear. But apart from their aesthetic fashion, you'll love these trainers more for their function.

These have supportive soles that absorb shock when you jump and run during exercises. More importantly, they have great treads that keep you steady and stable during workouts requiring lateral movements. 

Specific activities require side-to-side movements that can twist your ankles and cause accidents if you're not wearing a pair that is capable of supporting you. 

So add any Spendless NZ trainers to your collection now to start achieving your fitness goals!

Sports Specific

Participating in sports is an excellent way to keep your mind off things and maintain a healthy lifestyle. But joining in sports like hiking, football, or rugby can be hazardous if you're not wearing the correct men's trainers. 

These sports-specific shoes are more affordable, priced between $30 and $50, than getting treated at a hospital for injuries. And while you need these to protect you from injuries, wearing them is a major plus because they look good too!

Sports 1—Hiking

Whether you're a local or a tourist, you can't deny the beautiful scenery and hiking trails around New Zealand. 

And while we encourage you to take part in hikes to explore these wonders, you need to invest in a pair that will help you navigate uneven and soft ground. These shoes will help you push your boundaries while keeping you steady and safe.

Features like extra padding around the ankle, a robust sole with superior grip, and an aesthetic look to match are all you need to convince you to save a spot in your closet for this footwear 

No amount of mud, soft and slippery ground, or extreme weather can keep you from enjoying New Zealand's outdoors when you have these hiking shoes!

Sports 2—Football or Rugby

Indulge your competitive spirit when you tackle your opponent in football or rugby. But never forget to wear the men's runners from Spendless New Zealand to keep you safe. 

Injuries are not good and can affect your life permanently. And if you're into this game and see yourself playing more frequently, it's best to get your hands on these shoes.

The cleats help you perform under pressure, providing a solid hold and grip on the ground you run on and ensuring you're stable when you make quick direction changes. 

In addition, the bright orange design warns your opponent that you're on your way to steal the ball. So add these shoes to your collection and have fun on the field all day!

Spendless NZ Has Budget-Friendly Shoes (We Guarantee You Won't Pay As Much As You Would for Adidas Men's Sneakers)!

Never worry about your budget when Spendless NZ provides you with quality sneakers. Head to the nearest store or shop online to add to the collection now!

Our selection of affordable footwear features cushioned soles that are ideal for any journey and is available in a rainbow of colours. Therefore, if you want to save money without compromising quality, Spendless NZ is the place to go.

Polo Ralph Lauren, New Balance, Converse All-Star, Adidas Men's Sneakers (Adidas Originals), Asics, Vans, Puma, and Nike are some of the top brands making men's sneakers. However, the best sneakers and running shoes may be found at Spendless NZ.

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