Mens Boots That Are Perfect For A Night In Christchurch!

The perfect men’s boots for a night in Christchurch!

Are you going to a sophisticated event? 

Formal men’s boots are the way to go! Our sleek lace-up and pull-on styles will be a natural match with dress pants or a full suit. Glossy black men’s boots are the dressiest, so save them for weddings and black-tie occasions. If you want your ensemble to feel more daring and modern, then brown pairs are the ones to choose. Which of these men’s boots do you think would match your formal aesthetic the best?

Off to a party? Biker-style men’s boots are a great match! 

While combat styles are similar to our lace-up designs, they bring a lot more attitude! Save these men’s boots for fun nights at the bar or club with your mates, concerts, backyard parties, and other casual events. On our biker shoes, the shiny finish and bulky soles create a cool contrast. Men’s boots in this look could dress up with tight pants and a collared shirt or dress down with ripped jeans and a tank top. How would you style a pair?

Are you working the night shift?

Our work-ready men’s boots have got you covered. Not everyone works in an office from 9 am to 5 pm. If you’re a tradesman, developer, or work in the construction industry, then there’s a good chance that you’ll be expected on-site for a late-night shift. If so, you’ll need a hardy pair of men’s boots to protect your feet while you’re on the job. Here at Spendless Shoes, our tough shoes are Australian Safety Standard approved, and boast all sorts of great features. You can expect steel-capped toes, arch support, grooved soles, robust material, and more from men’s boots of this type. Like many of our other styles, these job-ready shoes come in two main types, which are lace-up or pull-on designs. If you need extra protection from dust and dirt, then we recommend lace-up men’s boots, as these can cinch tighter around the ankles and keep debris from getting to your socks. 

How about rain-ready styles? 

During rainy weather, waterproof men’s boots aren’t the worse idea either. While you might not take them out to party, if you’re going to be outdoors in wet and windy conditions, then rain boots are a sensible option. Instead of risking your everyday men’s boots with each step across a muddy lawn or pathway, you can stomp where you like and without a care in the world. After all, if these sturdy synthetic shoes do get dirty, they aren’t a challenge to clean. You can hose these waterproof men’s boots down or wipe them up with a sponge or tissue, and they’ll be as good as new again. Plus, you’ll get plenty of use out of this pair during sunny days too; they’re excellent for wear outdoors when you’ve got messy jobs to do. 

Are you having a quiet night inside?

Who says that your night in Christchurch can’t be a relaxing one at home? If you’re a homebody or need to rest and recuperate after a busy week, then slippers are the men’s boots that you need. Soft and warm, these fluffy indoor styles will soothe aches and pains after a long day on your feet. Since these men’s boots are lightweight and plush, you can wear them on the couch or your bed, and you’ll be free to kick back and relax in comfort. And, don’t worry— our slippers will look great with your pyjamas, sweatpants, and other loungewear. 

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