Mens Sandals That Are Perfect For Summertime!

Looking For The Perfect Men's Sandals

So, you’re in the market for a new pair of men’s sandals. You’re already ahead of the game since you're looking at Spendless Shoes. We’re here to take the complications out of your next shopping trip, and direct you to your ideal pair!


Depending on what your summer tends to look like, the best sort of men’s sandals for your wardrobe will be vastly different to someone else’s. Thankfully, we’ve had the liberty of a little bit of forethought before creating our 2019 list. Down below, you’ll see several different design options that Spendless Shoes has on offer, as well as a bit about where, how, and why you might wear them. So, take a glance at our men’s sandals, and see if there’s anything that piques your interest!


The casual pair for surf, sand, and the outdoors


You can’t head into summer without a decent set of jandals! Spendless Shoes has waterproof, easy-to-clean, lightweight men’s sandals that should do the trick. If you’re heading down to the beach to soak up the sunshine, going fishing, or planning on cooling off in the water, then these PVC shoes are the obvious pick. Men’s sandals from this collection have a simple slide-on fit, bendy material, and feel great on your feet. Also, their open design is essential during scorching hot days, especially if you’re prone to sweaty feet!


Level up with our reef-walker men’s sandals


The next outdoor styles to entertain would be our reef-walkers. These are sturdier and more resilient than beach jandals and offer additional benefits. Guys who need men’s sandals that can go in and out of the water, grip onto wet rocks, and protect their feet, will appreciate these for sure! The touch-fastening straps help guarantee that you won’t lose your shoes when your feet sink into sand and seaweed. And, like our previous pairs, these men’s sandals clean up fast, so you can get your fair share of wear out of them.


Enjoy durability and flexibility from our slides 


Jandals are fit for a season or two, but if you’re looking for something more durable, then our hard-wearing men’s sandals are the way to go. These come with grooved soles for additional grip and support on rough surfaces. Whether you’re traipsing through the grass in your backyard, tromping across gravel, or need to keep your feet away from spikey scrubland, the thick soles are an asset that you can’t pass up. And, unlike jandals, these men’s sandals can also dress up, if need be. While we wouldn’t recommend them at a fancy restaurant, these shoes will look alright with a collared shirt and chino shorts.  


Treat yourself to something more formal


Comfort and style are paramount to these men’s sandals! At Spendless, our gladiator and Birkenstock-inspired styles are hot weather favourites! Birkenstock men's sandals feature two buckled straps, contoured innersoles, and the comfiest all-day wear. Gladiators are known for their partially-enclosed look, and their fun relaxed vibes. Both of these are a great alternative to classic formal shoes once the summer heat is in full swing. Even on a mild night, you could dress these men’s sandals to impress with a suede or leather jacket. In the meantime, they make an easy errand-running or weekend pair. We can’t recommend these enough, particularly if you’re looking for go-to men’s sandals that can handle spring and summer!


Did any of these men's sandals catch your eye? 


If not, there’s nothing to worry about just yet. The men’s sandals listed above are only a sample of the sorts of styles that Spendless Shoes has on offer in 2019. So, take a better look online and explore the rest of your options. Shop for our men’s sandals, and you’ll always spend less!