Men’s Summer Style Guide!


Guys, it’s time to start your shop for summer!

Don’t stress, because Spendless is here to guide you to the best men’s casual shoes. Are you searching for some inspiration, or do you have an idea of what you want already? It doesn’t matter what sort of men’s casual shoes are on your shopping list, because we’ve got styles that will suit all of your needs! Our shelves get stocked with sandals, jandals, sneakers, loafers, and all sorts of other designs. Grab your men’s casual shoes from Spendless, and you can step into the summer with confidence.


What are the features of a decent hot-weather style? 


New Zealand is known for changeable weather conditions, but in summer, you’re guaranteed to need men’s casual shoes that can stand the heat! As such, you should be on the lookout for partially-open styles that allow air circulation, so that your feet won’t get too hot and sweaty. Depending on where you plan to spend the season, you might seek out specific features also. For instance, if you plan to soak up the sunshine down at the beach or by the poolside, then your men’s casual shoes could do with some water-resistance.


Sneakers are the perfect item for any season


As far as men’s casual shoes go, you can’t go wrong with a pair of trainers. Spendless has everything from classic gym footwear to slim-lined skate styles, so you’ve got your pick of the lot from this collection. Long-lasting comfort is the first big bonus, and simple styling is the second marvellous feature. If you’re the sort of guy who spends his downtime in workout gear, or someone who lives in denim jeans and shorts, then you’re going to get your fair share of wear out of these men’s casual shoes. This season, we recommend a set of sleek and flat-soled sneakers for your collection, since they’re an instant any-day pair. So, grab your new trainers today!  


Who says boots are a winter-only men’s casual shoes?


Boots are a staple in any season, especially if you’re heading outdoors. These men’s casual shoes are a must-have for weddings, musical festivals, and other special occasions during the warmer months. We know that you’ll welcome the extra protection that boots provide your feet. Besides, these stylish and versatile men’s casual shoes are an excellent substitute for other formal footwear, and they feel more modern! This season, you have the option of a black or tan pair, so you’re free to choose whichever suits your summertime aesthetic the best.


Get beach-ready with reef-walkers and other men’s casual shoes! 


Our beach thongs are an essential pair of men’s casual shoes. Anyone who loves spending time in the surf and the sand will love the ease of wear and fast-cleaning material. You can kick on these men’s casual shoes, take a stroll along the shoreline, and when it’s time to go home, you can rinse them off in seconds. These breezy jandals only have one rival, and that’s our reef-walkers. Men’s casual shoes from this category come with touch-fastening straps instead of a slip-in fit, so they’re more secure on your feet. Clambering across slippery rocks, stepping over pointy shells, and wading through seaweed will be no trouble. Our reef-walkers come with thick, flexible, and sturdy soles, so they’re the ideal men’s casual shoes to on your next adventure. Campers, fishers, and explorers should all have a pair to take into 2020.


You’ll see all these (and more) at Spendless today!


If you like the sound of any of these men’s casual shoes, then visit us online sometime. Spendless has a vast and affordable range of styles, so we always satisfy customers. Let us help you take 2020 by storm in the ultimate men’s casual shoes!