Men's Sneakers You Can Wear From the Desk to Dinner!

Guys have always liked practical stuff. They prefer items they can use more than once. Clothes and shoes they can wear on multiple occasions and for numerous purposes get included in their closet. With the proliferation of men's sneakers, it won't take long for guys to add them to their wardrobe rotation, and rightfully so.


Men's sneakers are ideal for modern men looking to boost their work and after-work wardrobes. Finding ways to make work more comfortable and chill can be tricky if the company has strict uniform requirements. However, lenient workplaces will be accepting, allowing employees to come to work in something more casual and comfortable. As for dinner outfits, most options for men's runners can complement everything to the point that some guys have worn these shoes to their weddings. Should you join the trend?


The growing number of sneakerheads across the globe is proof that men's runners are a must in your closet. These shoes boost your style without trying too hard, proving their unmatched versatility, style, and comfort. Are you convinced yet?


If not, you may change your mind after seeing the available options at Spendless New Zealand. The brand has a reputation for providing an inclusive and well-curated collection of men's sneakers you can wear from the desk to dinner. Discover them with the help of the team from Spendless NZ. If you're ready, let's start!


Style 1—Slip-On


Adding a pair of men's slip-on sneakers to your wardrobe is a game-changer. These shoes will complete your workday and evening plans. For starters, these men's sneakers look different from rugged shoes. With their sleek canvas style, these shoes can pass off as your typical loafer. The best part about these shoes is the time to wear them. 


If you've been out late the night before, waking up to your alarm can be difficult. You're likely to hit the snooze button a couple of times. But since you don't want to be late for work, you must cut your preparation time in half. Luckily, men's slip-on sneakers are the easiest to wear. Guys don't have to fumble with shoelaces in the morning rush; you can slip them on and be out the door within seconds.


Once the workday ends, these shoes can transition effortlessly from the workplace to your favourite restaurant. Wear them with dressy outfits, and you're automatically date-ready. Step out into your day with any men's slip-on sneakers from the Spendless NZ collection.


Cedric has always been a crowd favourite from the brand's inclusive collection. These men's sneakers come in a stylish shade of brown, which matches well with navy blue. Look ruggedly handsome in Cedric, with its thin sole, round-toe design, and subtle shiny finish for a modern look. These shoes have elasticised side gussets, which expand to accommodate any foot shape and revert for a snug fit.


Style 2—White


Boost your modern professional vibe by mixing in a pair of white men's sneakers for your office and dinner engagements. The crisp, minimalist design complements your work attire, ensuring your entire look blends seamlessly. These shoes add a sense of fashion-forwardness to your vibe, ensuring you keep up with the times. The clean and pristine look adds freshness, making you look younger and more relaxed despite stressful work moments.


Grooms who wore these shoes to their weddings proved they go well with suits. Recycle the case and white men's runners' combo to work and to your dinner engagements—a dapper look that will impress your colleagues and dinner date.


Because white men's runners are a thing, several options are available everywhere. However, choosing Spendless NZ over others is wise because the brand prioritises your needs. It knows that you need premium-quality options that fit your budget. And it doesn't disappoint. The affordable Spendless NZ white men's sneakers will boost your work without making you feel guilty about the purchase.


Henley offers a casual, minimalist style that guys go crazy for. The lack of frivolity—with only ankle padding, laces, and flat soles as design—adds to these shoes' appeal. Can you imagine an all-black or navy-blue ensemble with these shoes as an accent piece? Perfect!


However, these shoes would require maintenance to keep providing the crisp, clean vibe you need to boost your appeal. Here are some easy steps:


1. Add a layer of protection upon purchase.


Protect your white men's runners upon unboxing, even before you wear them for the first time. Use a water and stain protection spray to shield them from dirt and other elements. Ensure you repeat this step every 2 to 3 weeks.


2. Wipe after every wear.


Wipe your shoes after every use to remove surface dirt. The longer you leave earth on your shoes, the more challenging it is to remove them. Use a dry toothbrush to remove dirt on the surface gently. Knock the boots together to get the loose soil attached to the crevices. For more challenging dirt, dampen a white cloth, add mild soap, and gently wipe off the filth.


3. Keep moisture away.


Always keep your shoes dry. If wet, dry your boots naturally. Keep them away from direct heat sources like the sun or radiator heaters. Hasten the drying process by using scrunched-up newspapers. Place them inside the footwear and leave them there to absorb the moisture. Replace the newspapers every few hours to speed it up.


4. Cover the scratches.


Use white nail polish to cover the scratches on your white men's runners. Ensure you include the soles to hide visible scuffs.


5. Store them properly.


Never expose your white sneakers to floating dust; that is the most effortless way to get them dirty. Invest in shoe racks or cabinets for storage if you have enough floor space. If space is a problem, store your footwear inside shoe bags, which you can hang behind the door. 


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