Mens Boots Perfect For Work And Play!

Work hard and play harder with men’s boots from Spendless Shoes! Now is the perfect time to update your collection with a new pair of shoes. So, what’s on your 2021 shopping list? Are you on the lookout for a new set of casual men’s boots that you can wear all day and every day? What about a replacement for a favourite pair of work shoes that you know you need to retire soon? 


Here at Spendless Shoes, we’ve got so many great men’s boots for you to try out this season. So, would you like to get a closer look at our styles? We’re sure that you’ll be satisfied with a pair of our top-tier men’s boots! 


Who’s looking for some trendy combat or biker-style men’s boots?


You can’t go wrong with these classic shoes! Formal men’s boots are versatile, but that doesn’t mean that they’re always going to bring the vibe you need to your outfit. When you’re off to a party, concert, bar, or relaxed get-together with your mates, you’ll want something that can bring a laidback and trendy feel to your outfit. 


Lucky for you, Spendless Shoes has the perfect men’s boots in mind! Our combat styles are glossy lace-up shoes with thick soles and a bold look. They’re a fantastic match with jeans (dark denim is a popular choice), your favourite t-shirt, and a black leather jacket. Since these men’s boots can complement an array of different outfits, you’ll never have trouble matching it with things out of your wardrobe. What do you think? Would a biker or combat-inspired pair suit your aesthetic?


Do you need hard-wearing men’s boots for work?


Spendless Shoes has an excellent collection of styles suitable for tradesmen, construction workers, guys who work with heavy machinery, and anyone who needs safety shoes! We’ve given our men’s boots a plethora of protective features, including steel-capped toes, rubber outsoles, built-in arch support, ankle padding, shock-absorbing soles, and more.


As such, it should be no surprise that Spendless’ workwear is approved by the Australian Safety Standards. You’ve got a few options to choose from when you buy men’s boots from our selection too! We’ve got lace-up pairs, pull-on styles, and different colour options to keep things interesting. Take a look for yourself this season!   


Who needs men’s boots that they can wear out to functions in 2021?


Lace-up styles are a top favourite for guys who want formal shoes with a bit more protection. With their slim shape, glossy material, and classic lace-up top, these men’s boots are almost identical to dress shoes. The biggest difference is that you get extra coverage for your ankles and more padding under the soles, but the aesthetic is the same. Do you like the idea of men’s boots that you can wear with a suit or your best formal pants? Our lace-up men’s boots are the ideal choice for you. 


Of course, if you’d prefer something with a more modern feel, then our pull-on styles would be a great option instead. The glossy or matte material will bring a suave feel, while the elasticised side panels round out the look.


What about something to wear out in the garden or shed?


Before you go, you should consider some of our basic men’s boots for your collection. Spendless has some great waterproof styling that will work well in any season. 


During winter, you won’t need to worry about rain, puddles, mud, or wet grass ruining these when you go outside to do jobs.


In summer, these tall men’s boots will keep you safe from prickles, bugs, and other hazards out in the yard. Plus, they take seconds to clean!


Which styles would you like?


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