Mens Sandals Don’t Have To Be Ugly, Spendless Have You Covered!

Stylish Men's Sandals


Ready to start your search for the hottest men’s sandals of 2019? Spendless Shoes will keep you looking fresh and stylish!


Trendy slides


If style is on your mind, then our slides are sure to satisfy. These enjoyed popularity late last year and continue to go strong in 2019. The look of these men’s sandals is a simple one, with a flat and smooth base topped by a single thick band. The peep-toe design is airy and feels relaxed.


One of our hottest men’s sandals of this kind has a retro black and white finish for added style. They make a fantastic everyday pair during warm weather, but you could wear these all year long if you wanted to. You’ll find similar versions of these super slides for ladies and kids too.


Good-looking gladiators


When we talk about gladiator-style men’s sandals, your mind probably jumps to strappy styles and toga parties. Don’t be fooled— it’s time you change the way you think about these. Gladiators are some of our most popular looks this season.


Spendless Shoes has smooth and cool gladiators that will look great in your wardrobe. These partially-enclosed men’s sandals have a sporty-looking sole and an airy design. With some nice chino pants or shorts, a dress shirt, and a good jacket, these men’s sandals will provide a great break from your standard formal shoes. In a pair of these, you can look confident, comfortable, and ready for anything.


Bold Birkenstock-inspired styles


If the best men’s sandals are what you want, then you can’t go past our Birkenstock-inspired styles. With a leather sock for excellent air circulation and flexibility, comfy contoured innersoles, and two classic buckled straps, these slide-on men’s sandals bring the best mix of function and style. Like gladiators, these can be dressed up or down as you like with the right outfit, so you’re sure to get your money’s worth of wear. At Spendless Shoes, we love this look so much, we’ve made designs to fit the whole family!


Why not enjoy the water while you can?


Of course, our range of men’s sandals isn’t just for the fashion-focused fellas. We have heaps of casual men’s sandals that are fun, look great, and do their jobs well! Spendless has time-tested footwear that excels in soggy settings like the beach or poolside.


Our classic PVC thongs, flip-flops, jandals, and men’s sandals can handle their fair share of wear in the water. They dry off fast, are comfy and lightweight, and can be an instant go-to pair to slip on whenever. Need a pair of easily-replaced shoes to keep by the backdoor or in your car? These are the right men’s sandals for the job!


Outstanding looks for an outdoorsman


We have even tougher men’s sandals for the outdoors. Reef-walkers from Spendless Shoes come in nice block colours, so there’s no need to worry about ugly colours or patterns. Men’s sandals of this sort don’t just look good; they also focus on practicality and safety. As such, touch-fastening straps and an excellent bottom tread always get included.


You can wear these men’s sandals out to dinner with friends or family at a picnic, park, backyard barbeque, pub, or outdoor seaside restaurant. As a hard-wearing everyday style, these men’s sandals also make the ultimate travel pair!


The best prices to go around


Did we mention that our men’s sandals are oh-so-affordable? At Spendless Shoes, we work hard to ensure that customers always get styles at the best prices available. While our leather men’s sandals cost slightly more than our synthetic kinds, all of our shoes are low-priced. After all, new shoes should be exciting, not something that makes your wallet feel the pinch!